Problem Faced by Indian Students in UK

What Are The Problems Faced By Indian Students In The UK? The Best Ways To Overcome It

With a reputation for providing excellent education and academic facilities, the United Kingdom welcomes thousands of Indian students annually. Being the global education hub, the UK is widely acknowledged for its exemplary universities. Study abroad, let alone study in UK, is perceived as a dream by Indian students as a chance to change their lives.

Study in UK for Indian Students often becomes extremely difficult. However, getting past the admission is one of many challenges you might face. From getting the UK student visa guidance to surviving the course with bright colors can become quite an adventurous journey with tons of hurdles in the way.

Today, we have presented this article, including such problems faced by Indian students in the UK.

Language Barrier

Let's begin with the most practical one, which is the language barrier. And this is about something other than whether you know the English language or not. It's pretty standard that their way of speaking is very different if you study in UK or any other foreign country.

However, you will face this problem at the beginning only. As once you get settled in and socialize with the natives, you will adapt pretty quickly.

Initially, you may face extreme difficulty communicating with the locals as their speech speed and accent are new to you. This is why you may find yourself in some awkward situations while sharing. But the key is to understand that this is exceptionally normal.

This kind of problem while study in UK can be handled easily because, with time, you will learn to catch these things, and with some effort and time, you can master them as well.

Differences In Customs and Culture

Coming from a place where traditions are given supreme value and whose customs are not found anywhere else in the world, adjusting to a different culture can be very difficult, especially when you are moving to Western. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by Indian students while studying in the UK.

And even after adapting to that new culture and lifestyle, many Indian students still face hardships while celebrating festivals and holidays. But that too has its fun and a new experience. There will always be times when you'll miss your country and home, but enjoying different cultures will give you an experience.

Home Sickness

Study in UK for Indian students is exciting and surreal. But the poor thing is the exciting phase lasts only for a specific time. And as soon as it ends, you enter the homesickness phase. Students studying abroad often feel homesick and lonely. And it's normal to miss your home and your loved ones.

It would help to remember that you are not alone in this struggle during such times. And even though it is tough to talk about this when you are so far away from home and are pressured to keep an appearance, it's essential to be open about this.

Always remember that your mental health is your priority. So, talk about it. Share your emotions and thoughts. And when you feel too overwhelmed with such emotion, take a deep breath and surround yourself with something that reminds you of home.

Study in UK can be challenging when you have to manage everything, and you can't afford to fail. That's why it's best to engage in fun activities, try out new things, and make a lifetime experience when you feel overwhelmed with emotions.

Finance Management

Study abroad counsellors in Mumbai and all around India suggest planning your study and living expenses thoroughly is the most important. Plus, for your UK student visa application, you must show that you have enough funds to cover your cost of studying in UK.

However, studying and living expenses vary depending upon your institute and the city where it is. Many times, Indian students struggle with managing their payments in the UK. And based on the ongoing cost of living crisis, Indian students have no option but to work part-time in the city.

If it's not the rent, then it's the food costs. If not that, then it's the energy bills. Therefore, it's best to pick a part-time job to help you stay afloat with your finances. Also, before applying, it's always best to look for those list of University in UK that offer diverse educational loans or exchange programs.

Most importantly, plan your expenses at the beginning of the month. Fix the amount you must spend on rent, food, and commute, and save the rest for future payments and emergencies.

Struggle Fitting In

It's no secret that Indian students often wonder whether they'll fit in during a study in UK. Moving to a whole new country with totally different customs and culture, it's obvious to feel anxious and scared. But there is a way to handle that too!

Whenever you feel like you do not fit in or are in self-doubt, remember that you are unique and have a great personality. And it's okay to feel left out a little. You are new to this country, so settling in will take some time. You were impressive back in India, so you will also settle here in the UK.

The key is to have confidence and be yourself. Show them how incredible and fun you are as a person. Take the initiative to approach them first. Have a warm smile on your face and connect with your acquaintances. Soon, you won't realize it, but you'll have the best time of your life.

Also, get involved in freshers' activities and connect with everyone you can. This way, you will find those new students settling in just like you and the old ones who know the ins and outs of your institute.

You can also visit clubs and join societies where you can have a fresher experience and learn about many things related to the place. Socialize as much as possible, and you will meet some fantastic people.


Unfortunately, racism is one of the most common issues faced by Indian students in the United Kingdom. Recently, the subject has gained limelight, but there still hasn't been much difference.

Study in UK for Indian students is already challenging, and things like this make it unbearable. That's why consulting with an abroad study consultancy in Delhi, and all over India is always advised beforehand. They usually suggest being cautious. Observe whom you are surrounding yourself with and avoid those racially oriented ones.

Difference in food

While they study in the UK, away from home, Indian students often crave Indian food and home-cooked meals. But the good thing is, in the UK, you can enjoy the opportunity of trying various cuisines worldwide. So, you can easily find Indian restaurants where you can peacefully enjoy your favorite meals.

Apart from this, another best way to handle your cravings is to learn how to cook yourself. You can try out a few simple Indian recipes you like and start cooking regularly.

Even though this won't be exactly like home, you can gain comfort from these little things, especially when you feel homesick and can't control your taste buds.

Health Issues

Moving to a new place affects not only your psychological health but also your physical health. Students studying in the UK face many health risks and difficulties they weren't used to back in their homes. The climate, weather, and everything is different in the UK, so you would likely face difficulty in adjusting, both physically and mentally.

That's why abroad study consultants suggest familiarizing yourself with the healthcare system of the UK. Many healthcare centers provide Indian students with proper medical care, consultation, and mental health support.

Final Words

We can say that Study in UK for Indian Students is not easy but filled with tons of challenges and hurdles. But that doesn't mean you can't overcome them and thrive at your best potential. Everyone struggles in their way, which many times is essential to teach us important life lessons. What's important here is to focus on the positive part of study in UK, where you are exposed to numerous unique opportunities. With such a positive mindset, you will thrive in the UK.


1. What problems do Indian students face in the UK?
Indian Students studying in the UK struggle with various problems. They face difficulty in connecting and bonding with the locals to make friends. They face difficulty adjusting to the new lifestyle and environment and often feel homesick. Many students need help with communication as well.

2. What challenges do students need to face while studying in the UK?
One of the significant challenges that Indian students face is culture shock in the UK. It's an emotion where one feels disoriented when exposed to new and different cultures. It further causes anxiety, depression, and isolation.

As study abroad counsellors in Mumbai, Numen EduServices is a resource you may utilize. we assist Indian students in whatever way we can so they can successfully study abroad. get in touch with our study abroad advisors there to apply for a study visa for the UK. To get accepted into your desired UK university, we will help you prepare for the exam and interview.

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