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Masters in Accounting in the UK Top Universities, Costs & Jobs

The world of accounting is ever changing with innovations and practices. This market is constantly evolving to face all major challenges both globally and locally. For thriving in this industry, a strong understanding, intellectual imagination, integrity and up to date methods are equally important. MSc in Accounting in UK programme has been designed to strengthen your knowledge and developed the skill set of accounting for a sustainable business future and successful global career.

Studying MSc Accounting in UK

The Masters in Accounting in UK offers you the chance to study in evergreen areas such as business taxation and theoretical knowledge. You can also choose from a variety of areas such as social and environmental accounting, finance and data analytics. The program has been developed to prepare students not only to be well-qualified accounting practitioners but also to get the knowledge to lead in the emerging trends of accounting.

Studying Masters in Accountancy UK can help to develop and train students towards accounting-related data with a clear and concise understanding of varied ways of managing multidisciplinary accounts of different types of industries. It will develop a critically reflective approach for students to elaborate in detail on accounting management skills. Practical and theoretical understanding is the best ideas about accounting subjects.

The accounting program of UK universities ranking has been structured by various leading researchers with a strong focus on their sustainable and responsible business practices. With research-intensive faculties and cutting-edge knowledge about the latest developments in accounting sectors, the course gains practical experience, working on real-life cases and accounting data platforms. Do connect with our study abroad consultant in Mumbai now, to take your accounting in the UK journey to the next level.

Scope of Masters in Accounting In UK

The scope of Masters in Accountancy UK is huge for graduates who are in high demand in varied sectors for their specialist skills. The students have a clear understanding of how to analyse the accounting of various accounts. An ever-growing relationship with your key employers in accounting sectors can allow you to meet and network with leading organisations.

Accounting graduates have an in-depth understanding of accounting as well as critical thinking. This will boost their career prospects with advanced knowledge which prepare them for a leading role in the accounts profession. It advances your thinking in contemporary issues in financial reporting, management accounting, auditing and governance.

Along with the top skills valued by employers and also for your research career in academia. Don't miss out on the opportunity to achieve your academic dreams! Apply for MSc accounting today with overseas education consultants in Mumbai and take your first step towards a brighter future.

Jobs Opportunities in the UK After Masters in Accounting

There are many job opportunities after masters in accounting in UK for international students across the globe. This is mostly because the programme is highly recognised to provide the students with specialised and in-demand skills employers look for. The course gives students actual accounting and financial knowledge starting with auditing and different aspects of accounting.

Graduating successfully may qualify for some of the work after study in the UK after completing their master's in accounting. They get the opportunity to take up key accounting positions or managerial and consultant roles in the public and private sectors. Great career opportunities are available at the leading accountancy firms, institutions and various multinational companies.

A Master's in accounting is also beneficial for entrepreneurs having solid knowledge of accounting and its applications. So why waste your time, Take the first step with the best overseas education consultants in New Delhi now.

Average Pay After Masters in Accountancy UK

An accountant's primary work is to collect and look into enormous amounts of accounting data and organise it for the industries. They oversee the accounts departments of industries with an in-depth focus to ensure timely and accurate information on industrial statements and reporting.

They mainly enforce and establish proper methods, policies and principles of accounting for various industrial accounts. Because of massive and rapidly changing careers on a large scale, accounting is among the highest-paying professions in the globe. The average salary after completing a Master's in Accounting in the UK is around 39,000 euros.

However, one of the major factors behind this high salary is the area chosen. A finance accountant or an accounting engineer can earn 0.27% of the workforce currently employed in the UK. According to various websites, the highest salary of an accountant can go upto 51,000 Euro in the UK in different sectors. Do you also want to scale your career to a new height? Apply for the best UK university today with our study abroad consultant in New Delhi now.

Best UK Universities Offering Masters in Accounting

If you want to pursue higher studies in accounting, then Masters in Accounting in UK universities is the best option for you. UK universities have more than a quarter of a century of experience in providing accountancy training. The program has been developed in response to the demands of higher-level qualifications to enhance the career prospects and professional development of graduates.

