Why study in Australia | Top Benefits, Colleges, Fees, and More!

Australia is one of the top study-abroad destinations in the world, and every year, millions of international students visit this country to pursue their higher education. Besides the world-class education and 26 world-ranking universities, Australia has more to offer to its international students. So if you want to know why study in Australia is beneficial, you must read on. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about Australia before choosing it as your abroad study destination, from top benefits, colleges, fee structure, and more.

Study in Australia – Top Benefits of Abroad Study in Australia

Abroad Study in Australia is a dream for many Indian students. It is a high-in-demand study-abroad destination among Indian and international students. And here we will list some top benefits of studying in Australia.

Globally Ranked Universities

Australia is well-known for its quality education and has many prestigious and globally recognised universities. Australia has 26 universities with global ranking of top university, of which many fall under the top 100 and 500. The University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, the National University of Australia, New South Wales University, Monash University, and the University of Sydney are to name of a few. And studying in Australia at any of these universities is indeed beneficial for any student. However, you must choose a university that can offer quality courses aligning with your discipline.

Variety of Courses

Another essential benefit of study in Australia from India is the wide variety of courses in australia. The country offers quality education with a wide variety of courses. Most Australian University offers courses in various disciplines. For instance, the National University of Australia offers 750+ courses for its students. So, when you choose Australia for your higher studies, you have endless options to choose from. Also, you can take up off-beat courses here to expand your horizons and improve your job scope.

Quality Education

Australia is home to many globally ranked universities and offers world-class education. They provide an out-of-box learning process, advanced infrastructure, and a fast-paced module. The Australia education system of top universities also provide highly qualified and experienced lecturers and enriched laboratories and libraries.

Multicultural Exposure

Another benefit of pursuing higher studies in Australia is exposure to multiple cultures. Australia is one of the top study destinations abroad in the world, and students across the globe visit Australia for their higher education. So, when you opt to study in Australia, you can meet students from different parts of the world and learn their perspectives, thinking and beliefs. This cultural exposure helps you become open-minded and easily work with people from different backgrounds.

Quality Living

The living standards and lifestyle of Australia are remarkable. The country ranks 13th on the global peace index; it is also one of the safest countries in the world, so you do not have to worry about your safety when choosing Australia for your higher studies. In addition to the quality of education, Australia prioritises the quality of lifestyle and supports healthy work-life balance. You can visit abroad education consultants in Delhi or Mumbai to learn more about the lifestyle in Australia.

Student-Friendly Immigration Process

The immigration process in Australia is very simple and student-friendly, which is a plus point for pursuing higher studies in this country. In 2013, Australia made drastic changes in its post-study visa policy to attract more international students. And as a result, the number of international students in Australia also increased rapidly. Today Australia offers the easiest and most flexible visa and post-study stay permit.

Financial Aid

Australia's study and living cost is relatively lower than several mainstream abroad study destinations. In addition, the government of Australia offer 200 million USD per year for international students to help them cut down the financial stress of studying abroad. Also, the country offers part-time job permits to make it easier for international students to support their finances. You can also contact overseas education consultants in Delhi to know more about scholarships and other financial aid details available for study in Australia from India.

Top Colleges and Universities in Australia

Australia has more than 500+ globally recognised universities and colleges in australia, providing students with a wide range of options. Also, many Australian universities rank in global university rankings. And here is a list of top colleges and universities in Australia with their QS World University Rank-

University Name QS Ranking Australian Ranking Average tuition Fee
National University of Australia 31 1 28,479 USD to 36,164 USD
University of Sydney 40 2 42,000 USD to 48,000 USD
University of Melbourne 41 3 23,497 USD to 71,759 USD
University of New South Wales 44 4 26,914 USD to 55,543 USD
University of Queensland 46 5 23,611 USD to 48,617 USD
Monash University 55 6 31,049 USD
University of Western Australia 92 7 22,214 USD to 45,271 USD
University of Adelaide 106 8 21,971 USD
The University of Technology Sydney 133 9 23,967 USD
University of Wollongong 196 10 23,600 USD

Cost of Study in Australia

The cost of studying in Australia can vary depending on the course, discipline and institute you choose. For instance, studying a technical or speciality course will have a higher fee than any conventional course. Also, if you want to take admission in the most popular and premium university or college, you have to pay more than required in an average university. Also, you must consider the cost of living, which includes food, shopping, transportation, grocery, gas, phone and electricity bills. In addition, the accommodation cost also impacts your overall study cost in Australia. The average study cost in Australia usually ranges from 14,400 USD to 26,600 USD. However, the location of your accommodation, transportation cost, and other expenses can vary from person to person.

Requirements to Study in Australia

Usually, requirements vary depending on the university and course you choose. Abroad education consultants in Delhi can help understand these specific requirements. However, there are some requirements that are common in all Australian educational institutions, and here we have provided application process to study in Australia. So, read on to know more.

  • Scorecard of English language proficiency test (IELTS or TOEFL).
  • Scorecard of aptitude test (ACT or CAT for UG students and GRE and GMAT for PG students).
  • A High school diploma for UG students.
  • College essay for UG students and Statement of Purpose for PG students.
  • Resume
  • Academic transcripts
  • Portfolio for Fine Arts and Designing and Architecture.

Scholarships Available for Indian Students Aspiring to Study in Australia

Almost every university in Australia provides merit-based and other scholarship opportunities. But, aside from these scholarships, there are many governmental and non-governmental financial aids that aim to help international students. Some of them are-

  • Provider Scholarship
  • Destination Australia
  • Australian Government Research and Training Program
  • Australia Awards
  • John Alwright Scholarship
  • Australia APEC Women in Research Scholarship

Australia Study Visa Process for Indian Students

Students willing to enter Australia for their higher studies must obtain a valid student visa. To pursue higher studies in Australia, you must apply for an Austrian student visa. However, the application process for a australia student visa guidance is quite simple. And her e are the steps you need to follow for your student visa application-

  • Visit the official website Department of Home Affairs Australia and fill in a few details, and then you will get the list of required documents. Gather all documents and keep the copies ready.
  • Now visit the website and create ImmiAccount by providing the required details and saving your account ID and password. Login and fill up the application form. Then upload asked details (scanned copy of the signature, passport size photo, mark sheet etc.)
  • Review your application and ensure there is no mistake. Submit the application form and pay the visa fee (600 AUD average).
  • You may also be asked to submit additional details like biometrics, health examination report, no criminal activity certificate etc.
  • Once you finish your application, use your ImmiAccount to track its progress.

However, the entire process can take several weeks to complete, so applying at least 6 months before your travel date would be wise. You can also seek professional help from study abroad consultants in Delhi to guide you through your visa application. Also, when you take professional assistance, they help you prepare for the visa interview, arrange documents and fill out the application form to ensure your visa application does not get rejected. Pursuing higher studies in Australia can bring you many benefits. Also, deciding to study in a foreign country may seem very simple, but it is not. You need to consider various factors before you make the final decision. And only professional consultation can offer the required assistance and support. So, if you want to learn more details about study in Australia, you can contact Numen EduServices, one of the leading study abroad consultants in Delhi. Here you can get complete guidance for your study abroad preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much it cost to study in australia from India?

The cost of studying in Australia primarily depends on the course and university you choose. However, the average cost of studying in Australia from India will be around 14,000 USD to 26,000 USD.

What are the requirements to study in Australia?

The basic requirements to study in Australia include a valid student visa, an official offer letter from the University, SoP, proof of sufficient funds, an English Language proficiency test, an Aptitude test score etc. To know about the requirements in detail you can visit any overseas education consultants in Delhi.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in Australia. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the Australia

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