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A Step By Step Guide To Get A Student Visa For The UK

Some of the biggest universities in uk draw 600,000 students from all around the world to the United Kingdom. This reflects the level of demand for a UK student visa guidance. The duration of the program you are granted, as specified in your Confirmation of Acceptance to Study, decides the duration of your UK student visa (CAS). Yet, how long does it take for a UK student visa to be processed in India? What steps must I take to apply for a UK student visa in India? What are the student visa charges for UK from india?

To learn everything you need to know about applying for a study visa UK from india, you can contact study abroad counsellors in Mumbai and for more information continue reading.

What Does A Student Visa Mean In The UK ?

To study in the UK, all Indian students must get a visa. It would help if you had a student visa to go to the UK, remain there, and pursue your education there. Depending on your student visa type, there are additional advantages and limitations. For more help you can ask consultants for uk study.

What Kinds Of Student Visa Are Offered In The Uk ?

You can currently apply for one of the three categories of student visas. The choices include a student visa, a student visa for children, or a short-term study visa.

But as the child student visa is only available to children between the ages of 4 and 17, you won't need one as a student. Thus, we include information regarding the temporary and student visa options below.

Short-Term Study Visa
If your study is less than 11 months in total, you can choose the short-term visa. You can stay in the UK for the course duration with a short-term study visa (up to 11 months). However, this visa cannot be extended, and you cannot work as a student.
You can enter the UK as a visitor upon arrival if you are from the European Economic Area (EEA), the US, Canada, or Australia. You can also take a brief course that lasts for shorter than six months. Alternatively, you can maintain your visiting status and finish an approved or casual course that lasts less than 30 days. Hence, in this case, no short-term study visa is required.

Student Visa

But, you require a student visa if you join a full-time course, such as an undergraduate in uk or graduate degree. You are permitted to remain in the UK for the duration of your study with this kind of visa. You can also ask for a visa extension and work as a student.

In addition, you have two years after finishing your course to apply for a graduate visa. Whether you remain in the UK and continue working through this option is entirely up to you.

How Can I Apply For A Student Permit Visa In The UK ?

After choosing the best option for your degree and study requirements, you must apply for your study visa uk from India.

The fact that there are several separate steps makes this initially look complex. But the application procedure can be quick and simple if you follow the instructions below.

1. Financial Evidence

Indian students must first show proof of financial support for their living expenses and tuition to qualifying for a UK student visa. This involves presenting evidence of financial support for accommodation.

You'll need bank statements (from you, your parents, or your guardians) showing that you have the necessary finances available for at least 28 days as part of this.

Students from "differentiated" countries must not submit financial documentation with their visa applications. Even so, having this available is a good idea if you are later asked to provide supporting documentation.

You must also have an official sponsorship letter from the organization they are providing your funding, such as your university.

2. Verify UK Visa Requirements

You must have all the necessary travel documentation, and your passport must be current. You will also require the following:

  • A valid ATAS certification (depending on your course and nationality)
  • If you are under 18, permission from your parents or legal caretakers.
  • Results of the TB test (for certain listed countries).

Also, you may need official translations if any evidence needs to be presented in English.

In addition to original academic transcripts and certificates, UK student visa guidance regulations could also ask for results of English language tests. Your course provider will confirm all required documentation in the Confirmation of Admission for Studies letter (CAS).

3. Accept Your Offer And Pay Course Fees

You must formally accept the degree offer from your university before you may apply for your student visa to the UK. Before your institution can offer a CAS, this is an essential first step.
Some universities additionally demand a deposit for the cost of studying in uk . This contribution will be deducted from the final sum and applied to your overall tuition. The student visa charges for uk from india not included in this payment.

4. Verify The Cas Letter

While applying for a student visa in the UK, your CAS letter is important. Hence, it is important to double-check that all information including personal and course information is correct.

The CAS letter will contain information about your personal information, courses, tuition expenses, and deposits. Any additional English language proficiency criteria will also be noted on the letter.

5. Finish The Application For A Student Visa In The UK

You are prepared to begin the online application once you have your supporting documents and CAS letter.
The processing of a UK student visa could take up to three weeks. But, if you have to submit biometric data at a visa application center, you can pay for a quicker response.

6. Complete The Biometrics And Documents

You must provide identification documentation as part of your application.
You will provide your fingerprints or a photo (biometric information) at a visa application center. Alternatively, you can scan your identity document using the "UK Immigration: ID Check" app.
Also, you can be chosen for a "credibility interview," which is a five-minute video link interview with UKVI employees. If you are chosen, there is no need to be concerned this is simply a verification that you are an actual student.

7. Receive Your Decision Letter And Enter The Vignette

Study Visa UK from India are typically processed in three weeks. Your passport and decision letter will be returned once your application has been processed, and a vignette will be inserted on a blank page.
You can enter the UK with this vignette within a 30 or 90-day term. This window typically falls just before the start of your course, which is indicated on your application for a UK student visa.
Nonetheless, there are specific circumstances in which a visa may be denied, or one that has been issued needs to be corrected. If this has affected you, contact your university immediately they can advise you on the best way to proceed.

Get A Biometric Residence Permit

Within ten days of your arrival in the UK, you must pick up your biometric residence permit (BRP). Bring your passport, entry vignette, and visa determination letter when you pick up the BRP.
An essential immigration document is your BRP. The document must be kept secure when you receive it. Nevertheless, if you utilize the UK Immigration ID Check app, you won't require a BRP because the program will provide you with your digital immigration status.


You must provide this document group when applying for a student visa. consultants for uk study visa tell you that, After your documents have been examined, you will only obtain your visa.

  • A valid passport.
  • If the student is under 18, parental or legal guardian approval with relationship documentation is required.
  • CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) number and acceptance letter from the university.
  • A statement of evidence for your money. This is to determine whether you can support yourself financially. You must provide evidence that you can afford the first year's worth of tuition as well as up to nine months' worth of living expenses.


Who is Eligible for a Student Visa in the UK ?

If you are 16 or older and have been offered a course seat by an authorised student sponsor, you may apply for a student visa to study in the UK.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Getting a UK Student Visa ?

You must have been accepted into an institution of higher learning officially recognized to be eligible for an Indian student visa.

How much is the UK Visa Fee for Three Years ?

Depending on how long you plan to stay in the UK, the typical application price is up to 3 years - £247 per person.

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