Master of professional accounting in UK has a strong practical bias. You will develop a strong understanding of applying theory to practice and expose yourself to the profession of the latest thinking, techniques and practices. The following universities offer masters in accounting in UK for Indian students

University Name Accounting Course
Imperial College London MSc Finance and Accounting
University of Edinburgh MSc in Accounting and Finance
University of Manchester MSc in Accounting
London School of Economics Msc Accounting and Finance
University of Warwick MSc Business with Accounting and Finance
University of Birmingham MSc International Accounting and Finance
Lancaster University MSc Accounting and Financial Management
Cardiff University MSc Accounting and Finance
University of Bristol MSc Accounting, Finance and Management
Cranfield University MSc Accounting and Finance
Durham University MSc Accounting
University of Leeds MSc Accounting and Finance
University of Dundee MSc in Accountancy
University of Sheffield MSc Finance and Accounting
University of Essex MSc in Accounting

Placement for Masters in Accounting UK

Students who enrol into Masters in Accounting UK universities with placement participate in a program which provides an opportunity to work in the industry for a year. They also get the chance to work in a professional and highly exciting workplace. They can also work for companies full-time, earning a stipend while developing new skills.
Throughout the Masters in Accountancy UK internship program, you will get an in-depth understanding of a range of industrial practices. These can be applied in the insights of specific initiatives and do so in a way that will help them succeed in the future. The whole curriculum consists of modules, structure and options that grip your hand with the key tools of accounting areas. The following institutions offer a Masters in Accounting with placement in the UK.

University with Placement Year MSc Accounting With Placement
University of Southampton Accounting and Finance with Placement
University of Warwick MSc Accounting & Finance with Placement
Durham University Accounting & Finance Placement
Cardiff University Accounting with Professional Placement
University of Sussex Accounting & Finance with Professional Placement
University of Berth Accounting and Finance Work Placement
University of Bath Accounting and Finance Work Placement
Newcastle University Accounting and Finance Placement
Anglia Ruskin University Accounting and Finance Placement
University of Reading Accounting and Management with Placement Experience

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Accounting in UK

To get into Master of professional accounting in UK for Indian students requires a first or upper-second-class honours degree with 2:1 or 60 % average marks in previous education

  • You need to have a degree in accounting or an overseas equivalent. Great results in accounting-related subjects are preferred, although an advanced UK professional accounting qualification may also be considered.
  • The universities also consider the students studying commerce, economics, business administration, or business management. However, because of competition in applications, universities sometimes give preferences to students with undergraduate degrees in accounting.
  • Have a strong background in accounting throughout the degree, and a final year major or a specialisation degree in accounting will also be considered for admission.
  • A GRE/GMAT score is not required to apply for the courses. While in some cases the admission team may request the test after the initial review of the application if your documents do not have enough relevant quantitative modules for admission.

English Language Requirements for Masters in Accounting in UK

Indian students must get an IELTS score of at least 6.0 overall to meet the English Language scores for Accounting in the UK. If you are struggling with reading and writing in English, you can also look to enrol in the pre-sessional post-graduate English courses, which are intended to raise your language proficiency.

For most Masters in Accounting in UK universities, an IELTS score of 6.5, and a TOEFL score of 100 or above are required. The language proficiency requirements for a master in accounting in the UK are subject to change and are entirely determined by the universities and the departments at each of those universities.

Masters in Accounting Costs in UK

For domestic students enrolled in a full-time degree, the total cost of study in the UK is 20,500 Euro. The cost of a full-time accounting program in the UK is 33,500 euros for international students. The cost of masters in accounting in UK is likely to vary annually and might greatly differ among universities.

Also while determining the budget for a master of professional accounting in UK, students must be sure to account for the additional costs of living, food, health care, and extracurricular activities. However, the cost of Masters in accounting in UK may decrease for students who are given various scholarships.

Scholarship for Masters in Accounting in the UK

Scholarships to study a master in accounting are given to students who have a lot of skills and a desire to perform well in education. Even if they originate from an economically underprivileged society, the students for these Master in accounting scholarships in the UK can still pursue their further education. Universities in the UK offering scholarships for accounting are:

University Name Scholarship Name
Imperial College London Trendhim Scholarship
Newcastle University Newcastle University GREAT Scholarships
London School of Economics Graduate Support Scheme
Cardiff University Vice Chancellor International Scholarship
University of Edinburgh International MSc Scholarships
Birmingham City University Postgraduate Scholarship Non-EU
The University of Manchester Master Scholarship for Indian residents
Anglia Ruskin University International Excellence Scholarship
University of Birmingham Birmingham Master Scholarship
City University of London Chevening Scholarships
Getting a scholarship can help you to manage the expenses so be sure to look into all of your alternatives and submit the applications to all of those for which you qualify. You might be able to pay for your education in the UK with a little bit of research and work. However to get help in your university selection and want to seek advice before applying for the study permit, connect with the best overseas education consultants in Mumbai now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Masters Accounting in UK

Which are the Best Accounting Masters in UK ?

MSc in Accounting and Master in International Accounting and Finance Management are the best accounting studying masters in UK.

Can you Get a Masters in Accounting UK ?

Yes. You can get into a masters in accounting in UK, provided you have an undergraduate degree in accounting or a related subject with good scores. Also, you must have completed your language tests before applying for the courses in the UK.

How Long is an Accounting Degree in the UK ?

The length of a master's in accounting degree in the UK is about 1 to 2 years in most universities.

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