Everything You Need to Know About Applying for a Canadian Study Permit

Canada has been counted among the top study abroad destinations for international students for higher education. Getting admission to the top universities and a Canada education visa is the dream of many aspiring students. This is going to increase a lot in the coming years as there are many best universities in Canada offering a wide range of programs from management to computer science and finance.

Every year, many Indian students look to pursue studies in Canada because of its affordability and opportunities to work part-time during their studies. Also, its migration opportunities attract international students to get a chance to apply for PR in Canada. As an Indian student, you need to have a study permit to get into any Canadian university. This blog will guide you with the application for a student visa guidance, costs and many more.

What is Canada Study Permit ?

The Canadian study permit is offered by the immigration authorities of Canada to eligible international students. This allows them to study at any university or at any course in the country.
A study permit is a document and you require a visitor visa or authorization to get into the country. Once the permit is accepted, you will receive either a travel authorization or a visitor visa for entering Canada.
Having a Canada study permit allows you to stay in Canada until your course completion. You can also stay in the country for upto 90 days more with the study permit to get some extra time for a visa extension in Canada.

Costs of Canadian Study Permit

The fee to apply for a Canada study permit visa is around 150 CAD. Along with this, you will also need to pay extra for Biometrics and additional costs such as your medical fees etc. These additional costs are generally added to the primary processing fees.

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How to Apply for a Study Permit for Indian Students ?

The best time to apply for a Canada student visa is as soon as you get your university letter. Mostly, the visa officers recommend starting the application at least 3 months to get all the required documents on time for a handy visa.
Starting an application early can also give you enough time to overcome the time taking process. To help you prepare for a Canada education visa, here we have given some steps to keep in mind.

Finalise Canadian University Application

If you haven't started your visa, the first thing to do for a Canada education visa is to get a university acceptance letter from a recognised institution. Once you receive the acceptance letter, you need to start the application process.

Here are popular Canadian universities you can look for to pursue higher education.

  • University of Toronto
  • The University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Montreal
  • McMaster University
  • University of Calgary

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Check the Eligibility Criteria for the Study Permit

Indian students need a student visa to enter the country. But there are free criteria you must meet to apply for a study permit

  • Those whose course duration is 6 months or more.
  • The age should be 18 or above.
  • Being a family member of any official Canadian representative.

You need to first double check the education visa requirements before entering Canada. You can also connect with a Canada student visa consultants who will help you in applying for the visa.

Start the Canadian Study Application

Now after finalising university acceptance and meeting the requirements, you can get started with the study permit application. However, just having a study permit doesn't allow you to get into Canada, along with it you also require a visitor visa and an authorised electronic travel document.
All study permit applications are done through the Canada immigration website. But before starting you should have these documents

  • An acceptance letter from your designated learning institute. If it is a conditional offer, you need to first appear in an English language course before starting your education.
  • Proof of your identities such as a valid passport, travel documents, and two photographs.
  • Evidence of your finances to show that you can support your living and tuition fees in Canada while studying. You can show your previous bank statements or official letters from sponsors in support of this document. Apart from tuition fees, you may also have at least 11,500 CAD to fund your stay in Canada.
  • A letter of intent that shows why you want to study in Canada. This must be shown to the visa officer to understand that you are aware of your responsibilities.

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Canadian Study Permit Requirements for Indian Students

As part of the application process for a Canada education visa, you need to understand the eligibility requirements of Indian students. It is essential as you need to submit the documents and show them on your visa interview.
Some important requirements you must keep in mind while study in Canada.

  • Must maintain your enrollment in your study institutions.
  • Make some progress after completing the course
  • Paid employment while pursuing your studies.
  • Leave Canada after completing your course. Or apply for your visa extension.

Interview and Biometrics for Study Permit

After submitting the application and essential documents, you need to book an appointment at your nearest visa application centre to provide your biometrics data, like fingerprints and official photos. The biometrics fee is 85 CAD and is not included in your regular Canada education visa fee of 150 CAD.
During this process, you need to appear in an interview with a Canadian immigration official. This interview demonstrates that you are a genuine student who understands their responsibilities in the country. Before your interview, it is essential to prepare and practice. Review the application and the details you have provided. You can also do mock tests with family or can practise speaking in front of a mirror. During the interview, you must dress professionally, arrive early, and answer all questions confidently and clearly.

Apply Via Student Direct Stream

The Canadian study permit application can take upto 90 days to proceed. Make sure that you have an ample amount of time to complete the application.

If you're a resident of certain countries, you are eligible for Student Direct Stream, which will speed up your application by around 20 days. This stream is available to students coming from Brazil, China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. You can connect with study abroad consultants in Delhi to know more about the process.

After the visa approval, you will receive your visa confirmation via your email. However, if you have applied from other countries, you will get a port entry introduction letter, which shows you are allowed to pursue studies in Canada. Upon arrival to Canada, you need to go through the border services, including a visitor visa and travel authorisation letter

Checklist of Documents Before Entering Canada

Before arriving, check out the following things in your bag. These documents are necessary for smooth application and help to enter Canada. If you have the following documents in hand, you can show them to the authorities.

  • Proof of Acceptance: Your letter of acceptance from the desired institution.
  • Proof of your identity: A valid copy of your passport which has clear photos, name and date of birth.
  • Fund proof: Provide proof of funds that shows you can support yourself financially during your education. It includes your bank statements, education loan documents, or a scholarship letter from the university.
  • Explanation: A letter of explanation demonstrating your understanding of the responsibilities of being an international student and why you want to study in Canada, to help the visa officer evaluate your mindset.
  • Medical Exam: You need to undergo an Immigration Medical Examination if required by your home country, and have the results forwarded to Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC) by a listed doctor.

After arriving in Canada, you need to show your passport and introduction letter at the airport. The border officer will evaluate your given information and issue the study permit in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Study Permit

Is it Easy to get a Student Visa in Canada now ?

Definitely, with the right guidance and support, you can easily receive your Canada student visa to study at your desired university. But make sure you meet all the eligibility criteria for your study visa application.

What are the chances of getting a student visa for Canada?

If you have arranged all the required documents and have great academics with a good personality. You can receive your Canada education visa on time. Make sure you meet all the required criteria and have the essential documents in hand to avoid any delay in the process.

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