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UK Student Visa Guide for Indian Students: Types, Costs & Requirements

Do you want to study in UK universities but are worried about the student visa process? Want to apply for a UK study visa? The UK is home to world-recognised universities around the world. It is also not a wonder to say that every year thousands of students from India move to the UK for higher education. Because of its excellent academics and top educational and professional environment, not only from India you will find students from across the world.

However, you must obtain a UK student visa guidance to study at UK universities. But getting a study visa UK from India is a bit difficult and a time-consuming process. The UK attracts over a million international students, which indicates the competition for a UK student visa. However, the type of your study visa will depend upon the course you want to study for. Read this article, to get information about the UK student visa procedure and more.

New UK Student Visa Rules for 2023

According to a Memorandum signed by the UK and India on 21st July 2022, both countries' universities now will recognise each other's higher education degrees. Some of the other visa rules are

  • As per UCAS, the application rate of 18-year-old students from disadvantaged areas has risen from 27% to 29% in 2022. Also, there was a whopping increment in the application rate of 44.1% in 2022.

  • According to THE, the IIT Madras and the University of Birmingham have jointly decided to offer a joint degree program. This two-year degree course is a master's in data science, energy systems, and biomedical engineering.

  • During the 2022/23 academic year, over 38,000 students received benefits from the UK exchange program known as the Turning scheme.

  • The UK government has also offered 75 fully funded scholarships for Indian students to study in UK universities. These scholarships were announced on the marks of 75th independence anniversary of India.

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When Applying For a Study Visa UK from India?

The first step before travelling to the UK is to apply for a study visa UK from India. A UK student can be usually received in about 15 to 21 days, but sometimes it can take upto weeks in peak periods, so apply as soon as possible.

  • The best time to apply for a UK study visa is upto six months before starting your education. If you applied after the deadline, your visa may get rejected.
  • You can also apply for a UK study visa, not more than 2 weeks before starting your course. However, if you have to start the course online, at least 2 weeks before travelling to the country.
  • Must provide enough time for visa processing before the starting date of the course.
  • It may also take some months for processing the visa. However, because of competition, the average processing time for the UK study visa may vary based on the number of applications.

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How Can You Apply for UK Study Visa

There are different steps in applying for a study visa application for Indian Students. They can also visit the consultants for study in uk visa to get help with the application. The application can take upto 3 weeks to get processed after applying.

Check Whether You Are Eligible

Before starting the application, you just need to have a look at the application form. You must show that

  • An acceptance from a UK university or college where you intend to pursue your studies. It is also called a Confirmation of Admission to Study (CAS).
  • Have enough money or funds to support yourself while studying in UK. The funds should cover your tuition fees and living costs in the UK.

Apply for Study Visa Online

Once you have prepared the supporting documents, now you need to apply for the visa application.

  • You first need to register and create an account on the official visa website.
  • After completing the visa application, print and sign the complete form. Go through the online calendar and book your visa appointment. You will receive an email along with your application.

Submit Student Visa Fees

There are four different ways for paying the student visa charges for UK from India.

  • Pay through Standard Bank: You need to pay a certain commission to the Standard Chartered Bank, to issue a draft in the name of "British High Commission".
  • A demand draft from a national or abroad bank: You can also pay visa fees by a demand draft in favour of the British Commission by a nationalised or foreign bank.
  • Pay at visa centre: You can also pay your study visa fees at the visa centre.
  • Online Payment: Online payment of visa fees via Visa or MasterCard is also available for applicants

Visit visa Centre at the appointment date

Once the fees are paid, you need to make an appointment at your visa centre to submit the application form, photos and your biometrics. Take the first step with the best overseas education consultants in New Delhi now.

Requirements for Study Visa UK from India

After meeting the following conditions, you are eligible to apply for a UK study visa application.

  • The applicant must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must pay the cost of study and be self-sufficient during the stay in the UK.
  • Have an offer from recognised UK institutions.
  • Qualified in English Language test scores.

Documents Required for Indian Students

A list of documents to submit in visa application are given below.

  • Current passport copy or other valid travel documents.
  • CAS reference number.
  • Passport-size colour photographs
  • Financial requirements evidence which shows your living expenses during study.
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme or ATAS clearance certificate.
  • Your Tier 4 student visa application form with filled details.
  • Proof of your visa payment fees.
  • Medical tuberculosis test results.
  • Payment of Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS).
  • A written agreement from a financial sponsor (if studying with a scholarship).

However, if you are below 18 years, you need to show some additional requirements. This includes.

  • Proof of permission from your legal guardian or parents.
  • Evidence of legal guardian or parent relationship.
  • Copy of your birth certificate or other official documents with your parent's name.

Having proficiency in English is a requirement for the Tier 4 study visa. But in some cases, your visa gets rejected because of language scores, and you can ask to be issued a document for the study visa. You can also connect with consultants for UK study visa to help you with visa correction.

Financial Requirements for UK Student Visa

Proof of financial support must be submitted along with the student visa charges for UK from India. It must be a bank statement or letter from a financial sponsor which shows that you can cover the cost of studying in uk. This includes

  • Tuition fees: first-year fees or course fees if the course of study is less than 1 year.
  • Living Expenses: Students must have 1,015 Euro per month for nine months, in line with your Tier 4 visa maintenance.
  • Dependants: If you are dependent to study in UK, you also need to have at least 680 Euro per month for a maximum of 9 months.

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UK Student Visa Costs

The cost of a UK study visa application for a Tier 4 visa is 363 euros with an additional cost of 680 euros per person for every dependent. Here is the cost of a UK student visa for every type of visa.
Visa Type Costs
Short-term Study Visa 200 Euro ~ 16,195 INR for 11-month visa and 470 Euro surcharge
Tier 4 General visa 363 Euro ~ 29,395 INR as applicable fees and 680 Euro per person dependants
Tier 4 child student visa 363 Euro ~ 29,395 INR for study visa plus healthcare surcharge

Being an Indian or international student studying in the UK, you are also required to pay a healthcare surcharge of 470 Euro per year for accessing the NHS (National Health Service) during the day.

Processing Time of UK Student Visa

During normal days, the UK study visa can take upto 3 weeks to be processed after submission. To get more information about the delay, you can also connect with the British High Commission or VFS, which runs the Border Agency visa centres in India. However, students can also check their visa status by login into their VFS website or visiting the online tracking system. If the time of your visa application is delayed because of some complexities, such as.

  • Supporting documents must be validated
  • Attend a visa interview because of some personal situations.

Getting a study visa UK from India is a little bit of a complex process. But with preparation and a good amount of academic experience, this is achievable. You must connect with our study abroad consultants in New Delhi, to get an extra hand in your visa application from your university selection to post-arrival in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Study Visa

Who is eligible for Student visa UK?

Anyone who is more than 16 years old and has funds for the cost of study and is self-sufficient during their stay in the UK is eligible for a student visa UK.

What is eligibility criteria for UK Student visa?

Following are the eligibility criteria for the UK study visa.

  • Must pay the cost of study and be self-sufficient during the stay in the UK
  • Have an offer from recognised UK institutions.
  • Qualified in English Language test scores.
  • Healthcare certificate

How much is the UK visa fee for 3 years?

The student visa charge for UK from India for 3 years is 29,395 INR along with a healthcare surcharge.

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