Education System In New Zealand

The education system in New Zealand is best for maintaining literacy, excellent mathematics, science and research works, and the development in all the fields, respectively. It has been ranked 3rd for the education system and safety purpose globally. Many international students prefer to study in New Zealand to enrich and nourish their upcoming future.

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Levels of Education System in New Zealand

How Did it Work?
The education system in New Zealand is a three-tier model which includes primary and intermediate schools followed by secondary education at University. The academic sessions are usually run in two or more different periods, from early February until mid-December for primary, late January to mid-November, or early December for secondary school.
All New Zealand citizens are entitled to reside in New Zealand indefinitely entitled to free primary and secondary schooling from their age group of approximately five years to 19 years. And it is compulsory for students between the early age group to 16 years.
The university students who try for a diploma or bachelors, postgraduate emphasize more in industrial training and vocational courses.

Detailed Information About Education System In New Zealand

The New Zealand qualifications framework (NZQF) is the primary education system. And all the degrees come in this system. And it is trustable and recognized in the whole world.

Fee and Scholarship
New Zealand comes in developed countries, and hence the expenditure is according to that. So it’s pretty expensive for Indian students to live there and study. The University in New Zealand decides the tuition fee according to the course. Type of University, i.e., government or state. The average range for the bachelor is almost NZ $ 22,000 to $ 30,000, and for the postgraduate, its ranges between 25,000 to 35,000.

Learning Style
The government of New Zealand provides a world-class education system. It is the first to accept the concept of practice that outlines and cares for international students. When we compare the education of other countries to new Zealand, the best thing that distinguished is that very selective students are present in the class and thus teacher could give their full efforts to students. And could quickly pay extra attention to every student.

Vet (vocational education and learning)
The vet is the course that provides a pathway to enter the workforce or University. It includes IT, business management, art and media, tourism and hospitality, and many more.

For Undergraduate Students
New Zealand government offers an opportunity for the new graduate to work at their place for a maximum of 4 years. The graduate has two option with them

Either to apply for a post-study work visa. Which extends their student visa for a specific time Employees – assistant work visa.

For Postgraduate Student
For the postgraduate student, it may require more time to their study than to workplaces, and also of students get many perks after completion of their degree. Usually the graduate those who apply for post-graduation can get its worth in long term goals.

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