cost of study in singapore for indian students

Students across the world want to pursue higher education from Singapore. If you are one of them and eager to know about the cost of studying in Singapore, we provide you all the details in the article below. Students who wish to pursue higher studies from Singapore, Singapore’s government, and many reputed Universities offer various scholarships to international students.

The cost of studying in Singapore depends on the level of your degree and your preferred course. Generally, the cost will come in the range of S$10,000 to S$ 20,000 for a bachelor’s course. The main expense you must take care of during calculation costs of studying in Singapore must include tuition fees, university fees, and living expenses.

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here is the detailed information for cost of study in singapore

Tuition Fees in Singapore

Students admitted to the University of Singapore will have to deposit the tuition fee on an annual basis depending upon their course. The tuition fee depends on the degree and type of course you choose.The top Universities in Singapore will have higher fees compared to the lesser-known ones. Check below the tuition fee of some of the top Universities of Singapore-

NTU Fee Details
UG Lab Based S$32950
UG Non Lab Based S$31970
PG Lab Based S$19250
PG Non Lab Based S$19250

National University of Singapore
Undergraduate S$ 29,850-1,59,600
Postgraduate S$38750-95,560

Some Other Universities
Singapore Management University S$38,000- S$64,000 S$33,000
SIM University S$25,000- S$39,000 S$25,000

living expense for students in singapore

Singapore is expensive for students in terms of living expenses. The living expense in Singapore will include the following-

Rent 210-320
Meals 150-800
Bus Transport 120
Public Trains 120
Total 600-1,360

Expense on Accommodation

1. Rent: The students who do not get a hostel opt for a rented flat in the surrounding area. The rented room cost around S$200-S$700 depending on the type of flat you choose, excluding your mess charges.

2. University hostels: Universities in Singapore Provide hostel facilities to international students. The student has to apply for a hostel to avail of this facility. The cost may vary depending upon the type of room the student opted for.

3. Off-campus hostels or PGs: You can look around the area for Toff-campus hostels available for students studying in Singapore. These hostel charges are a bit higher than campus hostels.

4. Housing Development Board (HDB) flats: You can also go for housing development board flats as they are cheaper than private rooms. HBDs flat rent ranges from S$250 –S$1000 monthly.

5. Homestays: Many families residing in the area of college areas provide homestay facilities to international students. The homestay expense includes a meal and a private room. It Cost between the range of S$900- S$2000

6. Food: You can get a meal around in the range of S$300 monthly for international students in Singapore.

7. Transport: Transportation is quite cheap in Singapore. It will cost you S$100 to S$250 monthly.

8. Personal expenses: It is suggested to keep your personal expense in a month approximately S$300

9. Books and Stationery: Students need some additional book apart from provided by universities, and it may cost Around S$200/ month

We have provided you the complied list for the cost of studying in Singapore. If you want to learn more about it, you can

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