Study in top Universities in Toronto Canada

Study in top Universities in Toronto Canada – Toronto, the capital city of Ontario, Canada, is a vibrant metropolis. Despite its urban character, it is a safe country for travelers, especially ambitious international students. On the one hand, it is home to many well-known universities, making it one of the best cities for students. If you want to get a good education without paying a lot then you should consider these affordable schools in Toronto.

Study in top Universities in Toronto Canada

Seneca College
  • Minimum annual tuition fee: $7,262 (CAD 10,169)

Officially known as the Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, this low-cost Toronto university has locations throughout the Toronto area. It was founded in 1967 and offers a wide range of certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Newnham campus is the largest with up to 11,000 students. The York campus, on the other hand, is reserved for animation, creative arts, media, biology, chemistry, English, and information technology students. Meanwhile, King’s campus offers students majors in applied arts and health sciences. Economics and finance courses, however, have been moved to the Markham campus. Aviation courses are studied at the Peterborough campus, which has its airport.

OCAD University
  • Minimum annual tuition fee: $7,262 (CAD 10,169)

OCAD, short for Ontario College of Art and Design University, is located in the Grange Park neighborhood. Founded in 1867 as the College of Art of Ontario, it is the largest and oldest school of art and design in the country. As the name suggests, the university offers bachelor’s degrees in Visual and Critical Arts, Research and Design. It also offers Masters’s degrees in Media and Art Design, Curatorial Criticism and Practice, Strategic Foresight and Innovation, and Inclusive Design. With more than 4,000 students, about 9% of them are from different countries. This high enrolment rate for international students is due to OCAD’s inexpensive yet first-class education system. OCAD, Canada’s most important art school, can look back on many notable alumni. These include Barbara Astman, Shari Boyle, Merin Kadel, and Amy Chan, to name a few.

George Brown University (GBC)
  • Minimum annual tuition fee: USD 12,254 (CAD 18,366)

The GBC of Applied Arts and Technology was founded in 1967 and is a public body in downtown Toronto. It is one of the many institutions that emerged from the introduction of the public higher education system in Ontario. Despite its name, it also offers courses in business, education, health sciences, and hospitality. In addition to 35 degrees and 31 postgraduate degrees, GBC also offers 8 Bachelor’s degrees. With its affordable fees and world-class education, GBC is popular with many international students. At the latest census, the college had more than 3,500 foreign students. Students can join GBC’s various campuses at Casa Loma, St. James, Waterfront, and Ryerson University.

Centennial College
  • Minimum annual tuition fee: USD 13,116 (CAD 17,160)

Following on our list of top universities in Toronto is Centennial College. Founded in 1966, it is the oldest publicly funded college in the province. Most of the locations are in Scarborough while the modern aerospace hub is in North York. The College offers 260 programs ranging from undergraduate and postgraduate to undergraduate and postgraduate. It currently offers only three undergraduate programs in information technology, nursing, and public relations. Centennial College is a mix of many cultures. It trains 26,000 students represented by 100 ethnic-cultural groups. To date, more than 80 languages ​​are spoken on many campuses. It even has a department called Suzhou Centennial College, a Chinese-accredited Canadian educational institution. Centennial College is well known for its technological innovations. For this reason, it was named one of the top 10 research colleges in Canada in 2016.

Humber College
  • Minimum annual tuition fee: USD 13,504 (CAD 18,910)

Also known as the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Training, the college was founded in 1967 along with many other institutions. To date, it offers 150 programs divided into 40 disciplines. Compared to other colleges in Toronto, Humber College offers a wide range of Bachelor’s degrees. You have a bachelor’s degree in applied arts, applied economics, applied music, child and youth welfare, economics, creative advertising, journalism, industrial design, interior design, music, public relations, and social sciences. Humber has several locations in Toronto. This includes Humber North, which is home to 20,000 students. The smaller Lakeshore campus, on the other hand, caters to 7,200 students. The Fashion Institute is reserved for students studying fashion and beauty.

University of Toronto
  • Minimum annual tuition fee: USD 26,909 (CAD 37,680)

We end our list of top universities in Toronto for international students with the University of Toronto – also known as the UOT. This university is considered the most prestigious institution in Canada. It was founded as King’s College in 1827 and was the first higher education institution in Upper Canada. When secularized in 1850, the name was changed to the University of Toronto. The university, located in the vicinity of Queen’s Park, has 18 faculties. They offer 700 undergraduate and 200 master’s programs at the university. Although it is more expensive than other Toronto schools, many international students choose UOT because of their higher education. According to the latest census, foreigners make up about 23% of students.

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