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Degrees that Fill Your Pockets Here in the UK: 2023 Edition

The United Kingdom has become the one-stop destination for all the ambitious, lucrative-minded students. Whether from India or Australia, you can access the UK’s amazing benefits of top-quality education and highly paying degrees. You’ll most likely have a fruitful experience of receiving inclusive education and reap from the UK’s profitable degrees.

Do you want to know the best part? Study in uk offers an unending number of degrees, and a variety of all these degrees can prove to be lucrative and are very high in demand today. And to add a cherry on top of all this information, you have at your hand ready to aid overseas education consultants in Mumbai, who are not only the counsellor for abroad studies in Mumbai but who will take you step by step through the entire process and offer free, professional advice and contribute their services in helping you to achieve your dream path to success, along with being fantastic UK student Visa Consultants so that nothing stops you from getting there.

Let me Get you Started with the Top 5 Highest-Paying Degrees in the UK in 2023

Physics and Astronomy

I’m sure you know that astronomers and well-to-do people in Physics earn a bulk of the money, and if you’re in the UK, there’s no way that a royal subject like Physics can not give you loads of money you studied and implemented the subject correctly. Physics teachers, university lecturers, senior researchers, specialized physicists, and astrophysicists, hear me out; if you execute your knowledge of medicine well here in the UK, you are good to go about in the country.

People in Physics or such related professionals have been seen to earn an average salary between £35,000 and £45,000 after ten years or so on the working in uk. If you get lucky and perform better, this amount can be achieved in less time. And naturally, as expected, you can expect a raise in your payment after 20 years, by which time you’ll be earning more than £50,000, and even more, if you excel at it.

If you pursue an academic career in Physics, something very common for immigrant students in the UK, or if you plan on earning a PhD and continuing post-doctoral research, your starting salary can range between £28,000 and £39,000. And again, with a few years of experience, you would not have to worry about money. On the other hand, senior researchers and university lecturers can earn up to £60,000 per year, which is quite a lot of money if you consider a country like the UK. And in this way, Physics and astronomy stand as one of the most lucrative degrees to pursue if you want to make some serious money out of your career.


Lawyers, much like doctors, will always be in demand as long as you and I exist. Our society and personal lives will always have conflicts, and lawyers are here to solve them. Lawyers in the UK not only earn a ton, but they also do have a pretty sorted career that will never make them irrelevant to the world. Once they start making money, they are more likely to make it until they die. That is exactly why you should pursue law in the UK.

A professional and recognized lawyer makes anything around 36,000 per year. Law has many domains, from criminal law to corporate law, civil law, and property law, so choose wisely and choose something that suits you. In the UK, a law degree gets you a full-time job opportunity and several internships and graduate programs for you to pursue.

You can become a range of professionals by studying law. Some common careers are :

  • Barrister
  • Solicitor
  • Legal Journalism


Engineering is another rewarding field for earning a bag full of money. The average salary for this profession is around £47,000, but some jobs pay up to £75,000 per annum - that is quite a large number.

Talking of all the professions under General Engineering, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering has an average starting salary of £28,000. In contrast, Chemical engineering graduates have been seen to earn around £30,000 per year. Electrical and electronic engineering degrees earn an average starting salary of £29,000, while civil engineering degrees earn an average starting salary of £27,700 - that’s what the stats say.

To top all the good news that I’ve just revealed, with the uproar for technology and the surge of digitalization, engineers will earn a lot even in the future.

Computer Science

Since we’re here talking of technology and the demand for it in the future, we obviously cannot miss out on Computer Science as a potential career option that brings in money and is a very viable career option for the tech-loving geeks out there.

Graduates and new professionals in Computer Science earn around 27,000 per annum, and yes, that is the starting salary for this field. If you’re an intermediate or expert professional, you can earn up to an average of 33,000 annually.

Following are the roles you can perform if you study the field of Computer Science in the UK :

  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Programmer
  • Database Administrator
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Mobile App Developer

Business and Administration

No matter what field they’re in, managers are always paid more. Study MBA in Uk or a postgraduate degree in Business and Administration can almost guarantee you a high-paying job after graduation because, let’s face it, the world will collapse without businesses around us.

However, since it’s the UK, you may face some competition because many students pursue business degrees. Still, because business graduates are needed in every industry, you are expected to easily find your ideal high-paying job in the UK.

Speaking of the average starting salary, a business administrator can be expected to make around 25,000-30,000 per annum, making it a highly profitable option for graduates in the UK.

While all the above options sound mesmerizing to you, it’s not that easy to decide when it comes to selecting the right career path for you. And the education system in the UK might not even be similar to yours back in your country. So, you still have to navigate between all these problems and find a high-paying degree that fits your type in the UK, right? As the overseas education consultants in Mumbai, we have made this problem a total solution for you. Talk to our UK consultants today and know what aligns best with your job expectations!


Which Degree is Best for the Future in the UK?

The UK has a never-ending list of job opportunities that might help you achieve your dream job. The UK can accommodate all, whether you’re aiming for higher education or more money. So, depending on what you like best, what are your career goals for the future, and what subject you like to pursue in your higher education, choose a relevant and relatable subject that is here to stay and not go out of touch. If this still sounds confusing to you, which it does in many cases, our UK consultants and us being a reputed study abroad consultants in Mumbai, are right here to help you choose. Owing to our success rate of helping people find their dream careers; we pride ourselves as the best counsellor for studies abroad in Mumbai. There are not many reasons for you to avoid availing of our services and making your dream job happen. It is just a click away.

Which Course has the Highest Demand in the UK?

All of the degrees mentioned above and courses, like Physics and Astronomy, Engineering, Law, Computer Science, Business and Administration, are equally good regarding their payment and salary in the UK. The UK provides the finest educational quality for both undergraduate and/or graduate programs, and therefore do not miss an opportunity to study the most in-demand course here. All of this sounds exciting but confusing as well, but there is no need for you to worry; if you find yourself feeling stuck and needing any help, we here at Numen EduServices will not only provide you with recognized UK consultants that will work you through the entire guidelines and career counselling and guidance to the admission procedure in your dream college but also help out with your student visa fees for UK from India and will also provide you with the best UK student Visa consultants to complete the UK student visa procedure India. At this point, there should be no obstacles to making your dream a reality with the help of Numen EduServices. As consultants, we understand your concern for money as students. Unlike none other, we will offer many premium services and career guidance for free, where money should not limit you. Whether you must choose your ideal UK university or write a proper and standard SOP to get you there, we have your back.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in UK. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the UK

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