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What are the Average Costs to Study in USA for Indian Students?

The USA is among the first destinations when it comes to study in USA for Indian students. Every year hundreds of thousands of Indian students move to the USA to get into the best colleges and universities in USA. While the USA remains the top choice among study abroad students, the cost to study in the USA for Indian students appears to be quite intimidating.

However, what matters the worse for most of the students is that they are not well prepared with the actual study expenses. But sometimes this results in a shifting of focus towards working in the USA to cover all the expenses. Here you get every information about the costs to study in USA while living as an Indian student in the country.

Average Cost of Studying in the USA for Indian Students?

The cost to study in USA for Indian students is much higher. The average expense to pursue higher studies in the USA is around 37,600 USD per year. However, this amount can vary depending on the program and university you choose. For example, private institutions may charge up to 75,000 USD per year for foreign students. On the other hand, there are several highly respected public universities that offer an excellent education at more affordable tuition fees in the USA compared to private universities. Are you an Indian student considering studying in the USA? Don't let the cost deter you! Connect with overseas education consultants in Mumbai to learn about the average costs of studying in the USA and how to make your dream a reality.

Top Public Universities in USA

When it comes to study in USA, public universities are a popular option among students. These institutions are funded by the government and offer a diverse range of programs for undergraduate and graduate students. Some public universities along with their tuition fees are given below:

University Name Average Tuition Fees
University of California - Los Angeles 31,949 USD
University of Michigan- Ann Arbor 69,336 USD
University of Virginia 63,780 USD
Georgia Institute of Technology 52,231 USD
University of North Carolina 36,776 USD
University of Florida 48,438 USD
University of California - Berkeley 55,600 USD
University of Texas - Austin 43,149 USD
University of Georgia 47,360 USD
University of Wisconsin 27,938 USD

Top Private Universities in USA

US private universities are known for their academic excellence and high standards. They offer specialized programs and majors, as well as greater flexibility in designing individualized academic plans for students. These universities tend to have much higher tuition fees than any other institutions in USA. A list of the best private universities is given below:

University Name Average Tuition Fees
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 79,850 USD
Harvard University 74,227 USD
Stanford University 82,162 USD
Yale University 84,525 USD
Princeton University 79,270 USD
Duke University 43,589 USD
Rice University 69,554 USD
Brown University 89,241 USD
University of Pennsylvania 83,134 USD
Columbia University 82,584 USD

Top Affordable Universities in USA

Apart from these there are also certain USA universities you can apply for along with the study abroad USA visa for higher education. Some of the affordable universities in USA for studies are given below.

University Name Average Tuition Fees
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 8,591 USD
University of Florida 6,381 USD
University of Virginia 3,528 USD
College of William & Mary 14,603 USD
Georgia Institute of Technology 9,424 USD
University of California, Berkeley 13,431 USD
University of Michigan 14,853 USD
University of Texas at Austin 9,806 USD
University of Wisconsin-Madison 10,533 USD
Purdue University 10,872 USD

Cost to Study Popular Programs in US Universities

The cost of study in USA can vary depending on the program and university that you choose to attend. These popular programs such as business, engineering, and computer science are often in high demand and can come with a higher price tag.

  • Engineering: 75,600 USD
  • Medical: 92,300 USD
  • Law: 36,500 USD
  • Life Sciences: 57,870 USD
  • Computer Science: 78,400 USD
  • Business: 63,400 USD
  • Arts: 35,370 USD
  • Humanities: 33,470 USD

Make an informed decision about your course selection. Connect study abroad consultants in Mumbai with hundreds of students, and read reviews to get a sense of what each university has to offer.

Cost of Studying Bachelor's Degree in USA for Indian Students

Studying in the USA for Indian students can be quite expensive and the cost may differ based on the type of institution and its location. The College Board has recently released a report that shows the average tuition fees for foreign students pursuing a four-year undergraduate program in the USA. According to the report, the average cost of tuition fees at a public university is 23,893 USD per year, while it is 32,405 USD per year at a private university. These figures highlight the significant financial commitment that students must make to study in USA.

There are various ways to study in USA for Indian students while keeping their expenses in mind. First, they need to consider attending a two-year undergraduate course at a community college, which typically has lower tuition fees than universities. They can also transfer credits earned at a community college to a four-year university.

Secondly, opting for off-campus housing is another way to cut costs. Finally, it's worth exploring scholarship and grant opportunities that are specifically available for Indian students. Many organizations and foundations offer financial support that can help cover the cost of tuition.

  • Tuition fees: 20 lakhs - 30 lakhs
  • Application Fees: INR 9,000 - INR 11,000
  • Living Expenses: INR 6,75,000- INR 13,50,000
  • Visa Fees: INR 12,800
  • Entrance Examination Fees: INR 27,000
  • SEVIS Fees: INR 26,250

Make sure to gather all the required documents and information before submitting your study abroad visa USA application. You can also refer to the official website to get information about student visa for Indian students.

Cost of Studying Master's in USA for Indian Students

Studying for an MS degree in the USA can be quite expensive, with tuition fees ranging from 22,000 USD to 57,000 USD per year at public universities. However, the cost may be even higher at private universities due to the quality of education they offer. The good news is that there are many scholarships and financial assistance programs available for Indian students, and you can also work while studying to help cover the cost of tuition fees.

