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Apply for Masters to UK Universities:The Full Guide

We as students often dream of studying abroad for our higher education. The mesmerising landscapes, fine weather, scenic beauty ready at hand for hikes and frequent escapades, brilliant delicacies, and a cluster of people from different backgrounds and places, altogether make abroad a beautiful place to live in. The UK as a place is no different. This is why people from far and near come to study in UK. To study in UK for Indian students is a dream for many but the good news is that this dream of yours can be made into reality. So come, let us show you the exact reasons why you should study in UK as an Indian as well as an international student. So, here we begin:

The Supreme Quality of Education Provided

Starting from the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge to UCL and further moving to Imperial College, London and Edinburgh College and the University of Manchester and King's College, London, and the London School of Economics, the UK is home to the most brilliant Universities which tops the QS World Rankings. Hence there is no need to talk about the high quality of education provided by these universities which can lead to be a turning point in a student's career.

Lucrative Career Options Post your Study in UK

Whether you want to go for higher study options like masters in uk for indian students or diploma courses, you can easily do so either in the UK itself or any other place of your choice. If you want to find jobs immediately after graduation, you're also welcome wholeheartedly to the UK. The career options are highly lucrative and come in several options once you graduate from UK universities. If you did your course well, you do not have to worry about profitable job options post your study in the UK. This is one of the best universities in uk for indian students and most important reasons why people actually go to study in UK.

Higher Rates of Satisfaction with the Education System

The education system in the UK is not strict or stringent and comes with thousands of options for co-curricular activities and participation of students in other related fields through clubs, societies and college fests, etc which aids in their all round development. The high quality of education has also been said to increase satisfaction in students through the years. Surveys conducted every year by various researchers and scientists bear evidence to this fact.

Ease of Travel

As students, we seldom want to explore ourselves and even for this reason, UK is the best place to go, owing to its immense scenic beauty and favourable weather conditions for travel. And all of this has been made possible by the easy transportation in Europe where it is super easy to get cheap, accessible last-minute domestic flights to explore around. The best thing is that you'll never run out of enough options to roam about, gather experiences, find new places, and make new friends with. It's the memories that make a place memorable and UK is here for it.

So here we have learned all the reasons to go to study in UK. So if you are convinced enough, let us then help you with your college applications as well, because, why not? So here is the A-Z of the admission process in uk universities as an international student:

Figure out Your Preferred Course and Your Preferred University

This is the first and foremost and also the most important part of your journey to study in UK. You as a student need to have a clear vision of what subject/subjects you want to pursue in the future and stick with it in the long run. Which course thrills you and excites you to be able to pursue it in the near future and do a job related to the field and not get bored of it? If you have an answer to this question, you have found your course. If you take a course just because others are taking it, you'll be trapped in the rat race, which is a complete no-no, says our study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Keep your Documents for the Application Process Ready

Now that you have decided which universities you will be applying to, re-check if they are accepting applications from international students and what are the criteria required for it. Nevertheless, each and every university in the UK will require a couple of documents to ensure and then commence your application process.
General documents common to every university in the UK like your photograph, signature, proof of English proficiency through the IELTS,TOEFL examination, test results, professional CV, and testimonials, will be needed for your application process, along with some other documents depending on the requirements of that particular university. So research far ahead of time and gather all the documents before applying. Do not underestimate this step as it takes many months to ensure that all the documents needed for the application process are gathered without fail.

Keep your Money and Upcoming Expenses Prepared

A very wrong step to do here is to collect and plan ahead about finances after a confirmation mail has been received from the university and then you find yourself lost and dumb-struck to have discovered that you simply cannot afford the education or the cost of living and accommodation expenses on a daily basis. The lifestyle in the UK is not very cheap, as you should already have known. So plan about all your finances, literally starting from plane fares to living costs, and apply for relevant scholarships if needed.

Applying to the University through their Online Portal

Now that you know what universities you'll be applying to and what courses you'll be opting for, and that you have also prepared and gathered all the documents required for the application process, you are ready to get started with your application process. Go to the particular University's portal online and find the place for "Admissions" and start filling out your admission forms. For this, you will have to create an account in your name which will carry all your personal details, and then will require your exam scores and other relevant information. So be attentive and fill according to the instructions which will be specified, and in the end, submit the application form by paying the application fee.

Now keep Calm and Wait for “that mail”

“That mail” literally means “that mail” - the mail which will define and determine the course of your life from now. What I am talking about is the mail of approval or disapproval from the university/universities to which you have applied. If you are selected as a suitable candidate by the university, they will notify you about it with a letter in your email which is commonly known as the letter of acceptance/CAS letter. Note that you have to be very patient in this part of the process. The UK universities receive thousands of applications each year, so they might take up to a month or two to confirm their selections.

The Final Step - The Student Visa

Now that you have received a letter of acceptance from your favourite university, now is just the perfect time to apply for your student visa at that British embassy or consulate. There are a few general documents required in this process which will be followed by an interview by the consular to check and finalize your selection for a student visa to study in UK. The student visa is a whole process in itself and is best done under the guidance of experienced professionals or UK student visa consultants so that the process which is haphazard and time-consuming and seldom gets confusing, is all tackled with ease by the students under professional guidance.


How long does the application process take for UK universities?

When you question, “the application process”, there can be two meanings - one, the duration of the form-filling process of the application to the university. In this case, it definitely requires some time to make this happen as there are various details that go into completing one form and then you end the process by paying the application fee. Generally, the application process of one form to one university requires an hour of your time if followed correctly according to the university’s instructions.
Second probability is the whole duration of the whole application procedure or the journey of a student to make his dream of landing at a UK university possible from start to end. From collecting transcripts of test scores to getting recommendations from teachers and building up your portfolio, the journey should start one or two years back to make a solid profile for yourself. And then when you apply to your university, getting a response of selection will definitely take a month or two depending on the university, and then a visa should arrive within a few weeks to a few months from the visa application date depending on the place where you live. To study in UK for Indian students, you normally hear about your student visa within 3 weeks but it can definitely differ from place to place.

What is the UK application process?

Everything about the whole process of applying to a UK university from India or for international students from any country have been mentioned in detail in this blog. Please go through all the steps very carefully and if any confusion arises, calm down and get straight to connecting with our overseas education consultants in Delhi for the best professional advice that one can expect. We are sure that with our years of experience of working with students, we as study abroad consultants in Delhi are sure to eradicate all your doubts and help you have a clear vision of what you may be expecting and what you may be getting in this otherwise messy process of applying to a UK university and finally getting there and having a life. So relax and let us do the work for you.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in UK. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the UK

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