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The GMAT stands for Graduate Management Admission Test. It is basically a computer-based exam that is considered essential for candidates to enroll in business school. This GMAT exam comes with multiple-choice ideally required for admission to graduate business programs and MBA and Masters in Finance worldwide. GMAT is developed and managed by GMAC, giving business schools a standardized way to apply for graduate-level academics. In this applicant assesses with standard English, including analytical writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills. The GMAT exam duration has been shortened as of 3 hours 30 minutes, including the test instruction breaks.
GMAT exam includes:
The Integrated Reasoning.
The Analytical Writing Assessment
The Verbal Reasoning.
The Quantitative.
The GMAT exam is widely accepted for students who want to enroll in an MBA program or any business-related courses worldwide. More than 2,300 business schools accept GMAT for applications to take admission. GMAC administers GMAT with more than 650 testing centers in 114 countries for the GMAT exam.
1. Analytical Writing:
Duration- 20 Minutes
One Topic (Analysis of Argument-Essay).
2. Integrated Reasoning:
Duration- 30 Minutes
12 Questions (Table Analysis, Two-Part Analysis, Multi-score Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation).
3. Quantitative Reasoning:
Duration: 62 Minutes
31 Questions (Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving).
4. Verbal Reasoning:
Duration: 65 Minutes
36 Questions (Reading Unseen Passages, Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning).
GMAT Eligibility 2021 Criteria Well, there is no set eligibility criteria for the GMAT exam given by GMAC for applications. However, the eligibility criteria set is often provided by a particular university/college to aspirants after pursuing the GMAT exam. 1. The General Requirements:
Number of Attempts: Candidates are able to apply 5 times in a specific year. Applicants must have a passport while applying for the GMAT exam. Age Criteria for GMAT Exam: The age criteria norms are as follows: The applicant must have completed 18 years of age. No upper limit age for the candidate is given. If entrant for GMAT is between 13-17 year old, then must have permission in writing from parents or legal guardian. Educational Criteria: There is no official statement issued by GMAC regarding the qualification to enrol for GMAT. Applicants who wish to pursue an MBA course need to have a graduate degree in any discipline from any recognized university or college. GMAT Mean Score: GMAT Mean Score Report: Quantitative Score: (Score Range 0-60), {Mean Score- 38}, Verbal Score: (Score Range0-60), {Mean Score- 27}. AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) Score: (Half-integers between 0-6), {Mean Score 4.5}. Integrated Reasoning Score: (Integer between 1-8), {Mean Score- 4}. Total GMAT Score: (200-800), including percentile. {Mean Score- 548}. How the GMAT Score is calculated? You know well that the GMAT examination comes with 4 sections, and the total score is considered to be in count of GMAT five fixed scores. The total GMAT score range between 200-800, and the average score counted currently is 548. In general, most of the students count GMAT exam score within 400 and 600. GMAT Total Score only includes your Verbal and Quantitative scores, not the other 2 sections. Quantitative Score (0-60), including percentile- Based on the number of correct and answered questions. Verbal Score (0-60), including percentile- Based on the number of questions attempted and right. AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) Score (Half-integers between 0-6), including percentile- Average scores as assigned by two readers. Integrated Reasoning Score (Integer between 1-8)- On the basis of a number of questions answered correctly. Total GMAT Score (200-800), including percentile- Based on Math and Verbal Section Results.
How Many Times GMAT Exam is Conducted in a Year? The GMAT exam has no fixed dates, and candidates can choose the one which is convenient to them. In fact, you can retake the GMAT examination if you need it after 16 days (every 16 days). The chances to appear in GMAT is conducted to be five times a year. The applicant needs to register for the GMAT exam two-three months before the scheduled exam date. Candidates, if registering themselves, can go as late as 24 hours before the exam date via online or phone. However, as suggested, the safest is to go with early registeration so prepare for the exam. If registering through any GMAT exam coaching institute, it would be great to apply for excellent time management and examination preparations for the earliest available date. How Long Does It Take to Study for GMAT? Preparing for the GMAT exam should be done thoroughly, so it needs time, of course. This is a serious commitment of candidates to themselves that usually requires 2-3 months before the exam date is being scheduled. Aspirants serious about studying MBA or Masters in Finance in overseas college or university should prepare for the GMAT exam, with proper time management and study plans. The regular practice on GMAT exam format will definitely let aspirant have an excellent score. In fact, there is nothing better than self-study plans, especially when unable to afford coaching fees. GMAT Test Centers: Finding the GMAT exam centre is easy, of course. Just go to the official website (, and choose the test centre to book the scheduled exam seat. The open seats will give you to get nearest test centre location. This is even more imperative before registering for the GMAT examination. In India, approximately 2 lakh aspirants apply for the GMAT exam and go with throughout year attempts which is 5 for every candidate in a year. GMAT Registration: Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT exam) is conducted throughout the year. The flexibility to take 5 attempts for every candidate is available with the time slot they are convenient with. Every