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Fees, Scholarships and Financial Support for Education in UK

Education is a very essential investment to any student’s future and career but sometimes it can turn out be a burden paying heavy tuition fees for international students willing to pursue their higher education in UK. UK universities have higher charges for the academic programs and academic facilities, but these universities are also unarguably the best across the world. Before beginning on the rewarding experience of the UK universities, it very necessary to know the fees of these universities or cost of studying in UK and about the scholarships and financial support available to lighter the burden of students. In this blog, we’ve covered the affordability of Education in UK with the fees and the financial supports available for the Indian students so that they can dream big and achieve high!

Cost of Studying in UK with Fees for UK Universities and Living Costs

Since United Kingdom is still a well-liked choice for higher education, applicants must understand the extensive details of university fees to study in UK. Although navigating the various cost structures can be confusing but students can safely and surely make judgements about their academic path if they are well-informed. Let’s look at some of the fees for different universities in general:

SL/No. Universities Fee (INR)
1 Imperial college London 24-42 Lakhs
2 University of Oxford 26-50 Lakhs
3 University of Glasglow 21-35 Lakhs
4 University of Bath 17-32 Lakhs
5 Kings college London 24-40 Lakhs

In general, studying in UK universities can averagely cost somewhere between 15 Lakhs to 55 Lakhs. The tuition fees differ from universities to universities and courses to course. With the tuition fees, students also must look after the living cost in UK. For Indian students willing to study in UK, the cost of living varies depending on the city and way of life. Students should set aside, on average, £800 to £1,200 a month for living expenses, food, transport, and other personal costs. This would be roughly 75,000 to 1,10,000 Indian Rupees (INR) per month when changed to INR. Paying attention to living expenses is crucial if Indian students want to have a successful and enjoyable stay in the UK while pursuing their further studies. Now since we know the tuition fees and living costs for Indian students in UK, let’s move on to the scholarships and financial support available to them which can greatly reduce their burden of heavy education expenses.

Scholarships and Financial Support to Study in UK

There are scholarships and financial support provide by many institutions and government for students willing to study in UK. Here are some scholarships for Indian students to cover their cost of studying in UK:

  • Chevening Scholarships: British Chevening Scholarships for International students to Study in UK is an international awards programme that is highly regarded and provides full financial assistance for the one-year postgraduate programmes in the country. It is ranked as one of the best scholarships in the UK and for international students as well who are willing to pursue higher studies over there. This scholarship includes an 8-12 week programme with courses in innovation, journalism, science, and cybersecurity, among other fields, and covers more than 12,000 courses across 150 universities.
  • Commonwealth Scholarship: To help students from Commonwealth nations, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK offers fellowships and scholarships. You can apply for this scholarship if you are an Indian student who wants to study for a master's or a PhD in the UK. This scholarship covers all costs, including tuition, travel, personal, and maintenance costs.
  • Erasmus Mundus: To foster greater international cooperation, the European Union established the Erasmus Mundus international study programme. Scholarships are offered by Erasmus Mundus to all students who want to pursue a combined master's degree at any institution that is a part of the programme. The 24 awards that make up the Erasmus Mundus scholarships for Indian students studying in the UK are available to both citizens of third-world nations and of the EU and EEA. It is one of the best scholarships in the UK for Indian students because it includes all forms of financial support, such as participation, a travel allowance, installation fees, and monthly allowances.
  • Inlaks Scholarship: The Inlaks scholarships is given to the most talented Indian students in order to cover all of their basic needs, including tuition. For university courses and specific programmes at the Masters, MPhil, or Doctoral levels, full-time enrollment, Inlaks Scholarships are offered. The Foundation will only contribute up to $100,000 in total. The following programmes are excluded: Business and finance, computer science, engineering, fashion design, film and animation, hospitality, and tourism, Indian studies devoid of contemporary relevance, management studies (such as an MBA), medicine, dentistry, and associated therapies, music, and public health.
  • Rhodes Scholarship: The Rhodes Scholarship enables exceptional students from all around the globe to study attend the University of Oxford full-time and with full funding. Rhodes Scholars spend two or more years in the UK. These scholars are eligible to apply to Oxford University's full-time postgraduate programmes. This scholarship covers both the actual expenses and the tuition at Oxford University. Scholars can cover their living expenses, including housing, with the aid of the stipend.The Rhodes Trust pays the application price to apply at the University of Oxford, the student visa fee, the accompanying International Health Surcharge, and two economy class flights after the scholarship is chosen.

These are the few scholarships that can help Indian students to study in UK stress-free. There are some general requirements and eligibility criteria for these scholarships and understanding them is really important:

  • The student must be an Indian citizen.
  • Must have completed 10+2 in English medium.
  • Should have good hold and proficiently over English language.
  • Must have a good and exceptional academic background.
  • Submitting convincing statement of purpose.

These are the few general requirement of the scholarships to study in UK. For specific prerequisites of any scholarship, it is best to visit the website of these scholarships or consult study abroad counsellors to have a better and clear understanding. By taking the scholarships and fulfilling the prerequisites, Indian students can pursue their education in their dream university!


Studying in UK for Indian students can turn out be the best decision of their life as UK has top notch education system with world class facilities. It is always good to research thoroughly about the universities and courses before applying for them. To support the cost of studying in UK, students can go through the scholarship available for studying UK carefully and apply for them at the earlies by meeting all the perquisites and eligibility criteria. It always safe to go through admission counselling for study in UK as the counsellors can help students with all the minute details of the universities and courses chosen by them.

What are the document requirements for Actuarial Science in UK?

The primary document requires for studying Masters in Actuarial Science in UK is the certificate of completing a UG degree in Actuarial Science with at least a 50% score. You should have certificate in TOEFL with at least 79 scores, 6.0 scores in IELTS, and 53 in PTE.

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