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A Comprehensive Guide On Studying MSc Actuarial Science in UK

The MSc is the ideal starting point to pursue a career as an actuary, preparing you for the key role in risk management in global financial institutions. Studying MSc Actuarial Science in UK offers hands-on experience in solving real-world financial problems via tutorials, interactive lectures, and practical coursework. This specific course meets the requirements of qualified and skilled professionals within the industry for actuarial science statistics.

It aims to train and develop statistical data and mathematics with an understanding of several ways of handling multidisciplinary statistics of actuarial science from different client perspectives. The scope of course will be improving mathematical and other technical skills of the student that holds crucial place to complete Masters in Actuarial Science in UK.

Entry Requirements For Studying MSc in Actuarial Science in UK

The primary entry requirement for studying Masters in Actuarial Science in UK is at least an upper second-class honours degree or second-class degree in Actuarial Science. A candidate with professional experience and proof of academic potential is also necessary to become eligible to apply. There are many best universities in the UK for indian students that offers courses in Actuarial science. Every individual candidate must get a general passing mark of 50%. They are well- known and top universities like University of Southampton, Heroit- Watt University, University of Manchester, Kent University, university of Leicester and others. Thus, entry requirement will vary which should check.

Requirements in English Language

Meeting the English language requirements to study MSc Actuarial Science in UK is crucial for students coming from non-English backgrounds. Examinations such as PTE, TOEFL, and IELTS are there to verify the students' proficiency in the English language.

A minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS, 53 in PTE, and 79 in TOEFL are the ultimate requirements for many Universities in UK. However, some Universities have their particular band score requirements. But, the minimum score depends on the different Universities and their respective departments.

Costs to Study Actuarial Science within UK

Before candidates apply for the Post Graduate Course in Actuarial Science in UK, they need to calculate the overall cost beforehand. For in-state students, the cost of studying the MSc in Actuarial Science in UK is Rs. 16, 34,900. The course fee for international students will go up to Rs. 21, 01,700. However, it is worth mentioning that the cost will vary for different Universities.

However, another major thing that candidates need to hear is that the overall cost will depend on whether the applicants take the part-time or full-time course. Candidates that want to opt in full- time course, they should apply for UK student visa.

Cost of the UK Student Visa

Depending on the stay, different types of UK student visas are available. The candidates who are aiming to study in UK, must be above 18 years of age. The UK government gives short- term visas of which validity for up to six months, and candidates can extend their stay up to 11 months.

To study MSc Actuarial Science in UK, students need to apply for this visa. The recent student UK visa fee is Rs. 36,429 if the candidates apply outside the UK. However, you also have to pay the additional cost of Healthcare premiums to access the NHS or National Health Service during your stay. In addition, you have to pay Rs.47, 433 as an additional safety charge

Requirements For the UK Student Visa

All the candidates must apply for a UK Student visa three months before they apply to study in UK in Actuarial Science. After knowing the UK study visa fees online, you must check the processing to apply for the student visa. The required documents are given below.
  • Details of the passport
  • A current photograph
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language
  • Evidence of your financial support
  • The 'Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies' form from the UK University you applied for.
  • Guardian's approval as proof of your age (whether you are 18 years old or above)
  • Score reports of exams like GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc
  • Original academic results and the verification receipt for the visa payment.

However, one thing you need to remember is that if you want to study MSc Actuarial Science in UK, you must apply for a student visa at least six months before starting date of the course. Otherwise, you may not get the visa at the right time. However, you can check the details of UK student visa documents required India online to gather the current information.

Career Opportunities in UK After Completing the MSc in Actuarial Science in UK

The United Kingdom offers various job opportunities for Actuarial Science engineers with a postgraduate degree. You will find several job opportunities after completing the Actuarial Science Masters in UK. Many big consultancy firms always search for well-versed and skilled professionals as their employees. Candidates can apply for several job roles in different giant companies in the UK. Career opportunities in this MSc Course could be wide if you choose right and top universities. Thus, opting Numen EduServices provides opportunities in best university of UK like University of Bristol, University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham and others. Many of the other EduServices lacks expertise to help students to be selected in such universities owing to its expertise and online services

They can apply for serving roles such as Budget Analyst, Graduate Business Analyst, Research Analyst, Insurance Underwriter, Analysts in Intelligence Agencies, Statistical Analysts, and insurance Claims Adjusters. The postgraduates in Actuarial Science can also further apply for the PhD and Doctorate. After you study Actuarial Science in UK, the chances of working in a multinational company with a handsome salary are high. Candidates can also work under a giant organization in higher designations such as Actuarial Science Analyst, Statistics Project Managers, etc

Average Salary in UK After Completing Masters in Actuarial Science

Due to the rapid career growth and increasing demand for the Actuarial Science expert in the UK, students are opting for the MSc Actuarial Science in UK. The average salary you can expect after completing the Masters in Actuarial Science in UK is approximately Rs. 50, 00000 per annum. However, the chosen industry for employment can be a significant factor in determining Actuaries' salary. The highest salary an actuary in UK can earn is approximate Rs. 59, 00000 per annum with a specialization in Statistics and Mathematics.


The United Kingdom is a hub for several opportunities for students who want to pursue higher studies. The country possesses one of the greatest education systems on the globe. The facilities students get while studying are unmatchable.

So, if you want to pursue MSc Actuarial Science in UK, you must check all the requirements and essential details before applying. However, the post has almost covered everything a candidate needs to know. So, don't forget to read all the points carefully for future reference.


Can I do MSc in Actuarial Science?

Yes, of course. Every individual candidate who has a second-class or upper-second-class UG degree in Actuarial Science can opt for a Master's degree. Additionally, candidates who have a great score in their previous examination can directly apply for a Master's Degree in Actuarial Science. However, the students from non-English backgrounds must score 605 in English in their 12th. Also, they must show proof of their proficiency in English.

What is will be costs for studying Actuarial Science in UK?

The cost will be highly reliant on chosen Universities and course duration. The approximate cost for the in-house students will be Rs. 16, 34,900. But, if you come from abroad or other countries, the fees to study Actuarial Science in UK will go up to Rs. 21, 01,700. However, it is worth mentioning that the fee structure is subject to change due to circumstances. So, keep yourself updated with the latest fee structure.

Is Actuarial Science a good career?

Actuarial Science is a lucrative career option for people who want to become a successful Actuary. It is one of the most sought-after professions that require constant dedication and hard work to excel in a career. After completing Masters's in Actuarial Science, you can get a job mainly in the insurance and investment sectors. You can work in different higher designations, such as Insurance underwriters, Budget Analysts, Business Analysts, Actuaries, Investment Analysts, Financial Planners, Research Analysts, Statistical Analysts, etc. Also, you can get an average annual salary of Rs. 50, 00000 to 60, 00000 per annum

What will be process if I want to, I Study Actuarial Science within UK?

If you do not live in the UK or nearby places, you first need to apply for a student visa. After that, you have to shortlist the universities you want to apply to. If you get selected, you must prepare for the Actuarial Examination conducted by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA). Before applying to different Universities, check all the eligibility criteria to know whether you are the perfect candidate to apply. Then, after passing the examination and meeting all the requirements, you can start studying Actuarial Science in UK.

What are the document requirements for Actuarial Science in UK?

The primary document requires for studying Masters in Actuarial Science in UK is the certificate of completing a UG degree in Actuarial Science with at least a 50% score. You should have certificate in TOEFL with at least 79 scores, 6.0 scores in IELTS, and 53 in PTE.

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