Universities And Colleges In USA

The United States of America is the Hub of many Universities that offer top-class education and a wide range of courses, USA scholarships, and much more. There are about 5,300 universities and colleges in USA. Universities are not organized or managed centrally; instead, they are accredited on a regional or international level by independent accrediting bodies. In the USA, there are three types of universities and colleges. These are divided based on funding, curriculum, teaching Methodology, etc. In this article, we have listed some of the famous universities for you.

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List Of Universities And Colleges In USA

Looking for Top Universites in USA?
Private Universities in USA

These universities are not profit-based. Private universities’ source of income is based on student tuition fees. In private universities, tuition fees are generally high as compared to that of public universities. Also, the staff in these universities are very cooperative and usually share a good bond with the students. This is why they are ranked high as compared to Public Universities. All the colleges under the Ivy group are private universities.

Ivy League Universities in the US

Ivy League Universities are those Universities that are highly selective and prestigious. They are an essential part of American Higher Education. There are about eight universities that come under IVY League Universities. These are-
These eight universities are known for their top-class reputation. The students studying in these universities have high academic performance and also a promising future. Not only this, the schools like Stanford, MIT & Caltech are also linked with these universities.

Public Universities in USA

State Universities in the USA are primarily public universities. The state government runs these universities. Every state in the USA has at least one public university. In these universities, you will get a discount on tuition if you are a resident of that particular state. The top 5 public universities in the USA are-

Community Colleges in USA

These colleges offer certificate and associate’s degrees. These degrees are generally of 2 years. These are two types of associate’s degrees-
The first one helps in academic transfer.

Whereas the second one helps to enter the workspace directly. You can get a transfer to 4 years of course/ degree with the help of a credit transfer system after completing your degree in these community colleges. There are about 942 community colleges/ universities in the USA. Some of the community colleges in the USA are-

If you are planning to pursue your higher education in the US, it is essential to have good knowledge about the universities located there. The list of top colleges in USA mentioned above is the full description of the types of Universities located in the USA. These universities offer a variety of programs to international students. One can apply to any of these colleges/ universities which is the right fit for your financial, academic, and personal needs.
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List of Universities in USA

  • Universities in Alabama
  • Universities in Alaska
  • Universities in Arizona
  • Universities in Arkansas
  • Universities in California
  • Universities in Colorado
  • Universities in Connecticut
  • Universities in Delaware

Universities in District of Columbia

Note that the District of Columbia provides tuition grants to its residents toward the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition at public four-year colleges and universities throughout the US, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

  • Universities in Florida
  • Universities in Georgia
  • Universities in Guam
  • Universities in Hawaii
  • Universities in Idaho
  • Universities in Illinois
  • Universities in Indiana
  • Universities in Iowa
  • Universities in Kansas
  • Universities in Kentucky
  • Universities in Louisiana
  • Universities in Maine
  • Universities in Maryland
  • Universities in Massachusetts
  • Universities in Michigan
  • Universities in Michigan
  • Universities in Minnesota
  • Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system (Listed below are the state universities. The Minnesota State system also includes the state’s community and technical colleges.)
  • Universities in Mississippi
  • Universities in Missouri
  • Universities in Montana
  • Montana University System (Listed below are the state universities. The MUS also includes the state’s community, technical, and tribal colleges.)
  • Universities in Nebraska
  • Universities in Nevada
  • Universities in New Hampshire
  • Universities in New Jersey
  • Universities in New Mexico
  • Universities in New York
  • Universities in North Carolina
  • Universities in North Dakota
  • North Dakota University System
  • Universities in Ohio
  • Universities in Oklahoma
  • Universities in Oregon
  • Universities in Pennsylvania

State-owned Universities

  • Pennsylvania State University system
  • Universities in Puerto Rico
  • Universities in Rhode Island
  • Universities in South Carolina
  • Universities in South Dakota
  • Universities in Tennessee
  • Universities in Texas
  • Universities in Utah
  • Vermont
  • Universities in Virginia
  • Universities in Virgin Islands
  • Universities in Washington
  • Universities in West Virginia
  • Universities in Wisconsin
  • Universities in Wyoming
  • Universities in Wyoming

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