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Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Pathway of Canada Student Visa Immigration

Pursuing higher studies as a pathway towards Canadian immigration is a great approach among many options for innumerable students across the world. Canada has recently gained the centre of attraction among students when it comes to excellent education and immigration. From best infrastructure to high quality, Canada provides a plethora of opportunities to their students looking to work or settle in the country.

Planning to study in Canada not only gives you a pathway to Canada student visa immigration, but also an access to world class academics. It is also home to many top ranked universities in a wide range of programs providing options to Indian students to choose their desired courses. Canada contemporary infrastructure, deemed advancements, multicultural diversity and more

Why to Consider Pathway to Canada Student Visa Immigration

Among the various reasons to study abroad Canada for Indian students, some of the most lucrative ones are

Opportunity to Work While Studying

Students pursuing education system in Canada find various job opportunities in the country. Working while studying not only helps students to gain work experience but also benefits in many aspects from enhancing their language proficiency skills which helps in getting higher band scores during applying for PR visa to connecting with different peoples, diversity etc.
Having at least one year work experience with Canadian graduation, will definitely increase your chances of getting the PR under several Canadian immigration programs. You can also connect with study abroad consultants in Mumbai to get more details regarding working while studying in Canada.

Work Permit for Spouse

If you are looking to study abroad Canada on a study permit, you are also allowed to accompany your spouse based on the open Work Permit Visa in Canada. This helps them in gaining valuable work experience and the opportunity to do a working in Canada. With this, you can apply for a PR in Canada that leads to your higher chances in getting the PR status.

Post Graduate Work Permit
The postgraduate work permit visa is a great way to work in the country after completing your education.Students who have completed education in any Canadian institutions are allowed to work for upto 3 years in Canada based on their PGWP visa.
By connecting your education with the full time work opportunity, you can get the opportunity to receive permanent residence in Canada. Adding Canadian work experience increases the CRS scores further in the visa. Want to know how to increase your CRS scores, connect with our study abroad counsellors in Mumbai now.

Immigration Programs for Indian Students

There are several student immigration Canada programs available. Although every programs operates differently and has the requirements other than the Canadian education, the programs provided below can give Indian students an opportunity to accelerates in getting PR status.

Canada Experience Class

This is an express entry immigration system and is one of the best ways to apply for Canadian permanent residency. As it includes a wide range of eligibility requirements for the program, such as your age limit, language proficiency, the level of your education etc. A distinguished requirement among that is to show the proof that students may have 12 years of continuous work experience, full time in Canada student visa immigration. Once you receive this level of experience, the CEC will become the best immigration option for you.
Also, while counting your skilled work experience of 12 months, the experience you gain while studying won't be counted. However, after completing education you will be eligible for the PGWP that allows you to get required work experience to qualify for the CEC program. Feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork and visa requirements? Contact the overseas education consultants in Mumbai for hassle free assistance in your study abroad journey.

Federal Skilled Worker Program

Federal Skilled worker program is opted by the international students graduates when they don't want to have the required work experience for the CEC. However, it asks the applicants to have at least 12 months of skilled work experience both full time or part time equivalent work experience from any country.
This program basically works based on your merit using points based CRS system scores. Comprehensive Ranking System helps the authority to shortlist students with highly competitive profiles that complies with the eligibility requirements. It makes the FSW program a great pathway to student immigration Canada.

Provincial Nominee Programs

All Canadian provinces have their own immigration policies, known as provincial nominee programs. Each of them works differently as they are designed to meet the needs of a specific territory or province. Most PNPs give preferences to those students who have any kind of connection with the province, such as previous academic institutions or work experience gained in the province.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to study and work in Canada! Learn more about the pathway to Canada student visa immigration and start planning your future today.

Quebec Immigration Options

Quebec has its own immigration policy with requirements and procedures that vary from other countries. However, as other provincial programs, Quebec has designed the immigration option which benefits other students too when applying for PR in Canada. The two popular programs forl students are given below

  • Quebec Experience Programs
    This experience program requires students to complete their education or to be within 6 months of completion at any Quebec institutions. Students are also required to have a good knowledge of oral French.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker
    Quebec skilled workers are an option for the students who have completed or are in process of completing their education in any Quebec institutions. Similar to QEP, you don't need to have French language requirements, but you must obtain a good score in the program points assessment grid.

