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Dubai is one of the top destination to study abroad especially in the Middle East. The Masters in Dubai follows an international design, with the majority programs taking 1 to 1.5 years to complete, full time. Taught courses are usually shorter, with more time required for research focused qualifications.

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Requirments for Masters In Dubai

It's critical to comprehend the prerequisites and processes if you're thinking of studying a postgraduate courses in dubai. One of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is noted for its explosive growth and development, which attracts foreign students. Here is some useful information on what is needed to pursue a universities in dubai for masters.

    1. Academic Requirements

    To be admitted to a Master's program in Dubai, you normally need to hold a relevant Bachelor's degree programs or its equivalent from an accredited institution. Depending on the school and program you are applying to, different programs may have different minimum GPA requirement.

    2. Language Proficiency

    Since English is the predominant language of instruction in Dubai, colleges frequently demand evidence of English language ability. The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) are two exams that are frequently accepted. Each institution has a different cutoff point.

    3. Entrance Exams

    You might need to take entrance exams for your chosen field of study at some institutions in Dubai. Examples of these include the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) for business programs and the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) for other disciplines. These tests evaluate your capacity for and readiness for graduate studies.

    4. Application procedure

    To apply to a Master's program in Dubai, you will normally need to fill out an online application through the admissions portal of the university. An updated resume or CV, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, a statement of purposes, and personal information about the applicant may all be included in the application.

    5. Visa Requirements

    To study in Dubai, you must obtain a student visa application if you are an international student. Depending on your country of origin, the length of the program, and the university that is sponsoring you, there may be different visa requirements. For comprehensive information on visa requirements and the application process, it is important to contact the relevant authorities or the university's international student office.

    6. Financial Aspects

    Earning a Master's degree in Dubai has financial consequences. Tuition fees, housing costs, living expenditures, and any other fees related to your program must all be considered. To lessen the financial load, it is important to investigate the possibility of receiving scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid.

    7. Health Insurance

    In Dubai, overseas students are required to get health insurance. You can obtain a health insurance plan together with your enrollment at universities because they frequently provide their own. Make sure to enquire about the details of the health insurance plan provided by your preferred university, including its terms, cost, and coverage.

    8. Recognition and Accreditation

    Make sure the university and the particular program you are interested in are recognized and authorized by the necessary certifying authorities before picking a Master's program in Dubai. This guarantees the caliber and acceptance of your degree both domestically and abroad.

Keep in mind that different colleges and programs in Dubai may have different criteria and procedures for earning a Master's degree in Dubai. Getting in touch with Numen EduServices is essential for obtaining accurate and current information.

Career After Post Graduation in Dubai

There are few places in history that have changed as much as Dubai has in such a short period of time. Dubai is a happier, richer, more advanced society now than it was 20 years ago (by every metric). Dubai has emerged as a top cosmopolitan due to immense development activities especially in the field of infrastructure, trade and commerce. The developments have accelerated the potential of full time employment. Tax free earnings are one of the major features that have encouraged expats from various countries to look for jobs in Dubai – a flourishing economy.

International students with full time work offer after studies must change the university sponsored visa to an employer sponsored visa to work full time in Dubai. Employer sponsored visas are not given for part time work in Dubai.

Remuneration in Dubai differs from Company to company and the nature of work. Salary range for fresh graduates can vary between AED 3,500 per month up to about AED 5,000 or AED 6000. Job seekers with a few years of appropriate experience and for managerial positions can expect from AED 6000 to AED 15000 and above. All depends on the company, candidate experience and area of expertise.

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Numen EduServices (NES) explains the complete process of studying masters in Dubai. Our expert counselors will review/assess your profile and understand your suitability to study in Dubai. We recommend and guide you the areas of profile improvement.


Relevant to your area of interest, career objectives, future plans, budget and various other factors, we help you decide on the right Masters programs in Dubai you must apply to. We find it very necessary to guide you at every step because you invest your time and money (pay application fees per university, send out couriers and invest time and effort during the processing, etc...) And by not applying to the right Colleges /Universities would mean a loss of your money and time. We precisely suggest colleges/Universities options for you to finally select.

Application Documentation

We guide you with documents required for applying to Masters dubai education for indian students. This includes helping you build and edit the right CV, editing suggestions to strengthen your essays and SOP, providing guidance on your recommendation letter content, and more. We are one of the leading admissions consulting in the country and essay editing is our forte.

Essay Editing

Our team will provide feedback on your essays and engage in brainstorming sessions to place your profile in the most excellent form at the College /Universities.


We help you from beginning to end with the applications to Masters in Dubai, We help showcase your strengths in your application, facilitate you in filling the application forms acceptably, verify the content, correct any errors, and assist you submit the application. This is followed by ensuring that the application documents are sent to the right department at the College /University.

Regular Follow-up Counseling:

College /University will email you with their doubts or give updates on your applications. Time and again, we follow up with your College /University and keep you updated with your application status. We are always there for you and will be happy to answer all your quires /questions.

Interview Rounds

Colleges/Universities in Dubai would want to do an interview round with you before finalizing your Dubai admissions and application Process . We help /guide you with mock rounds and build your confidence, so that you could establish to the College/University that you could contribute well to their Master's class.

Offer Letter

Once your offer letters are released, we help you select the right Master's program at the right business school. Time and again students face dilemmas at this stage when they receive more than one admit.

Guidance in Financial Matters

We will guide you on how to make fee payment and get your confirmation from the College/University.

Visa Guidance

We help you from beginning to end to complete your student visa application process including telling the right documents, documentation check, applying for appointment, preparing the visa application file, and more.


We try to connect you with other students who are going to Dubai or who are already studying there.


We guide you with booking of your accommodation in Dubai to whatever extent that is possible.

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