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When it comes to study abroad, the UK is among the best destinations for Indian students. While every student looking to study in UK is aware of the academic curriculum of UK university rankings, not many of these students know about the accommodation available in the UK.

The UK undoubtedly has the best educational institutions but still many students coming from India fail to find a suitable apartment based on their budget. But surprisingly, there are several types of properties available to best consultancy for study in uk for Indian students.

There are usually two types of accommodation available for students i.e. off-campus and on-campus residence. The on-campus is the most popular but with limited availability, whereas the off-campus residence offers more flexibility to their students. Read on to know more about the accommodations available to study in the UK for students.

How to Find the Right Accommodations in UK

Finding the best accommodation is one of the most stressful tasks for every student studying abroad. After getting the acceptance letters students need to find the right accommodation based on their budget, place, and location.

However, even after completing the whole process of moving abroad from your university application to getting the apply for UK student visa, the accommodation will always be on the list of properties for students.

There are generally two options available for students in the UK which are halls of residence and some private accommodation. These halls of residence are offered by universities either on-campus or off-campus as per their level of courses and interest.

Student Halls

Student housing in the UK is commonly referred to as student halls of residence, or dormitories. These are of two types i.e. university halls, which are located on the university campus, and private dorms, which are situated outside of the university campus.

Typically, a student hall of residence consists of up to 10 rooms per floor sharing common areas like the kitchen, living room, or reading room. In most cases, these rooms come with shared bathroom facilities.

One of the major advantages of living in student halls of residence is the opportunity to interact with other students. Additionally, they can choose between catered or non-catered halls of residence. Those who live in catered halls can get three meals a day and still have access to shared kitchen facilities.

They have the opportunity to choose from a variety of room types, including single or double bedrooms, depending on their budget.Those who live in university halls of residence will find their life more comfortable as they are located on campus, eliminating the need for public transportation.

To apply for university halls of residence, you need to send an email once they have been accepted into the university. It is recommended to apply as soon as possible as availability may be limited. However, to ease the process you can also connect with uk student visa guidance consultants in Mumbai, to get assistance in choosing the best room type and university.

Private Student Accommodation

Private student accommodation is another option for students looking to stay off-campus. This type of accommodation provides several room options, including en-suites, private rooms, twin rooms, and studio apartments. Also renting a private residence can be an excellent option if it fits your budget. According to a survey conducted in 2019, about 1.1 million or 62% of students lived off-campus in the UK while studying in universities.

Make sure while booking your private student accommodations online, it is important to check if the site is secure and read the student property reviews to avoid scams. Students should also consider the distance between their accommodation and the university or the surrounding market area for convenience. For example, Hollis Croft in Sheffield is an excellent option as it is just a 10-minute walk away from the University of Sheffield.

Flats and Homes

Renting a private house or flat is also a housing option among students, as it can often be more cost-effective than staying in student residence halls. According to a survey, about 31,000 students in UK are renting from a private as a single occupant or with sharing which is deemed as the best value for money.

There are many websites offering private flats and rooms for university students. While accommodation near the university campus is more expensive, students can also look for more affordable options by searching for houses located near bus stations or other forms of public transportation. You can also connect with student visa consultants in Mumbai who can help you to look for the best flats and homes within your budget.


If you feel homesick while living abroad, homestay can be an ideal solution while study in UK for Indian students. Living with a local family allows students to gain a deeper understanding of their host country's culture and traditions. If the family has prior experience hosting students, the stay is likely to be even more enjoyable.

Homestay options often include meals and utilities in the rent, so students need not worry about additional expenses. While there may be certain rules and guidelines to follow while living with a host family, the experience of interacting and communicating with them is priceless.

Documents Required for Accommodation in UK

You don't need any important documents to live in the UK under a landlord, however, while staying in private accommodation may require some paperwork with bookings documents or a tier 4 visa guidance for uk study in uk. You must have a written contract with your booking agency to show that you have rented accommodation in UK.

While booking housing from an agency or a website, you need to sign a contract and pay in advance or deposit to book your seat. Sometimes these deposits can be returned to the depositors after completing the rental agreements.

Why Choose US ?

Choosing a study abroad agency can be a helpful resource when it comes to looking for an accommodation in UK. They may have partnered with several accommodation providers or have their own database of available options, making it easier option for students to find a suitable place to live.

Our overseas education consultants in Mumbai can also assist you with the application process and advice on the best neighborhoods to live in based on your preferences and budget. Moreover, we can also help with concerns you may encounter regarding the rental process, such as the legal requirements or tenancy agreements.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Student Accommodation

1. How to search for student accommodation in UK ?

There are several ways to find student accommodation in the UK. One way is to look for some student housing websites or portals that specialize in providing accommodation to university students. You can also contact the university's accommodation office, which offers you a list of approved accommodation options.

2. How to get the cheapest accommodation in UK ?

To get the cheapest accommodation in the UK, you can consider sharing a room or living in a house or flat outside the city center. You can also look for accommodation options that are not catered, which means you will have to prepare your meals. Additionally, you can consider living further away from the university campus and using public transportation to save on rent costs.

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