scholarships in canada for indian students in 2023

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students in 2023

Canada no doubt is a beautiful place to live in. But when it comes to study in Canada as an international student from India, it will only rain benefits for you. Indeed, Canada is a very profitable place of study, and not only that, but the quality of education received here is also top notch. Needless to say, if you have decided that you will study in Canada for your higher education, congratulations, you have made the right choice for your career. You shall not regret this decision.

Here are the top 3 reasons why studying in Canada is a great choice for an student from India:

Diversity in Educational Institutions
Just to let you know, Canada welcomes thousands of international students every year and so far, they have all had fairly great experiences living there. The statistics of 2017 say that Canada houses more than 250 ethnic and cultural origins, and 200 languages spoken worldwide along with 70 Indigenous languages, whoof, that is a huge number, are we right? If you think that is a surprisingly huge number, wait for what is coming next. In 2023, Canada is estimated to receive more than 75 thousand international students. Yes, that is a whopping number. This is why you should study in Canada.

As an international student, you might be feeling out of place and distant from family while you are shifting to a completely different place, for example, in this context, we are speaking of Canada. So homeliness and a diverse environment are big factors that will help you cope with such anxieties and help you have a smooth and happy stay.

The Best Quality Education

It is no surprise that Canada has several educational institutions that are definitely praiseworthy. That is why people from all over the world consider studying here. The students are facilitated with the best professors and mentors and provided excellent career choices and thousands of courses to choose from. Starting from engineering to finance to arts and liberal arts, sports, science and economics and politics, law and medicine, and agriculture you name it, you shall have it. This is a huge reason for you to come to study in Canada, as good Canadian students frequently enjoy huge success in the job market.

Low Living Expenses

So you’re an international student who is on a budget yet wants to pursue higher studies and benefit from world-class education? Friends, Welcome to Canada! Canada is much more cost-effective when it comes to living expenses and daily living expenses. And about the expense of your education, oh worry not once again, Canada is enriched with excellent scholarship options, all of which will be discussed in depth below in this article.
Now that we are talking about scholarships in canada for International students from Canada, let us get to know all about Canadian scholarships in this context.

What is a Scholarship?

A scholarship is a sum of money or grants or financial support provided by the government of a country (in this case, Canada) or by the particular institution in which you are studying (in this case, a Canadian institution) to allow a student who has not got enough money or economical background to study in a particular institution in a particular country. In most cases, the scholarships are offered according to a student’s merit.

How should an Indian Student Apply for a Canadian Scholarship ? What are the Criteria Required ?

Remember, no matter what, a scholarship in Canada for international and more specifically for Indian students, will be provided in most cases based on your merit, academic scores, or test results. A worthy student will always be rewarded here in Canada. Apart from that if you want to study in Canada, along with being academically sound, being a talented sports player, or being a talented person in general which reflects in your co-curricular activity section is going to be a big hit when it comes to getting scholarships.

Important criteria
Have a good IELTS or TOEFL score which is proof of good English proficiency if you score good in these exams and this is commonly accepted by almost all Canadian institutions. These scores will be crucial in securing a good scholarship if you want to study in Canada as an international/Indian student.

What are the Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for Indian Students in 2023 ?

So we as overseas education consultants in Mumbai are adamant about bringing you the best scholarships for you to study ahead in Canada. Here are the top 10 fully-funded scholarships in Canada for international students

University of Alberta Scholarships
Want to study master's or post-doctorate from one of Canada’s best educational institutions? Apply to the University of Alberta Scholarship. You get to choose from 200 undergraduate programs, 500 graduate courses, and 300 research fields.

University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

This scholarship is open for the fall of 2023, so hurry up. There is no limit to this Canada’s largest fall intake for scholarships including undergraduate, post graduate, diploma courses, graduate certificate, and many others.

The University of Toronto Scholarships

The University of Toronto similarly provides a wide range of scholarships available for both graduate and post-graduate students offered to both Canadian and international students who are not permanent citizens in Canada. They also get allowances, rewards and accommodation expenditures, book costs and sometimes a full fee waiver for a full-fledged 4 year course.

The University of Ottawa Scholarships

The University of Ottawa Scholarships are the maximum number of scholarships available to both international and Canadian students. Undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate, diplomas and short programs readily become available for this scholarship.

Montreal University Scholarship

The University of Montreal, one of the most reputed public universities in Canada offers a large selection of scholarships of 600 study courses to international students in 2023. Montreal University has 80% more international students compared to Canadian students. Truly, unity in diversity!

McCall MacBain Scholarships

This scholarship is being offered by McGill university, is a fully-funded scholarship, and is offered to all masters, postgraduate, and professional degree programs for international students.

University of Manitoba Scholarship

The University of Manitoba Scholarship which offers around $240,000 on an annual basis is now even open for international students worldwide. The courses which they include are undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate. You also get added benefits from the scholarships including travel and living expenses, the cost of food, and educational books.

Cambrian College Scholarships

Dreaming of not only scholarships but also rewards along with it? Congratulations, you have got Cambrian College by your side. They offer awards of $150,000 or $1,000,000 based on academic achievements, economic needs, and involvement in other activities apart from providing fully-funded scholarships

University of Winnipeg Scholarships

If you are looking to apply for a scholarship without attempting the IELTS test, we have great news for you. The University of Winnipeg offers more than 50 scholarships only for international students and accommodates them very well. The scholarships are provided for undergraduate, graduate, and diploma courses.

Brock University Scholarships

Brock University is very well-known for the huge number of scholarships that they provide to their brilliant-minded applicants who are planning to apply to this university on an undergraduate level. The scholarships are full-time and fully funded in nature.

Frequently Asked Questions About Canada

How can I get Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada ?
See, getting a fully funded scholarship in Canada should be mess free and uncomplicated only if you know the steps well. Our overseas education consultants in Mumbai recommend you to do your research beforehand on what type of scholarship suits your needs and preferences, and then apply to your preferred scholarship. For an in-depth information and how to apply for not only a scholarship but also other processes like the application for a Canada Student Visa, feel free to consult our student visa consultants in Mumbai for the best advice out there in the market.

How can an Indian Student get full Scholarship in Canada ?
Fully-funded Government scholarships like Shastri Indo-Canadian Insitute, Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program, National Research Council of Canada offers 100% scholarships exclusively to Indian Students.
Apart from them, the aforementioned group of scholarships will also help every Indian student in their search for a scholarship to study in canada. There are also many more options when it comes to Canadian scholarships for indian and international students, so do your research well. This is a time-consuming process so be adequately prepared for it, says our overseas education consultants in Mumbai. Once you have the preferred list of scholarships ready at hand, start applying to them and get all the documents needed for the scholarship ready. Do not be afraid or conscious about being able to get an approval for your scholarships, because if you believe in yourself, they will too.
Also, as an Indian, remember about your student visa guidance that you will be needing for pursuing your studies in Canada. It is as important, if not more than getting a scholarship in Canada. If you will not be given a visa to canada, you will not even be able to go there and step your foot on the land, forget about living a life there and studying in your dream university. But we are here to make all dreams come true, we will show you every step of how you shall get a student visa for Canada from India, as we are an experienced group of student visa consultants in Mumbai whose only aim is to help students become the best version of themselves by pursuing a rich, adventurous life in a different place which they chose as their destination for further career improvement.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in Canada. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the Canada

Study in the Canada? Contact us and we'll help!

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