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When it comes to Education, Singapore Education System is one of the best education systems in the world. Singapore government spends 19.96% of its total expenditure on education. They have the best national universities with ranking 1 to 5 in Asia. They have some reputed private universities like INSEAD, James Cook University, MDIS, SP Jain School of Global Management, and that which are made their name in top universities list of Singapore. Singapore’s education system provides quality education to its students, and they have collaborated with leading universities from other countries.

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Detailed information of Singapore Education Structure

Models of Education in Singapore

The education model in Singapore consists of the four-tier model, which are primary schools, secondary schools, pre-tertiary level, and tertiary education. Here we will explain each model in detail to you:

a) Primary Schools
Primary education is mandatory and accessible for every child in Singapore. It includes children of age seven years. They are subdivided into two parts which are mentioned below:-
1)Four-year foundation stage (Primary 1 to 4),
2) Two-year orientation stage (Primary 5 to 6).

b) Secondary School
Based on primary school results, students are put in different streams and tracks of secondary education, which includes “Special,” “Express,” “Normal (Academic),” or “Normal (Technical).” The Special and Express track are four-year courses that lead students to the GCE O’ Level examination of Cambridge.
Normal is a four-year course followed by an exam that provides another year’s possibility followed by an O-level.

c) Pre-Tertiary (Junior level or Polytechnic)
Once you complete your secondary education, students of Singapore will give the GCE’ O’ Level examination. The results of the exam will decide the institutions you can apply to afterward.
It consists of a two or three-year course which finally leads to GCE ‘A’ Level. These institutions emphasize academics than professional technical education. Students who wish to pursue a professional-centered diploma education go to post-secondary institutions afterward

d) Tertiary
After completing two-year or three-year courses in Junior Colleges or Millennia Institute, students may earn degrees in their desired Universities.

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It is a three-year diploma course, and the students are selected based on their results in the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), GCE “O” level, and GCE “A” level. They offer various courses, including communications, digital media, biotechnology, engineering, business studies, accountancy, tourism, and hospitality management. It provides few specialized programs in singapore , which include nursing, optometry, marine engineering, and nautical studies.

Institute of Technical Education
They accept GCE “O” level results and provide two-year courses afterward, and it gives you NITEC.

Universities of Singapore
Study in singapore offer education at ug and pg level and provide academic degrees in various subjects. They accept a student who had done GCE “A” Level or diplomas from Polytechnics.

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