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Everything About the UK Student Visa Process

Are you willing to study in the United Kingdom? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here, you will find detailed information regarding the UK student visa process, required documents, and a lot more.

Studying abroad might seem exciting, and yes, it is, but every coin has two sides. So, if you get an opportunity to explore a new country, learn new things, meet people, etc., you have to work hard for the same. One needs to leave their family back in their country; the biggest challenge is staying away from their loved ones. But don't worry; your compromise will make you more prominent in the coming time.

What Documents are Required for the UK Student Visa Process?

Do you want to know about the documents required for the UK student visa process? If yes, then here is a list of a few documents that are usually required.

  • Passport: Do you have a passport? If not, apply for the same before applying for the UK student visa. It is an essential document required while seeking a visa to study in the United Kingdom.
  • Photographs: You might have a photograph of yourself, but it's better to get a photograph clicked. Remember, it should be coloured and in the passport size because you will usually need the same when applying for a UK student visa.
  • Assessment documentation: Another primary document ready to be eligible for the UK student visa is the assessment documentation. So, be ready with the same.
  • Fund's Evidence: Evidence of funds can clarify how smooth your studies and living can be in the UK is also required. This is important to ensure that the student is eligible to pay the fees, rent, and other expenses.
  • CAS: CAS stands for Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies. So, while you go through the UK student visa procedure, you will find that the reference number of CAS is required.
    Several other documents are required in the whole procedure, depending on different factors. Some of those documents can be the clearance certificate of the Academic Technology Approval Scheme, tuberculosis screening, etc.

What Steps must you Follow to Get a UK Student Visa?

Do you want to get a UK student visa? Here are a few steps that you can follow. Whether you are searching for the UK visa process for Indian students or others, it is usually quite similar. So, in this part of the write-up, you will learn about some of the basic steps you need to follow.

1)Check the Eligibility Criteria

Firstly, you must check the eligibility criteria for the UK student visa. Checking the eligibility will let you prepare yourself for the same. In addition, when researching eligibility criteria, you will learn about the required documents and certificates of essential examinations which you might need in the process. Some of the things that can make you eligible for a student visa in the UK are a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, a clearance certificate of ATAS, evidence of funds, etc.

2)Prepare your Documents

Once you get to know about what is required for a student visa for Uk from India, start preparing it. So, get your original and photocopies of the visa application form, passport, and other documents ready because you can't afford to forget and skip attaching the required document while seeking a UK student visa.

3)Apply Online

Now that you are all set with the documents and mentally prepared for studying in the UK, you can proceed with the online application. For this, you can seek help from study abroad consultants in Mumbai, and they will guide you regarding creating an account on the UK's official visa website. Once you are done with the online application, the next steps you should follow are signing and printing your completed form. After the whole process, you will receive your application number via email.

4)Pay the Application Fee

Are you unaware of how you can pay the application fees? Don't worry;overseas education consultants in Mumbai will guide you with the same.

Generally, there are four ways in which you can make the payment. Those payment methods are paying the fee at the visa application centre, paying online, demand-draft from a foreign or nationalized bank, or paying it at the Standard chartered banks.

5)Vist the Visa Center

You will have to visit the visa application center to attend your appointment, where you must submit fingerprints, facial photographs, and an application. This is the last but most crucial step of the UK student visa process.

How Long Does it take the UK to Process a Student Visa, and What is the Fee Charged for the Same?

Do you want to seek information regarding the visa procedure time and the UK student visa fees? If yes, then here is what you need to know.

Apply Six Months Before

If you are willing to study in the UK and are a resident of India or other countries, then you must apply at least six months before the beginning of your course. According to the United Kingdom's government, this is the standard time, and all students must adhere to this guideline.

The Decision in 3 Weeks

Once you have applied for the visa, then the UK student visa process might take only three weeks to clarify the final decision. So, in a few days, everything will be crystal clear regarding whether you are eligible to seek admission in the UK.


If you are a student from India or elsewhere in the UK, you will have to pay nearly (£363) ₹ 36,000 for a student visa.

Why you must Study in the United Kingdom?

Do you know why people prefer studying in the UK and are eager to know about the UK process for student visa? The most common reasons you must study in the United Kingdom are discussed below.

1)Excellent Universities

Are there excellent universities in the UK? The University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, etc., are famous worldwide. These universities have produced several successful personalities; thus, everyone wants to be a part of their curriculum.

According to a study, among the 1300 best universities in the World, 89 are available in the UK. So, people from different parts of the World try to stand and fulfil the requirements for UK study visa to seek admission to World's best Universities.

2)Language Skills

In most countries, English has become essential for official purposes. So, what can be a better idea than learning English in its origin? English is also convenient for students travelling around the World. If you know English, you might not face many problems adjusting to the United Kingdom. Not only this, but you will also gain a better command of English which be quite helpful in the future.

As English makes communication more accessible and better in other countries, students try their best to fulfil the procedure for UK student visa and get enrolled in the university.


One of the primary reasons why people apply for UK student visa and strive to get them is the affordable fees of the courses. If you compare the time to attain a degree, it's less than in other countries. In the UK, you can complete graduation in three years, while it might take only a year to complete your post-graduation. As the period is less, so the tuition fee also becomes less.

The UK process for student visa is quite simple; you can apply and get the same just by following a few steps mentioned above in the write-up. Studying in the United Kingdom can be the best opportunity for a student as they can explore excellent academics, have command over English, and enjoy other facilities.

Do you want to seek assistance in the whole procedure of the UK student visa? If yes, then Numen EduServices can help you out. They are the study abroad consultants in Delhi who have been helping numerous students in fulfilling their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions About UK Student Visa

How can an Indian student apply for a UK student visa?

To apply for a UK student visa, you must follow a few steps such as checking your eligibility, completing the paperwork, online application, registration fee, and visiting the visa application centre.

What can you and cannot do with the student visa in the UK?

With the student visa, you can study or even work as a student along with your studies. But, simultaneously, you cannot claim pension and public funds or be self-employed.

When can you travel to the UK after completing the UK student visa process?

After completing the UK student visa process, you can prefer traveling a month before for a course that is more than six months.

Can you stay longer in the UK?

Yes, you can stay longer in the United Kingdom, but you need to extend your visa, or you can even opt for a graduate visa after completing your course.

What is the minimum age to apply for a UK student visa?

You must be 16 years old to be eligible for a UK student visa. Not only this, but you must have your parent's consent and is eligible to write, read, and speak in English.

How long does it take to process the UK student visa?

The UK student visa process takes approximately three weeks, and you must apply for the same at least six months before your course period.

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