Masters in USA

The USA is not just the biggest country in the world but also the most preferred destination by international students. Considering masters in USA, you will be offered plenty of options. This article has put together all the details that you need to know about master’s study in Europe.

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Interested in Master in USA?

Master’s degrees in the US are much more planned and structured. You will be assessed throughout your master’s degree program. You will get a lot of opportunities for training and to improve your knowledge. Masters in USA involves a regular assessment. You will be given a routine task, including in-class examinations, shorter coursework essays, and many more. There are lots of best university for Masters in USA. Some of them are listed below-

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • UC Berkeley
  • UCLA
  • University of Chicago
  • Princeton University
  • Yale University and many more.

Know More About Masters Degree in USA

Applying for Masters in USA

If you are looking forward to studying in the USA, we advise you to start your application at the end of your two years of undergraduate study.
First of all, search for the master’s program you want to study and the college/ university offering that course.
Applications for masters are made directly to the universities, and you can apply for several courses simultaneously.
After applying, pay the deposit, and once selected, sit for an interview.

Eligibility Criteria & Document Required for USA

For applying to a masters in the USA, students need to have an excellent undergraduate course. Always remember your UG course should be similar to your Masters.The minimum grade requirement by US Universities is a 3.0 GPA. You are also required to submit some documents. The list of documents required is given below-

Academic Transcript -
It is a detailed summary of your UG degree. Your academic transcript tells about the course you have studied and how you have performed on every given assignment.
Academic Reference -
Academic Reference is also known as a Letter of Recommendation. This reference letter must be given by referees who can provide accurate information about your character and your experiences. Your referee can be a dissertation supervisor, tutor, or colleague. You are required to submit 2-3 Letters of Recommendation.
Personal Statement -
Personal Statement includes detailed information about your background & interests.
Language Test Score - American Universities accept test scores of both IELTS & TOEFL. The minimum score required for admission will depend on the university you are choosing.
Graduate Admission Test -
For taking admission in the US, a graduate admission test is commonly required. The two standard tests are- GRE & GMAT.
Research Statement -
Generally Research Statement is submitted during Ph.D. Still, in the US, you may be required to submit a research statement if you are applying for a master’s with a wish to continue to Ph.D.

Popular programs for Masters in USA
1 Masters in Finance 60,000 to 1,20,000
2 Masters in Data Science 42,778 to 1,49,080
3 Masters in Computer Science 13,500 to 1,41,000
4 Masters in Marketing 28,000 to 64,000
5 Masters on Business Analytics 20,000 to 80,000
Opportunities for Masters in USA

Studying master’s from the USA brings you lots of opportunities. There are 4,300 universities in the US, and among them, only 1,700 universities offer you a master’s degree. Master’s degree from America is renowned globally for its top class education & opportunities it provides you. America is the hub for lots of companies where you can work after completion of your degree.

Funding Available for Masters in USA

Universities in the US provide plenty of fundings to international students. These scholarships are of different types. Some are need-based, while some are merit-based. There are two types of funding available for master’s students. These are-

Why Masters in USA?

There are several reasons to consider masters in the USA –

Having a master’s degree from the USA is itself a matter of pride. Apart from getting lots of job opportunities it also gives you a chance to enhance your knowledge. So! Suppose you are planning to study in USA. In that case, we suggest you look at the criteria mentioned above for an easy understanding of the admission process, top courses and know about the funding options available for you.

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