Why do Indian Students Choose To Study In Ireland?

Ireland is one of the popular abroad study destinations globally, and thousands of international students visit this country for their higher education. And Indian students are no exception. Every year many Indian students apply for an Ireland study visa for Indian students to pursue their dream education. There are multiple reasons why Indian students opt to study in Ireland. And if you are wondering what makes studying in Ireland so popular, keep reading. Here we will explore some fundamental reasons why Indian students choose to study in Ireland.

1. A Wide Array of Learning Options

One of the primary reasons behind choosing Ireland for higher studies is the vast learning options provided by the country's educational institutions. Education in Ireland for Indian students is also famous, as the country offers plenty of world-class courses in various disciplines. Ireland is known for its world-class education system with globally recognized and ranked universities and collegesin ireland. With the vast learning options, Ireland has something for every student, whether they are looking for conventional or new-age courses. Here you can get courses from traditional disciplines like humanities, engineering, and business to specialized IT, hospitality, health care, and many more. The universities in Ireland offer tailored courses for international students. Special courses like IT, health care, and hospitality are some of the popular courses among Indian students.

2. World-Class Educational Institutions

Another major reason many Indian students prefer to visit Ireland for their higher education is the good number of world-class institutes. Ireland is home to many globally ranked universities and colleges that offer quality learning in various disciplines. Some of the top educational institutions in Ireland include-

  • Dublin City University.
  • University College Dublin
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Maynooth University
  • Crok institute of technology

Every year thousands of Indian students apply to study at these institutions. Also, if you wish to apply under them, you can contact overseas education consultants in Mumbai or Delhi to help you with your application.

3. Internship and Research Opportunities

Educational institutions in Ireland offer an excellent opportunity to do internships and research after students complete a course. Indian students have ample options for internships and further research in Ireland. Top universities in ireland and educational institutions in Ireland allow international students to work after course completion and gather experience. And when you get the experience of working in a foreign country, your chances of getting a high-profile job increase after your return to your country. Thus, the opportunity to do an internship or research appears to be another crucial reason why many Indian students choose Ireland as their abroad study destination.

4. Cost-Effective Courses

Ireland is one of the most international student-friendly countries that offers quality courses at a cost-effective fee. Many first-world countries charge huge amounts of money to provide quality courses, making it different for students from a moderate financial background. But Ireland offers quality courses in different disciplines with competitive pricing. And that is why many aspiring Indian students apply to study in Ireland.

5. Lower Living Cost

Ireland is an ideal study destination for international students in terms of low-cost living. While several countries like US or UK can cause huge financial stress for an international student, Ireland offers a relatively low cost of living. The overall cost of transport, accommodation, food and daily essentials are quite high in advanced cities like London or New York.
But when you choose Ireland, you can cover the living expenses with half the money you spend in the UK or US. In addition, the country offers competitive tuition fees for various courses compared to neighboring countries. And if you want to save some money studying abroad without compromising quality living, Ireland can be ideal. Also, you can contact your study abroad counsellors in Mumbai or Delhi to learn more about Ireland's living expenses.

6. Quality Living

The quality of living is another essential factor besides the world-class education system that attracts many Indian students to apply to educational institutions in Ireland. The country has vibrant city life with beautiful landscapes and countryside. Also, Irish music, festivals, food, and theatre are popular worldwide. And students who visit Ireland for their study stand the opportunity to explore all this during their study abroad. Also, the sports and cultural exposure is a plus point of visiting Ireland for higher studies.
Additionally, the Dublin transportation service is remarkable. It gives easy and convenient access to the city centre across the country essential for a smooth transition. And Indian students who wish to experience the quality of living during their abroad study finds Ireland a prefect place.

7. Cultural Diversity

Ireland accepts students from across the globe, and most top educational institutions in Ireland comprise many international students. And Indian students willing to experience multicultural exposure choose to study in Ireland. Here one can meet people from various backgrounds with different religious and cultural beliefs.
This exposure creates a great opportunity for Indian students to grow their interpersonal skills and learn to understand others' perspectives and opinions on different matters. Also, the country offers courses well-crafted for Indian students, so when they opt to study in Ireland, they do not need to make a huge change in their career to pursue masters in Ireland.

8. Better Job Prospects

The primary reason most Indian students opt to study abroad is to improve their chances of getting better jobs. Most of us know that a global degree from a recognised or top-grade country can significantly boost your job prospect within and outside India. The competitive economy of Ireland offers abundant working in ireland for well-educated international students.
The country offers high-salaried entry-level positions in various fields, including IT, engineering, Hospitality and Education. Graduates with a good score can get a good job in Ireland, making it absolutely irresistible for many Indian students.

9. Scholarships and Financial Aids

Many students do not apply for courses offered by foreign universities. The primary reason behind this is funding. They think studying abroad is an expensive affair. Only a few know that some abroad countries offer governmental and institutional financial aid for international students, and Ireland is one among them. Ireland's government offers various financial aid and scholarships like ABS (Access Bursary Scheme), TAP (Trinity Access Programme) and ASSF (Access Student Support Fund), which makes it easy for aspiring Indian students to pursue their higher studies in Ireland.

10. Safe Environment

Every parent wants their children to pursue higher studies in a safe country. Today, world politics have created an unstable and unsafe environment in many countries. And that is why you must choose a safe foreign country for your study abroad. You can also seek professional help from study abroad consultants in Mumbai to find a safe country for your higher studies.
Regarding on-campus and general safety, Ireland is the ideal option for Indian students because of its friendly environment and low crime rates. The Irish government also offers multiple support programs for international students, so they feel comfortable in a foreign country. Universities in Ireland also follow strict standards to maintain a safe campus.

11. Ease in Visa Policies

Education in Ireland for Indian students becomes all the more attractive because of Ireland’s student visa policies. Indian students aspiring to study abroad can easily apply for an Ireland student visa, allowing them to stay in Ireland for up to 3 years to pursue higher studies. And after their course completion, they can also apply for an extension of their stay in the country to gather valuable work experience.
But the most essential part of Ireland's student visa policy is that it allows students to bring their spouses or dependents to the country (during their stay in Ireland), which means you can be with your close family members.

12.English is the Primary Language of the Country

The primary language of Ireland is English, and most Irish people speak English. The primary medium of instruction in Irish Universities is also English. This makes it easier for Indian students to pursue higher studies in Ireland. They do not usually feel a language barrier for not knowing the Irish language. While learning a new language is always fun, an English-speaking country is easily navigable for many Indian students.
Ireland is becoming one of the top study destinations abroad among Indian students. World-class education with competitive living costs and tuition fee is the primary reason behind the popularity of education in Ireland for Indian students. Also, there are other essential reasons why Indian students choose Ireland for their higher studies. And if you too want to pursue your higher education in Ireland, you can visit Numen EduServices for quality assistance and support.


How much does it cost to go to Ireland from India?

The average cost to go to Ireland from India – one way is 22,500 INR and round trip 53,000 INR.

What is the advantage of studying in Ireland?

Studying in Ireland has many advantages, including world-class education, quality living, cultural exposure, better job prospects, research opportunity and more.

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