Cost Of Studying In New Zealand for Indian Students

The cost of studying in New Zealand is high as it’s a developed country and also the cost of living depends totally on which part of the country person is living and how much you want to enjoy or socialize. The essential elements for living as an Indian student in New Zealand are:

Accommodation, food, indispensable utilities, and basic needs. The accommodation is approx. of & 50 – 300 per month which depend on the area the students prefer to live.

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All the Other EXPENSES IN New Zealand

Admission Fee
The tuition fees vary according to different university courses and the city. The tuition fee might be up to 10 lakh per annum for undergraduate students, and for the pg course, the cost may be 11.42 lakhs—the exam fee of about 14,000 for IELTS, INR 13,625 for TOEFL, and INR 13,300 for PTE.

Living Expenses
With the application of a New Zealand F1 student visa, this should be evidence that students must have sufficient funds to support themselves throughout their stay in New Zealand. If the program of study is longer than 36 weeks, the candidates must have the $ 15,000 for each year of study. It would translate to approximately $ 300-350 per week for general expenses for a single student.

Health Insurance
Students must hold appropriate and recent travel insurance due to their visa regardless of their stay in New Zealand. The New Zealand government has launched the insurance “code of practice for the pastoral care of international students.” International students require health and travel insurance during their period of study. Mainly the university is responsible for the enrollment of the international students for the proper health and suitable insurance policy for the duration of the student’s visa. Most of the time, the university provides health insurance to students, and the cost is included in the first-semester fee. Student safety is the most popular and insurance provided in new Zealand.

Mostly the need-based fee waiver along with merit-based are awarded to Indian students. Students with a solid academic background, good performance on standardized exams, and extracurricular achievements would be eligible for scholarship in New Zealand awards and financial assistance. For getting the scholarship, the candidates must have the proper documentation, which includes the

1. Academic Record and Photocopies
2. Recent CV
3. Letter of intent, which acts as a cover page.
4. Certificate of language proficiency
5. Letter of recommendation

Students Loans Eligibility Criteria

The general eligibility criteria for the loan are as follows:

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