University College Dublin, Ireland

Ireland’s main university, University and College in Ireland is a study university in Dublin with 35,000 students and around 1,600 faculty members. The university has its roots in Roman Catholicism and was developed by an organization founded in 1854. The Institute opened its doors as the Catholic University of Ireland on St. Malachi. John Henry Newman became the university’s first chancellor. When University College Dublin Ireland was founded, it grew out of the idea of ​​the “Idea of ​​a University” – a classic emphasizing the values ​​of higher education. The University College Dublin Ireland uses human potential to meet global challenges and “serve the world”.

The University College Dublin Ireland made a unique and major contribution to the creation of modern Ireland. He has helped improve Irish society in all areas of activity. The university has improved significantly in recent years and is among the top 1% of all universities. Students come from 139 countries around the world. About 5,000 students are abroad. The college campus is built on a large house that covers more than 133 acres and offers the best facilities in the world. The effectiveness and diversity of disciplines help University College Dublin Ireland contribute to Ireland’s thriving culture through business, community, economic, cultural, and linguistic studies

Why Study at University College Dublin Ireland?

A dynamic economy driven by research and innovation practiced at UCD. It contributes to the formation of a dynamic culture and informed society. Research groups, individual scientists, start-ups, and even large partnerships work with UCD. Research takes place across a wide range of disciplines at the university. The number of annual articles by UCD researchers has increased by about 50% over the last decade. By this measure, UCD leads the way as the college that receives preference first applications each year. The first-year retention rate is around 98% and more than half of students complete their postgraduate studies here.

  • University College Dublin has been number one in terms of graduate employment in recent years. The university is familiar with superiority in education and knowledge.
  • The 12 disciplines taught here are among the top 100 in the world.
  • The university is a leader in postgraduate education with more than 9,000 students. A quarter of them is academics.
  • Modular learning encourages at least half of students to take modules outside of their discipline.
  • Only this university offers students the label to complement the EU for international recognition of their education.

Ranked by University College Dublin Ireland

For more than 160 years, UCD has fulfilled the dream of its founding chancellor, John Henry Newman, behind the idea of ​​the university. The college has established itself as one of the most intensive university in Europe. Below are some figures that can help to understand the university’s position from a global perspective.

  • UCD World Ranking is in the top 1% of all institutions in the world that provide higher education.
  • UCD Veterinary Science is ranked 24th by subject in the UCD QS ranking, while Nursing is ranked 31st.
  • The 12 subjects taught at UCD are in the top 100 and 30 of them are in the top 200.
  • UCD ranks in the top 201-250 of all universities.
  • It is ranked 58th in the university impact ranking.
  • In good health and well-being, the score is between 100 and 200.

Top 5 Advantages you can Get From University College Dublin Ireland

  • Ireland Global University
  • Campus with beautiful landscape
  • Highest class training
  • Triple accreditation crown
  • Support workability

UCD is a great place to start your career. Many degrees offer internships or job opportunities. Visit a dedicated career network. He has connections to industries around the world. It includes more than 1,200 Dublin-based multinational companies. UCD runs exchange programs with more than 400 leading universities worldwide. This gives you more opportunities for international training.

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