Masters in Automotive Engineering in the UK: Top Universities, Costs & Jobs

The automotive industry is in demand to enable you to get hands-on advanced automotive workshops and laboratories equipped with industrial standard equipment. This also offers an environment for automotive students to get the advantage of the more traditional office-based facilities. MSc automotive engineering in UK has been designed to provide the industry with high-caliber engineers that are equipped with the essential skills to advance in vehicle technology to meet future demands.

Studying MSc Automotive Engineering in UK

The Masters in automotive engineering in UK offers unique, project-based activities to students giving ample opportunities for teamwork and practical experience from design to implementation. This approach fosters not only technical skills but also interpersonal skills, which are essential for modern engineering practice. This also builds your technical proficiency and encourages creative thinking through industry expert-led learning sessions.
Studying automotive engineering in UK can provide the chance to develop your application skills in various areas, such as body engineering, design, and management, stress analysis, powertrain systems, and suspension. The program is tailored to meet the current and future needs of the automotive industry, so you'll be well-prepared for your future career.
The UK university has a reputation for its innovation in the teaching and learning process. They provide MSc automotive modules delivered through a combination of traditional face-to-face teaching and backup tutorials using several web-based facilities. Throughout the program, the universities also offer chances to engage with the industry leaders, such as Westfield Sportscars, Siemens, Morgan Motor Company, and GKN, which gives valuable industry links and insights.

Scope of Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK

The scope of Masters in automotive engineering in UK is apparent from recent developments, including the opportunity of more than 5,500 new jobs by Jaguar Land Rover and supply investments worth 3bn GBP for the production of low-emission engines. Apart from Jaguar, BMW has also made a significant investment in the country.
Indian students pursuing higher studies in automotive engineering in UK may also expect to get opportunities in the new facilities for equipment design and production, such as the MINI assembly plant in Swindon. Moreover, Honda and Nissan have also announced substantial investments of 267m GBP and 420m GBP, respectively, for new models and engines.
Despite having poor demand, the UK automotive industry has shown a great sign of recovery with an annual production growth rate of 9 percent, resulting in 2.2 million vehicles produced in recent years. Automotive engineering students can contribute their expertise in various areas, from designing and production to supply chain and quality control, making their skills invaluable at all levels of the industry.

Student Visa

When pursuing MIS courses in UK, you must also get a valid student visa to enter the country and pursue higher studies. You must apply for the visa at least three months before your travel date and after receiving the university offer letter. The visa application fee for international students is €368.

Job Opportunities After Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK

There are many job opportunities after the completion of automotive engineering in UK for Indian students. The job areas are mostly in designing, manufacturing, and development of vehicles and related software systems. This could range from cars, tricks, and heavyweight vehicles.
The automotive industry is currently experiencing high demands for engineers who possess both extensive academic knowledge and advanced practical skills. In addition to this, employers are seeking individuals with the ability to design and analyze complex systems components within the automotive engineering field.
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Average Pay After MSc in Automotive Engineering in UK

An automotive engineer's primary work is to develop prototypes of components, test their performance, identify potential weaknesses, and ensure their safety. They also need to stay up-to-date with the evolving customer needs and government regulations related to emissions, incorporating them into design and manufacturing processes.
After completing an MSc Automotive Engineering in UK, the average salary was around 38,999 GBP. This figure is higher than the previous year's average of 45,000 GBP, but quite similar to the average salary of engineering overall. Junior engineers with this qualification can expect to earn about 33,832 GBP, while a senior engineer can expect 40,081 GBP in UK.
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Best UK Universities Offering Masters in Automotive Engineering

If you are looking to pursue higher studies in automotive, then an MSc automotive engineering in UK universities is the best option for you. UK universities have more than a quarter of experience in providing automobile training. The courses has been developed in response to the demands of higher-level qualifications to enhance the career opportunities and professional development of graduates.
Masters in automotive engineering in UK has a strong practical bias. It has been developed to provide industries with high calibre engineers that are equipped with the required skills to advance automobile technologies to meet the demand of future. The following universities offer masters in automotive engineering for Indian students.

