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MBA in Business Analytics: From Pune to USA

In an age driven by information and data, businesses are increasingly relying on analytics to make informed decisions. The field of business analytics has become a cornerstone of modern management, offering organizations a competitive edge through data-driven insights. To meet this growing demand for analytics-savvy professionals, institutions worldwide are offering specialized programs. One such program gaining prominence is the MBA in Business Analytics offered under the Global Joint Dual Degree Program (MBA & PGDM) by the Business Institute, Pune in collaboration with Lawrence Technological University (LTU), USA. In this blog, we will learn about different aspects of MBA in Business Analytics brought to Indian Students by Numen EduServices, a leading overseas education consultants.

Bridging Business and Data Analytics

The Global Joint Dual Degree Program is a unique offering that combines the best of both worlds: a robust MBA curriculum and specialized training in business analytics. By integrating these two fields, the program equips students with a comprehensive skill set that is invaluable in today's data-driven corporate world.

A conventional MBA program equips students with the fundamental principles of management, including leadership, strategy, finance, and marketing. While these skills remain essential, the addition of business analytics transforms graduates into data-driven decision-makers. In essence, this dual degree program is an acknowledgment of the transformative role of data analytics in today's business landscape.


The curriculum of theMBA Business Analytics program under the Global Joint Degree Dual Program is designed to provide a holistic education. It offers a deep dive into core business subjects, enabling students to develop strong managerial and leadership skills. These courses cover areas like organizational behaviour, economics, marketing, and finance, which form the foundation of any successful manager's toolkit. What sets this program apart is its focus on business analytics. Students are exposed to a wide range of analytical techniques and tools, including data mining, predictive modelling, machine learning, and data visualization. With these skills, graduates are well-equipped to translate data into actionable insights and strategic decisions.

Real-World Exposure

The Global Joint Degree Dual Program ensures that students gain practical experience through internships, projects, and case studies. Business analytics is all about solving real-world problems, and this program emphasizes hands-on learning. Students work with actual data sets, analyse business challenges, and present solutions to industry partners.

This real-world exposure is invaluable for several reasons. First, it allows students to apply their analytical skills in authentic business settings. Second, it provides networking opportunities and access to potential employers. Lastly, it equips graduates with a portfolio of practical projects that they can showcase during job interviews.

A Global Perspective

In an interconnected world, businesses often operate on a global scale. The Global Joint Dual Degree Program is designed to provide students with a global perspective on business and data analytics. This includes an exploration of international business environments, cross-cultural management, and exposure to diverse markets and industries.

The program often incorporates international study tours or exchange programs with partner universities, offering students the chance to experience different business cultures firsthand. This global exposure not only enriches their understanding of business but also enhances their adaptability and cross-cultural communication skills – vital assets in today's global job market.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the MBA Business Analytics program are in high demand across various industries. Data-driven decision-making is essential in fields like finance, healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, and supply chain management. With the skills acquired in this program, students can explore multiple career paths:

  • Data Analyst: Graduates can work as data analysts, responsible for collecting, cleaning, and analysing data to provide insights and support strategic decision-making.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: These professionals focus on transforming data into actionable intelligence, helping businesses make informed choices.
  • Consultant: Many consulting firms hire graduates of this program to provide data-driven insights to their clients across various industries.
  • Product Manager: Understanding data is crucial in developing and optimizing products. Graduates can work as product managers, utilizing data to enhance product performance and user experience.
  • Entrepreneurship: Equipped with strong management skills and data analytics expertise, some graduates choose to start their businesses, leveraging data to innovate and drive their startups.
  • Leadership Roles: With an MBA under their belt, graduates can aim for leadership positions in organizations, overseeing data-driven strategies and teams.

A Futuristic Perspective

The MBA Business Analytics program under the Global Joint Dual Degree Program is not just about preparing students for the current job market, it's about equipping them for the future. As businesses and technology continue to shape industries and sectors, the ability to make sense of data and leverage it for strategic decisions will only become more critical.
This program offers a blend of skills that are well-aligned with the emerging trends in business and technology. From the Internet of Things (IoT) to artificial intelligence, graduates are prepared to harness the potential of cutting-edge technologies.


In conclusion, the MBA Business Analytics program under the Global Joint Dual Degree Program is not just an educational path; it's a gateway to a dynamic and promising career that bridges the gap between business acumen and data science expertise. For those aspiring to become future business leaders who can unlock the potential of data, this program is a transformational opportunity. As businesses increasingly rely on data to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge, graduates of this program are well-poised to excel in a wide range of industries and roles. The program's emphasis on real-world exposure, a global perspective, and a future-oriented curriculum ensures that students are prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of the ever-evolving business landscape. For more clear picture of this MBA in Business Analytics, book our free counselling session now!

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