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Why Should one Pursue a Master's Degree in Computer Science in UK?

Today computer science is one of the popular courses globally. And UK offers a fast-paced curriculum and high-end research facility with plenty of working opportunities for computer science students. Thus, pursuing a master's in computer science in UK is an ideal option for people willing to take their career sky-high.

The extensive curriculum coverage and world-class teaching create an excellent opportunity to pursue a bright career in several fields like robots, AI and Data science. So, if you are aspiring to take up a master’s degree in computer science and looking for a suitable foreign country to pursue the course, keep reading. Here we will help you discover all the essential factors that make computer science master's degree in UK a desirable course worldwide.

Reasons to Pursue Master’s in Computer Science in UK

UK is a top study destination abroad in the world that offers quality courses in various disciplines like science, humanities, technology and healthcare. Also, the country has multiple top universities offering ug and pg computer science courses. Here is a list of reasons you should opt for an ms in computer science in UK.

  • According to several surveys in 2020, 5% of the permanent IT position in UK was held by computer science graduates.
  • 4 UK universities top the global ranking for providing advanced computer science courses.
  • The median wages for computer science graduates also got a hike of 7% and raised from 51,500 GBP to 55,000 GBP in 2020.
  • Also, the average salary of IT professionals in UK raised by 2.7%, According to the CV-Library poll in 2019.
  • And the country has open opportunities for computer science graduates to work with leading organisations like Microsoft, Bloomberg LP, Amazon, Apple etc.

Top Universities

If you want to pursue your master’s in computer science in UK, you must learn about the universities that offer master's in CS. Here are the top universities in uk that offer CS courses

Institution Name Course Name Course Duration
University of Oxford M.Sc Computer Science 1 Yr
University of Cambridge M.Phil in Advanced Computer Science 9 months
University College London M.Sc Computer Science 1 year
Imperial College London M.Sc Computer Science 1 year
University of Edinburgh M.Sc Computer Science 1 year
University of Birmingham M.Sc Computer Science 1 year
Lancaster University M SC by Research 1 year
University of Manchester M Eng Computer Science 4 years
University of Bristol M.Sc Computer Science 4 years
University of Southampton M.Sc Computer Science
M Eng Computer Science
1 Yrs
4 years


Before you prepare to take admission to a master’s in computer science in UK, go through the bellow eligibility criteria of different UK universities-

Institution Name % in last passed exam IELTS/ TOEFL score
University of Oxford 65% from eminent universities and 75% from others IELTS 7.0/ TOEFL(iBT) 110
University of Cambridge 75% IELTS 7.5/ TOEFL (iBT)107
University College London 60% IELTS 7.0
Imperial College London 65% IELTS 7.0/ TOEFL (iBT)100
University of Edinburgh 65% IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL (iBT)92
University of Birmingham 65% IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL (iBT)88
Lancaster University 65% IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL(iBT) 87
University of Manchester Overall 69% and 50% of Computer Science IELTS 7.0
University of Bristol 60% for M.Sc and 90% M Eng IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL(iBT) 85
University of Southampton 65% for M.Sc and 90% M Eng IELTS 6.5/ TOEFL (iBT)92
Queens Mary University London 65% IELTS 6.0/ TOEFL(iBT) 92


If you are willing to take admission in M.Eng or MS in computer science in UK, you must learn about the admission process and requirements. Knowing the details will help you get a smooth admission in your UK university. Here we will share a brief list of requirements for admission to any UK computer science university.

  • Undergraduate degree in computer science from any recognised board or University.
  • Basic knowledge of mathematics is mandatory.
  • English transcriptions of all non-English transcriptions.
  • Project proposal (if applying for an MPhil program in computer science).
  • Your updated resume.
  • A valid Study Visa
  • Letter of recommendation as proof of English compatibility in UK.
  • Work experience in a relevant field ( it is not mandatory but valuable to boost your proposal).

However, you must note that the required documents and admission process of every computer science university UK is unique, and you can go through their website for proper knowledge.

Course Structure

The course structures of UK universities are cutting-edge and offer an exceptional level of education to the students. A master’s in computer science in UK is structured to help students achieve advanced knowledge and skills in programming and system design.