Starting Off With Canada Student Visa Immigration

Students often aim to apply for Canadian Immigration after completing their studies or while studying in Canada, in accordance with the Student Immigration Canada requirements. The significant advantage of this program is that one can simultaneously apply for both a Canada work permit and permanent residency, also known as "dual intent."

Programs Offered Work Permit for Indian Students

If your study permit shows that you are eligible for work on or off-campus, you can work while studying in Canada, subject to certain conditions. You can also begin working once you start your studies and meet the other requirements, but you cannot work before or after completing your program.
However, it's important to note that not all academic programs will allow you to work in Canada, even with a student visa and work permit permission. For instance, Language programs do not allow students to apply for a work permit while studying in Canada.
Despite having these conditions, there are still some programs that will help you to obtain a study abroad Canada work permit while studying. This allows you to access numerous job opportunities to explore and apply for. These educational programs include:

Vocational Programs

Vocational programs are popular among both residents and non-resident students. The program has been designed to develop specific skills which are in high demand in the job market, providing you have the necessary training and practice. Upon completion, you will receive a certification in the respective skill and be equipped to enter the workforce.

CO-OP Programs

These programs offer a pathway to get work experience in various sectors before embarking on their professional careers. You will also receive academic training and practical experience by working with companies in your chosen industry. Also, it is especially beneficial if you lack work experience and is a popular choice among Indian students. You can also connect with overseas study consultants in Mumbai to get guidance in choosing best CO-op programs based on the job market.

University Programs

Canadian universities offer a range of bachelors programes in canada, masters, and doctoral degree students in various fields. These are both public and private institutions available for students, with Vancouver and Toronto popular for technology, finance, and business sectors. However, enrollment requirements and the cost of living are two major factors in these areas that need to be considered.

Different Work Permits For Indian Students

students who possess a valid study permit and are enrolled in any Canadian institution can explore the job opportunities in Canada. Although not all jobs require a work permit from students, most off-campus jobs do require one, while some may be exempt from specific work permit/LMO requirements. The following are the work permit options available for students.

  • On-Campus Work Permit
    If you are studying full-time in a Canadian public or private university & college in canada with a valid study permit, you are eligible to work on campus without having a Canadian work permit.
  • Off-Campus Work Permit
    Off campus work permit is offered to students whose institution is part of the off-campus work permit program through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
  • Co-op and Internship Work Permit
    This work permit is for Indian students enrolled in a program which forms a significant part of planned employment as per their academic institution.
  • Post-Graduate Work Permit
    Students who have completed their graduation in Canada for a minimum of eight months are eligible for this work permit. The validity of PGWP is similar to their study permit.
  • Work Permit for the Spouse of Student
    If an Indian student's spouse accompanied a valid study permit, they are also eligible for a Canadian study permit or an open work permit without requiring an employment offer or Labour Market Opinion.

Why Choose US

Applying for the PGWP in Canada is a bit overwhelming and requires utmost preparation as one small mistake sometimes can lead to your visa rejection. That's why considering an overseas education consultants in Mumbai can help you to get it without any difficulty. We guide you how to go through the entire process from postgraduate work permit to obtaining PR in Canada. To know more, connect with our study abroad consultants in Mumbai now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pathway to Canada Immigration

How much does it Cost to Study Abroad in Canada ?

The average cost of study in Canada ranges between 22,000 CAD to 39,000 CAD per year. Along with this you also need a budget of 2,300 CAD per month for your living expenses in Canada.

How can an Indian go to Canada for Study ?

Indian students are welcomed to study in Canadian universities. For this, they need to have a valid study visa and an acceptance letter from a Designated learning institution of Canada. Moreover, they can also refer to the best study abroad counsellors in Mumbai to get guidance from university selection to study visa application in Canada.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in Canada. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the Canada

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