year, the number of applicants to enrol for the GMAT exam and later for MBA courses is increasing, making it challenging to find the slot to appear for many students. Registration for the GMAT exam is suggested to be done 2-3 months with the chosen date and test centre. The rescheduling for the exam is also provided for scholars only after 16 days of taking the first attempt in the GMAT exam. The steps to follow for the GMAT examination registration are below- Visit the official GMAT exam website, that is ( Create an account to proceed with login and registration. Fill in details that are official to you, like first name, last name, email id, and password. Next, after creating an account, add personal details such as name, address, exam schedule details, payment for exam etc. Do add all your study and work details. Before submitting, do check the filled columns with details are correct. Then, schedule your exam date, exam slot and test centre. Follow the payment gateway you are convenient with to pay for GMAT exam fees. All set and registration are complete. GMAT Exam Pattern: GMAT exam pattern is easy yet divided into four sections. This is basically a computer-adaptive test that comes with a duration of 3 hours and 30 minutes. GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Tes) examination is officially conducted by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), which include both objective and subjective questions. In the total count, the GMAT exam has 90 questions to attempt divided into four sections such as: Analytical Writing Assessment. Duration: 30 Minutes. Question Type: Analysis of an Argument ( 1 Topic) Score Range: 0-6 (0.5-point increments) Integrated Reasoning. Duration: 30 Minutes. Question Type: Multi-Source Reasoning, Graphics Interpretation, Two-Part Analysis, Table Analysis (12 Questions). Score Range: 1-8 (1-point increments). Quantitative Reasoning. Duration: 62 Minutes. Question Type: Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving (31 Questions). Score Range: 6-51 (1-point increments). Verbal Reasoning. Duration: 65 Minutes. Question Type: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction (36 Questions). Score Range: 6-51 (1-point increments). Note: Applicant is allowed to take two 8 minutes to break during the GMAT exam.
The GMAT exam is not that difficult as it seems to be; the preparation is even easier through self-study plans. Your focus and dedication are fair enough to make a good score on the GMAT examination and enroll in the MBA program in any desired college or university. There are two ways to crack the GMAT exam, one of self-study obviously and another is to join any coaching center. Whatever is your requirement and budget, go for that. For GMAT exam preparation, you need to analyze score criteria, sections in the GMAT pattern, and more to decide. You need to have self-motivation to gain good marks in the examination, apart from the study material available. I you need professional guidance for the GMAT exam, then do join the coaching center. You can easily find GMAT exam study material as there are lots of books and resources available online. GMAC has even launched its official study guide and free software to thoroughly help scholars study for the GMAT exam. The study material official available is as follows- The Official GMAT Exam Guide (2021-Review): It consists of more than 900 questions from previously held GMAT exams within all four sections to prepare. Free GMATPrep Software (2021): It consists of 90 free questions in the count of all sections, such as Quantitative 30 Questions. Verbal 45 Questions. Integrated Reasoning 15 Questions. The explanations are given with answers and tools to create own practice question set and more. Manhattan GMAT Strategy Guides: This consists of GMAT Roadmap- Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Algebra, Word Problems, Geometry, Numer Properties, Critical Reasoning Comprehension-Sentence Correction-Integrated Reasoning and Essay. Kapan GMAT 800: Advance Preparation for Advance Students: This is all set with a test taken and proven strategies to get a good score of 800. It is even ideal for students with a more focused vision to tackle all GMAT exam questions appropriately. GMAT Practice Papers: Students who wish to enroll for MBA or any finance-related study program in a recognized college or university need to take the GMAT exam (Graduate Management Admission Test). It is conducted and managed by GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) globally. GMAT consists of 4 sections on which candidates ability is tested such as verbal, quantitative, writing, analytical, and reading skills in the English language. Applicants preparing for the GMAT examination need to be focused and dedicated, as the test is not easy. Candidates should manage their time, work hard and concentrate on the GMAT exam pattern to score well. To prepare for the GMAT exam, there are many available sample papers and practice content on the official website of the GMAT exam, including GMAT prep softwares. Moreover, students can even take IR Prep Tool to practice for the GMAT exam anytime and anywhere. This is a highly integrated exam preparation tool for aspirants to practice well on GMAT questioners and evaluate their ability. GMAT Results and Scores: With the attempt in the GMAT exam, you will get five scores such as: Analytical Writing Assessment. Integrated Reasoning. Quantitative Reasoning. Verbal Reasoning. Total Score. However, the total score you will get in the GMAT exam will be based on Verbal and Quantitative Scores only. The other two sections that are Analytical Writing Assessment and Integrated Reasoning, won’t affect the GMAT Total Score. Apart from this, you will also get a score in the percentile that will tell you comparatively to every 100 candidates taking the GMAT exam. The GMAT Exam Score: Analytical Writing: 0-6 Quantitative: 0-60 Verbal: 0-60 Integrated Reasoning: 0-8 Total Scaled Score: 200-800

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