  • The master’s program in computer science in the United Kingdom divides into three types – MS, M.Eng or MPhil. And here is a temporary structure of computer science courses in UK.
  • An MPhil course is more of a project-oriented program, whereas an MS is a more theory-based learning program.
  • According to the course structure, submitting a thesis in the last semester of the MPhil program is mandatory.
  • And for the successful completion of the MS program, a project submission is mandatory.
  • M.Eng only focuses on the Engineering side of computer science, which is comparatively smaller than an MPhil or MS in computer science in UK.

Student Visa

MIS in UK for Indian students opens the door to diverse career opportunities and high-paying job roles. After successfully completing their course, students can opt for job sectors like business system analysis, logistics, research and development, and manufacturing management consultancy. Here are some attractive job roles in UK that MIS postgraduates can take up.

A student visa is a must for every student who wants to enter the country to seek education. And, if you want to pursue a master’s in computer science in UK, you must learn about the student visa policies and fees.
The average tire 4 student visa cost in UK is EUR348, and you must apply for your visa at least 3 months before. Also, you can pay the visa fee at the visa application centre or pay via a MasterCard, demand draft, or visa card with a standard chartered Bank branch. However, when you compare the visa cost of the UK with other countries, you will see it is relatively low than others.

Cost of studying

Today most people chose UK as their study destination abroad, and affordable tuition fee is one of the primary reason behind it. Here is a list of top universities in UK with tuition fees-

Institution Name Tuition fees
University of Oxford 33.18 lacs
University of Cambridge 42.42 lacs
University College London 30.57 lacs
Imperial College London 33.43 lacs
University of Edinburgh 32.68 lacs
University of Birmingham 29.27 lacs
Lancaster University 23.49 lacs
University of Manchester 1.2 Crore

Cost of living

The living cost is also significant when pursuing higher studies in a foreign country. The living cost of a master's student in UK is comparatively low and affordable. Here is a list of average living expenses cost in UK.

Expense Type Cost in GBP/INR
Housing 5,300 GBP/ 5.37 lacs
Communication 250 GBP/ 25,346
Food and Other Necessities 1,500 GBP/ 1.5 lac
Utilities 500-750 GBP/ 50,680-76,025
Course Material 400 GBP/ 40,550

Other expenses a candidate must keep in mind are UK student visa fee (GBP 348), UCAS application fee (GBP 20), IELTS fee (GBP 162-180) and health insurance fee (GBP 260/PA).


When you opt for a master's in computer science in UK, you can get various scholarships in uk that help to lighten your financial burden of studying abroad. Here is a list of scholarships you can get in this country-
Scholarship University Eligibility Scholarship Amt in GBP/INR
Mann Studentship for Sciences University of Cambridge Academic performance
Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies University of Oxford African country Tuition fees and living expenses
John Fisher High-Performance Scholarships University of Edinburgh Enrollment in M.Sc in computer science or data science Tuition fee (up to 50%)
Deepmind Scholarshi University College London Enrollment in M.Sc in computer science or data science 25,000GBP/251,542INR
GREAT Scholarship University of Manchester From India, China or Malaysia Tuition fee
Think Big Postgraduate Scholarship University of Bristol Enrollment in a full-time postgraduate programme 10,000-20,000GBP/1,006,170 - 2,012,340INR
Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships University of Brimingham Academic performance and financial need Depends
Southampton International Merit Scholarships University of Southampton Enrollment in University degree programs 3,000GBP / 301,851INR

Career opportunities

Another primary reason to pursue your master’s in computer science in UK is the bright career scope. Most computer science students get job opportunity in IT sectors in UK. And the average annual earning of a CS graduate is around 42,000 GBP in UK. Here are some famous job roles available after you complete your masters in CS-

  • Web Applications Manager
  • Software Development Manager
  • Web Security Administrator
  • Web Developer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Software Engineer

Pursuing a master's in computer science is indeed a beneficial choice. And if you want to apply for a master’s in computer science in UK, you can contact Numen EduServices for complete assistance.


Which university is better for computer science in UK?

Multiple universities offer quality education for masters in CS in UK. And if you want to choose the best, you must evaluate several factors such as tuition fees, scholarships and course curriculum.

Where is the best place to study computer science in UK?

It primarily depends on the type of course you choose and the skills you need to learn. Also, you can choose a University in UK that tops the global ranking.

Which University has the best computer science program UK?

The best computer science program provider/ university will have all three types of master's courses in CS and offer quality education at affordable prices.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in UK. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the UK

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