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Canada is known for its top-class education system and for the top universities and colleges in Canada. Also, the peaceful and multicultural environment of Canada attracts thousands of international students from other countries. When it comes to tuition fees, Canada is one of those countries where cost of study in Canada is less than many other countries in the world. For example, the USA, UK, Canada, etc. But considering only the tuition fees is not enough. Studying in Canada brings lots of other expenses like accommodation, food, health coverage, travel, etc. if you are looking forward to studying in Canada, we are here with all the details regarding the cost of study in Canada.

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Canada University Fees For Indian Students

When you are studying in Canada, your tuition fee is your 1st and most crucial expenditure. In Canada, for every program, you have to pay a different amount. Your tuition fees primarily depend upon your degree program.

Some courses like Engineering, Medicine, MBA, etc., will charge you a higher amount, whereas studying arts, humanities, language, etc., will cost you a lesser amount. On average, you will have to spend around CAD 30,000 to 42,000. Here is a list of average annual fees along with the study program.

Living Cost & Programs Fee In Canada

1 Undergraduate Program $13,000 to 20,000
2 Postgraduate Program $17,000 to $25,000
3 Postgraduate Program $17,000 to $25,000
4 Doctoral Degree $7000 to $15,000
5 MBA $30,000 to $40,000

Accommodation Cost In Canada
In Canada, you will get both types of Accommodation facilities, i.e., both on-campus and off-campus. Many universities will offer you on-campus accommodation, but you will have to share an apartment with another student if you want off-campus housing. On average- campus accommodation will cost you around CAD 8,000 to 10,000, whereas off-campus will cost you around CAD 400 to 700 (it varies from city to city and time of the year). In Canada, you will get another option called a homestay. In a homestay, you will get a chance to live with a host family, and it will cost you around CAD 750 to 950 (includes room and meal charges) + CAD 200 as placement fees.

Student Visa Cost In Canada
For studying in Canada, the important thing is your Canada student visa or permits to study in Canada. Making your student visa will cost you around CAD 150.

Living Cost In Canada
Your living cost includes grocery expenses, emergencies, books, communication expenses, social activities, etc. a student needs to know about these expenses so that they do not overspend the money. On average living cost for a student will be around CAD 15,000. Here is a list of living price that you might need to know about-

1 Communication 20
2 Books and Supplies 250 TO 350

Health Support And Insurance Cost In Canada
For a student studying in any foreign country, medical insurance is the most important thing. For a student studying in Canada, health insurance will cost you $600 to $900.

1 Communication 20
2 Books and Supplies 250 TO 350

Transportation Cost In Canada
Students living in Canada will come with some traveling costs. Students have to travel from one place to other. Here is the list of transportation cost-

1 Communication 20
2 Books and Supplies 250 TO 350

Taxes In Canada
For Indian students who wish to study in Canada and opted scholarship or chooses to work along with their studies, then, in that case, you will have to pay tax. For studying in Canada, these criteria mentioned above will help you live a better life in Canada. We advise you to look after these criteria if you plan to pursue your higher education from Canada.

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