Best Year to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Top 7 Facts Why 2022 is the Best Year to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Learning in the midst of a pandemic is not something to be envious of. Apart from online learning, 2021 is a huge challenge for students, who have to become highly flexible and adaptable to keep up with the ever-changing rules and regulations surrounding their studies.

If you've ever thought about a year abroad, you've probably given up on this route because travel is such a foggy topic right now. However, the exclusion from study abroad in 2022 will not be too soon. If you have enough time now, knowing that with every challenge there is a new opportunity to thrive, studying abroad after a global pandemic may be the best decision of your life or even the best decision you will make in 2022. Here are some facts that will uplift your study abroad in UK or study abroad in Ireland.

Stand Out From the Crowd with a New Language

The British are known for not being able to learn a new language. In statistics, 61% of respondents in the UK speak no language other than English, while only 39% speak another language well enough to be able to communicate. In comparison, more than 94% of people in the Netherlands speak a second language and 77% know at least two other languages. Plus, diving into a new country guarantees you a detailed understanding of the culture as well as the perfect opportunity to work and improve your language skills. In addition, German, French, and Chinese are the most requested languages by employers in 2022. Studying in a country that speaks one of these languages is a great way to diversify your CV and help you stand out in the eyes of employers in the future.

Illustrate Your Rigidity

A year abroad under "normal" circumstances teaches students a lot! A year abroad in 2022 shows that you can face every new change and take it one step at a time. Not only will you have the opportunity to explore and learn about the new country and its different customs, but you will also have the opportunity to compare how these countries respond to global problems. Understanding a completely different education system and taking it to the other end also shows how you can succeed with new challenges.

Online is a Novelty on the Outside - So the Best of Both Worlds

You may be afraid to study abroad because you are worried about opportunities you might miss at home. While this pandemic is devastating in many ways, the silver line is what the internet is all about. Many universities and courses are already online; even live concerts and events can be broadcast online and enjoy the comfort of your living room. Studying abroad allows you to enjoy as many of these opportunities in real life as possible while enjoying international events.

Entering to Matured Life

Studying abroad is an opportunity for you to prove to yourself that you can do more than you think. You need to be independent because your parents or close friends aren't there to help you. Even if it sounds scary now, you will look back and see how far you have come. If you feel that your college experience is still limited (especially with the transition to distance learning), studying abroad is your chance to live your student life, benefiting from a new tone for recruiting!

Stay Tied with the Universal Platform

On the other hand, the world feels closed these days, doesn't it? We barely managed to leave our area, much less leave the country. While studying abroad, you can join various international student networks or Erasmus. With a simple click, you can meet tons of other students in the right locations and find new friends to explore your new city. You will be introduced to a wide range of students from all over the world, which will allow you to expand your network and knowledge of different cultures! At least if you hear about everyone's country of origin, you'll get some serious travel inspiration!

Get Out of Your Well-Being Zone

Unlike most people in the world, if you haven't tried the banana bread or long hair coffee in Lockdown 1, you may feel stuck in your comfort zone. Just living in another city can make you feel like you're in a whole new world, even if you have the same everyday life abroad as at home. However, you may feel more comfortable trying new things in life abroad because you've already done something out of the ordinary.
Trying out a new hobby, joining a club you don't usually have time for, or simply doing more things on your own than others are all options that are likely to interest you. As you embrace change and enjoy diversity in your new life, you will become much more confident and independent.

Create New Reminiscences Unrelated to the Pandemic

While learning was riddled with limitations, obstacles, and endless zoom lectures last year, there's finally another chance to finally go out and create lasting memories! Even if studying abroad was never on your radar, it may be an impetus that you should seriously consider. A year abroad will always bring you many stories and moments that you can look back on with a smile. This is only made worse by the lack of such moments in 2021.
You start your year abroad with high expectations that make even the simplest of tasks look good. This is an opportunity to put yourself first and find joy in everything you do. This will be your year to return to everyday life and enjoy the benefits of a new country and culture.

If you're unsure about a year abroad or haven't thought about it, take some time to think about it carefully before giving up. If your year abroad is a mandatory part of your studies, read about the experiences of a student study abroad from us.

As a study abroad consultancy in Mumbai, we enhancing your entire study abroad period into cheerful years. In 2022 we will all have to get used to new changes, so why not try a new challenge? We open the global doors for you! Contact us today!

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