Test Requirement For Admission In Canada

Studying in Canada is a dream for many, and to make this dream true, you need to qualify for exams as per the universities’ requirements. Some students miss the opportunity because of the lack of knowledge about essential exams. So! We have made it easier for you by listing all the vital exams required to qualify to study in Canada in this article.

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Requriments for Admission In Canada

English language test

Canada has two major languages: English & French. Among which English is the most spoken language. Even the universities in Canada use English as a medium of communication. So it is essential for the students who are willing to apply to Canadian Universities to qualify English Proficiency Test. Major Language Test includes-

Detail Information for Admission in Canada

English language test
The cost of applying for this form is $239.09. To get Admission to Canadian Universities through ISLETS, the minimum score requirement is 6.5, valid for up to 2 years.


It is conducted in 2 mediums that is-

TOEFL iBT is more likely to be preferred than PDT. TOFEL form will cost you, CAD, $224.77. Average qualifying marks for getting admission to the Canadian Universities are 80-100, which will be valid for up to 2 years.


Pearson Test Of English is the least famous of the above two in Canadian Universities. However, you are advised to check its acceptance in the choice of your universities before appearing in this exam. PTE form can cost you CAD 224.67.

Other Language Test Specific To Canada

Canadian Academic English Language Test has its centers in India, Canada, USA, China, etc., and has four sections- Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking and evaluation is done on a 10-90 scale basis. Results will be declared within eight working days. Cost of applying for this form is CAD $47.60
Michigan English Language Assessment Battery is conducted by the University of Michigan to get admission in the universities of Canada, the USA, and the UK. MELAB form will cost you CAD, $198.47, and its score will be valid for two years.

CELPIP stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Exam is of 2 types

1. General test
2.General LS test You can apply for a general test if you want a permanent residence application, whereas the General LS test for a Citizenship Application. The cost for applying for this form is CAD $178.79, and the average score required to get Canada students visa.

Test Requirement For Admission In Canada

The Score Requirement By Top Some Top Universities In Canada

University of Toronto 6.5 with no Band below 6 100 with 22 in writing N/A 70 with no part below 60 N/A
McGill University 6.5 86 with 20 in each component 65 with 60 in each component 70 with no part below 60 N/A
University of British Columbia 6.5 with no band below 6 90 65 with 60 in each component 70 85
University of Alberta 6.5 with no Band below 6 90 with 21 in each component 59 70 85
McMaster University 6.5 86 with 20 in each component 60 70 85

French Language Test

French is the 2nd most important language spoken in Canada. 20.6 % of people speak French. Some of the universities (mostly that of Quebec) accept this test where the medium of Communication is French. To get admission to these universities, students will need to appear for TEF & TEFAQ.

It stands for Test de Français Adapté au Québec is a language test for French and is only for those students who will be migrating to the province of Quebec.

TEF stands for Test d’Evaluation de Francais,” comprising four sections- Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking. The cost of applying for this form is CAD 395.23, and evaluation is done based on 7 out of 10 scales.

Subject Aptitude Test

Subject Aptitude Test like GMAT, GRE, MCAT, etc., is some of the most important tests for students applying for different subjects.


To get admission in Management Program in Canadian Universities. Below mentioned is the list of the top 5 colleges, along with their GMAT scores.

1 Rotman School of Management 658
2 Desautels Faculty of Management 660
3 Schulich School of Business 660
4 Ivey Business School 651
5 Sauder School of Business 650

Though not a mandatory test, qualifying for the GRE could give an edge to your application. There are two modes of GREs.

Subject Test
GRE General Test is for the Candidates applying for Business Management Programs, whereas the GRE Subject Test is for Candidates who are applying to study a particular subject like English, Mathematics, Chemistry, etc., or applying for MS in Canada. The cost of the GRE application will cost you CAD, $ 258.84.

MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test, which is conducted by AAMC. This exam will test you based on your knowledge related to subjects like biology, biophysics, socio- psychology, reasoning skills, and your critical analysis. MCAT application will cost you CAD 510.55 to sit in the exam.

Below mentioned are top universities and their MCAT score requirement.

1 McMaster University 123 in Reasoning & Critical Analysis
2 University of British Columbia 496 with 124 in each section
3 McGill University 510
4 University of Toronto 500 with 125 in each section
5 University of Montreal N/A

The above mentioned is a list of tests one needs to qualify to get admission to Canadian Universities. If you are applying for higher studies, make sure to qualify for the test , application requirement for Canada.

Hope we have successfully covered every detail you are looking for. If you are still confused about test requirement for Admission in Canada, You can contact us directly on Numen EduServices NES for more. Register your interest , and we will get in touch with you soon!

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