Guide For Indian Students Who Desire To Study In Ireland

Ireland ranked 13th on the Global Peace Index and is recognized as a place of calm, tranquillity, culture, and education is undoubtedly a favourite among Indian students. Ireland encourages development, and despite its colonial roots, the people there are kind and open to diversity. Ireland has formerly been named the friendliest location because it is a safe country with kind citizens.

Best Courses To Study In Ireland For Indian Students

Ireland's courses are well-regarded throughout the world. Ireland includes 14 Institutes of Technology, seven universities, and private schools. Irish universities focus on the natural sciences, technology, economics, and humanities. Irish universities take pride in creating their courses in consultation with businesses. Irish universities offer regular academic degrees at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels. Both undergraduate and graduate courses are available for students to choose from.

Students apply through the Central Application Office (CAO), which manages undergraduate admissions, saving time by eliminating the need to submit separate applications to various universities.

Particularly for postgraduate education in Ireland for Indian students, Ireland has become a popular choice among Indian students. These are some of the most desirable courses:

  • Business Studies
  • Engineering Disciplines
  • Computer Sciences
  • Medical Courses
  • Nursing
  • Social Sciences
  • Literature

Students are attracted to courses in the arts and humanities in Ireland, especially at the undergraduate level. Big data, cloud computing, and data analytics are all areas in which Indian students specialise. On the scientific front, biomedical engineering is a developing field, as is fintech.

Top Universities Education In Ireland For Indian Students

According to the QS World University Rankings 2021, six of Ireland's public universities are among the top 600 institutions worldwide. For Indian students, there are many options for study in Ireland. A good university exposes students to new options, encourages creative thinking, and aids in developing crucial skills. Ireland provides opportunities for students worldwide to learn and develop in a healthy atmosphere by being home to several global companies and lucrative industries. Here are a few of the best universities in ireland.
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland, Galway
  • University College Cork
  • Dublin City University

Ireland's universities and research institutions account for 1% of all research foundations worldwide. Modern research facilities, which are also technologically oriented, are available at Irish universities.

Offers Of Scholarships To Students

Ireland's government offers generous scholarships as a way of helping out students. Indian students with strong academic records may be eligible for scholarships in Ireland. However, this will mostly depend on the university they are applying to and its scholarship eligibility requirements.

In some situations, extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and participation in sports are considered when awarding scholarships to Indian students studying in Ireland. Many opportunities exist for eligible Indian students to receive scholarships. Those interested are urged to contact their study abroad consultants in Delhi for advice on using this opportunity to the fullest.

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) issued Ireland scholarships for Indian students in 2021 under the direction of the Government of Ireland International Education Scholarships Programme. Beginning in 2021, 60 scholarships will be awarded to eligible students pursuing degrees at the bachelor's, master's, or doctoral levels for a 12-month study term. Before a year of classes begins, students can apply for scholarships in Irish universities.

A list of scholarships available to Indian students wanting to study in Ireland is provided below.

  • The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship
  • The Walsh Fellowship
  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2020

Ireland's Health And Security

Although moving to a foreign nation is challenging, getting settled and getting to know people takes time. Unlike their EU/EEA counterparts, non-EU/non-EEA students are not eligible for free medical care. Indian students who wish to study abroad in Ireland as members of the non-EU/non-EEA group must possess private health insurance, which is also necessary for obtaining a visa and entering the country. It might be expensive to spend the night in a hospital. Thus, having comprehensive medical insurance is advised.

The student must provide proof of health insurance to the Garda National Immigration Bureau to enroll. Students can purchase private health insurance independently from their home country or through an Irish health insurance company.

What Exam Is Needed To Study In Ireland?


Ireland requires an IELTS score of 6.5 or higher to enroll in one of their universities. The individual score should never be less than 5.5 because it is an overall band score. It varies, though, depending on the university you're applying to


Numerous reputable Irish universities also take the PTE results into account. To pass the test, a PTE score of 63 or more is required; it should never fall below 59.


Students with TOEFL scores between 79 and 92 are admitted to Ireland. Although 79 is still the standard for most colleges, the best ones demand at least 90. Some tests can be taken on paper and online.

Student Visa For Ireland From India

Ireland does not have strict requirements for student visas. Getting one is a little bit simpler. Ireland provides the C Student Visa and the D Study Visa. Students whose courses last less than three months are eligible for the C visa. Students whose courses last over three months are eligible for the D visa.

You Need the following Paperwork to Apply for a D Cisa
  • A valid passport.
  • Letter of acceptance from an Irish university.
  • Evidence of funds.
  • Medical insurance details.
  • Proof of fee payment.
  • All academic and unacademic documents.

Indian Students' Criteria For Studying In Ireland And Visa Procedures

It is necessary to have a student visa for Ireland from India to enter the nation. Before applying for their visas, students need to have their acceptance letters from Irish colleges and the payment documentation. European Union (EU) citizens do not need a visa to study abroad in Ireland.

Ireland Study Visa For Indian Students Procedure

You must follow the process listed below to apply for an Ireland student visa online:

  • Fill out the online application form. You will receive a summary application form as a result of the procedure.
  • Follow the directions on your summary application to the letter. Also, it will provide details about any supporting documentation.
  • Please print out the application, sign it, and mail it in with the required paperwork.

Your visa application's processing time varies based on the nation and the embassy. Therefore, it is acceptable to expect to hear back from the visa office within eight weeks after the application's submission.

Ireland Post-Study Work Visa

As part of Ireland's Third Level Graduation Plan, you can remain in the country after completing your studies. It enables third-level graduates from non-EU countries who are residents to look for jobs or apply for a work visa or green card. Under this plan, they may remain for up to 24 months after finishing their courses.


Is Ireland good for Indian Students to Study Abroad?

Yes, because Ireland is a great country to study abroad for various reasons, including the quality of instruction and education, the range of employment options, and the peaceful lifestyle. Also, Indian students can study in Ireland for a much lower price than in other popular countries.

How Much Does it cost for an Indian Student to Study in Ireland?

In Ireland, a bachelor's degree costs around €7,000 and can reach €22,000 per year for some degrees. Indian students' annual tuition in Ireland will typically cost roughly €12,000.

Why study in Ireland for Indian students?

Indian students value Ireland's broad course range and top-tier universities. Further benefits include top-notch research facilities, a booming economy, leading businesses, and of course, a world-class faculty. Compared to the US or the UK, the cost of life and schooling is a little more reasonable, and it's simple for learners to find part-time employment.

For Indian students, studying in Ireland can be a beneficial experience. The nation is home to well-known institutions, and it also provides attractive work chances in the future and a great research environment. As overseas education consultants in Delhi, Numen Eduservices is a free service you may utilize. As one of the newest foreign education advisers, we assist Indian students in any way we can, so they can successfully study abroad. you can contact one of our abroad education consultants in Delhi experts to apply for a study visa in Ireland. To ensure that you are chosen to attend your desired university in Ireland, we will help you prepare for the exam and interview.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in Ireland. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the Ireland

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