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Studying abroad is expensive for Indian students until they don’t have a good plan to manage their live expenses more efficiently. If you are planning to pursue abroad education in the USA. Stay on this page! we will be providing you insightful information about the cost of studying in USA.

The studying cost in the USA and the living cost in the USA are major factors that determine whether the United States of America (USA) is a feasible destination for higher studies. The tuition fee for the USA varies according to the different universities, courses, and cities within a country. Moreover, students looking to study in the USA should remember that tuition fees for government-funded institutions are much lesser than private universities.

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Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students

Tuition fee in USA
All the universities are broadly divided into two classes, i.e., private and government. The education cost thus varies as the government or state universities are cheaper than private ones. Also, the course and type of qualification required decides the kind of University. Most commonly, the humanity subject is more affordable than science or medicine. Mostly the post-graduate and master’s or MBA are most expensive. The cheapest degrees provided are almost $ 700 to $2000 per month, and the expensive ones are approximately of$ 28,000 to $ 55,000 for a medicine degree.

Living cost in USA
Many universities in the USA have the option of in campus residents to international students. And living as a resident on campus is a very affordable option for students. However, if you choose to opt for off-campus accommodation, they can apply where they can share their flat with the exact origins or their country person. Also, they can prepare for living in the homestay with local family this is also opting as a good option .average accommodation cost lies between $ 6000 to 14000 per year.

The living cost in USA include general accommodation costs, room and boarding, food travel, textbook clothing, etc. these are these expenses. They are taken into consideration apart from this the traveling charge from India to their choice of the country are also taken .and taking all things in the review the average cost of studying in us is approx. 8.02 lakh.

Cost of USA student Visa
To study in the USA, one must have a proper and valid USA visa at its own cost. And before applying for it, students must consult overseas education consultants for all information and updates.

Health Insurance
It is very beneficial for students to have medical insurance before the commencement of the program. Many universities have tried to initiate a health insurance plan for international students, but it is only applicable until the program is ongoing. The average cost of a student health insurance plan range between $ 1500 – 2500 per year.

Transportation in USA
Transportation is very cheap and affordable for students. They can go with the help of a student card .for short-distance travel, they can opt for the regional trains, buses, and subways. For longer distance, They can travel by air or by buses or long-distance rail.

Part-Time Job in USA
Students can work part-time for twenty hours a week during academic years and full-time during vacation. It can help in managing to get essential belongings. Also, It helps to make students more independent, and they can know how to spend accordingly and thus manage some stuff.

Education Loan for Study in USA
The biggest issue is for students to manage the education fee. Living and study in USA can be exorbitant and cannot be controlled by many students. The various banks provide the student with the education loan at a very reasonable interest rate. They can give a loan by just seeing their document NAD security against the loan amount.

We have covered all the details you are looking for about the cost of studying in USA. If you still find yourself in a state of confusion, You can comment down below your query or contact us directly on Numen EduServices (NES) for more. We are happy to help you and will connect with you ASAP.

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