University Name Automotive Engineering Course
University of Warwick MSc in Sustainable Automotive Electrification
University of Leeds MSc in Automotive Engineering
University of Bath MSc in Automotive Engineering with Electric Propulsion
Loughborough University MSc in Automotive Engineering
Oxford Brookes University MSc in Automotive Engineering with Electric Vehicles
Coventry University MSc in Automotive Engineering
University of Huddersfield MSc in Automotive Engineering
University of Hertfordshire MSc in Automotive Engineering
University of Hertfordshire MEng (hons) in Automotive Engineering
Birmingham City University MSc in Automotive Engineering
Staffordshire University MSc in Automotive Engineering
Brunel University MSc in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering

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Placement for Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK

The UK universities also provides an opportunity for students to complete a 6-month placement after the completion of the course. This allows them to gain valuable experience in a company, research group, or teaching environment.
This placement opportunity improves your employability and personal development, as graduates with work experience are more appealing to employers. The university placement unit also assists their students to find a suitable placement, and they access these online learning materials with one-to-one advice to prepare them for the interviews.

University with Placement Year MSc Automotive Engineering With Placement
University of Warwick Warwick School of Engineering Placemen
University of Bath Engineering & Design Placement
Loughborough University Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Placement
Oxford Brookes University Mechanical Industrial Placements
Coventry University Electrical Automotive Engineering Placement
Birmingham City University Automotive Engineering Placements
Staffordshire University Automotive & Motorsport Engineering Placement
Brunel University Mechanical and Automotive Work Placement

Masters in Automotive Engineering Eligibility Criteria in UK

To get into Masters in automotive engineering in UK for Indian students requires a first or upper-class honors degree with 2:1 or 60% average marks in undergraduate.

  • An undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, engineering systems, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, or a closely related scientific field.
  • Students with other qualifications and/or experience may be considered if they can demonstrate knowledge and skills equivalent to an Honours degree level. Familiarity with CAD software is also a desirable skill. Connecting with the best study abroad consultants in Delhi can also help you to choose the best university based on your marks and the documents available.
  • A GRE/GMAT test score is applicable based on the university. In some cases, the admission team may request to submit the test after the initial review of the application if the documents do not have enough relevant quantitative modules for admission

English Language Requirements for Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK

Indian students have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 overall to meet the Language scores for Automotive Engineering in the UK. If you are struggling with reading and writing in English, you can also look for enrolling in pre-sessional post-graduate English courses, which are intended to raise your language proficiency.
For most automotive engineering in UK universities, an IELTS score of 6.0, and a TOEFL score of 95 or above are required. The language proficiency requirements for a master's in Automotive Engineering in the UK are subject to change and are entirely determined by the universities and the departments at each of those universities.

Scholarship of Masters Automotive Engineering in UK

The UK universities offers many types of scholarships to students pursuing higher studies in the country. These scholarships are both government-funded and desired universities. Here is list of scholarships you can look after to study MSc automotive engineering in UK.

University Name Scholarship Name
University of Warwick Hondufuturo Scholarship
Cranfield University Postgrad Solutions Study Bursaries, JN Tata Endowment
Loughborough University International Scholarships, Loughborough Sports Scholarship
Oxford Brookes University Commonwealth Scholarship, Chevening Scholarships
Staffordshire University SMART scholarship
University of Bradford Professor Rae Earnshaw Masters Scholarship
Staffordshire University Automotive & Motorsport Engineering Placement
University of Hertfordshire Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship
Brunel University International Excellence Scholarship, Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship
University of Bath GREAT Scholarships

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Frequently Asked Questions About MSc Automotive Engineering in UK

Which university is best for Automobile Engineering in UK?

Cranfield University, University of Hertfordshire, and the University of Leeds are among the top universities for Automotive Engineering in the UK according to QS World list of universities and colleges in the uk University Rankings 2023.

How many years is Automotive Engineering in the UK?

Automotive Engineering in the UK typically takes one to two years for a master's degree.

Is the UK good for MSc in Automotive Engineering?

Yes, the UK is definitely one of the best study destinations for Master in Automotive Engineering because of its world-renowned universities, career, and strong links to the industry.

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