To study in USA for Indian students shouldn't be discouraged by the cost of tuition fees. There are ways to make it work without having to spend a fortune. On average, the cost of studying for a master's degree in US is 33,000 USD per year, but this can vary depending on the school and program you to choose.

For instance, the average tuition fee for an MS in public universities ranges between 22,000 USD to 57,000 USD whereas for private universities it can go up to 70,000 USD per year. The ivy league institutions also have an average tuition fee of 45,000 USD to 65,000 USD for foreign students in USA. Apart from these other costs include:

  • Tuition fees: 13 lakhs - 18 lakhs
  • Application Fees: INR 8,000 - INR 13,000
  • Living Expenses: INR 6,80,000- INR 12,00,000
  • Visa Fees: INR 12,800
  • Entrance Examination Fees: INR 27,000
  • SEVIS Fees: INR 26,250

What is the Annual Living Costs in US States?

As an Indian student to study in USA, it's important to consider the cost of living in addition to the tuition fees. Fortunately, the living costs can vary greatly depending on the state and city you choose to live in. While large cities like New York and San Francisco are known to be more expensive, there are plenty of affordable options available in states like Texas, Kansas, and Ohio.
The cost of living will also depend on your lifestyle choices. If you prefer to eat out often and enjoy a lot of nightlife, your expenses will be higher than someone who cooks most of their meals at home.
To help you plan your budget, here's a breakdown of typical monthly expenses for an Indian student studying in the US:

  • Rent: 500 USD - 1,500 USD
  • Food: 250 USD - 700 USD
  • Transportation: 50 USD - 200 USD
  • Entertainment: 100 USD - 300 USD
  • Health Insurance: 200 USD - 500 USD
  • Personal Expenses: 200 USD - 400 USD

Living in US as an Indian student can be costly, but there are several ways to manage your expenses. Choosing a less expensive city or state, cooking meals at home, and using public transportation are all great ways to save your expenses.
The living costs in the US vary from state to state, with an average cost of 10,000 USD to 30,000 USD per year. For Indian students, it is an average of 12,000 USD per year, which is cheaper compared to other countries such as the UK, Canada, or Australia. However, it's important to note that living expenses can significantly vary depending on the location, such as New York City is much pricier than other parts of the country.
By carefully planning and budgeting, Indian students can make their studies in the US affordable. Remember, there is an option for every budget in the US.
The table below gives you an estimate of the annual cost of living in some of the most populous states in the US. However, make sure that this is just a general idea and that your actual cost of living may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

US State Average Cost
California 24,500 USD
Alaska 25,200 USD
Arizona 14,000 USD
Arkansas 9,800 USD
Connecticut 17,500 USD
Washington 19,250 USD
Texas 15,750 USD
Tennessee 12,600 USD
Pennsylvania 16,100 USD
Oregon 16,800 USD

These are the average costs of the US which are significantly higher than many other studies abroad destinations. However, the quality of education in the USA is higher and it is important for students to weigh the costs and benefits before making a final decision to study in USA.

Student Visa Costs in USA

When students are considering to study in USA, there are several costs that they need to keep in mind. One of these costs is obtaining a study abroad visa USA that ranges from 160 USD to 265 USD, based on the type of visa required. Additionally, Indian students also need to pay for their passports and several other necessary documents.
In addition to the visa fee, students from India need to pay a SEVIS fee of 26250 INR. You can also connect with our study abroad counsellors in Mumbai to know more about the visa procedure and costs in the USA.

Cost of Entrance Exams to Study in USA

Another significant expense that students face is the cost of their entrance exams. Most universities require at least one standardized test, such as SAT or ACT, which is quite expensive. Here is a breakdown of the costs for some of the exams required to study in the USA:

  • IELTS: 14600-15500 INR
  • PTE: 12400-14700 INR
  • TOEFL: 14250 INR
  • ACT: 4725-6600 INR
  • SAT: 7050-7950 INR
  • GRE: 15975 INR
  • GMAT: 20625 INR
  • LSAT: 3499-3799 INR
  • OAT: 37500 INR
  • MCAT: 30000 INR
  • DAT: 16875 INR

These are some of the costs required to study in USA for Indian students. However, it recommended going through the official website to check the required eligibility for the exams. You can also connect with our study abroad consultants in Mumbai to get more information about the type of exams required to study in US universities.

Why Choose US

If you are an Indian student planning to study abroad, connecting with overseas education consultants in Mumbai can make your journey much smoother. The process of applying to universities and obtaining visas can be complicated and overwhelming, but our experienced counselors are here to guide you every step of the way. Let us help you navigate the process with confidence and ease. To know more, connect with a study abroad counsellors in Mumbai now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cost of Studying in USA

Ques. How much does it cost to study abroad from India?

Ans. Studying abroad costs vary depending on country, university, program, and duration. You can expect to spend about 45,000 USD to 67,000 USD per year on your tuition fees and living costs in USA. However, there are a variety of scholarship opportunities and financial aid options available to cover some costs.

Ques. What are the points that I should consider while taking admission abroad?

Ans. While taking admission to universities abroad you must consider university and program selection, eligibility criteria, the application process, cost and financial aid, visa and immigration requirements, and cultural and social factors.

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