Scholorship for students who wish study in australia

Scholarships for International Students who wish to Study in Australia

With the modern world growing, the students are aspiring to go out of their comfort zone for studying abroad and broaden their mind and thoughts. Australia, with top notch education facilities and endless opportunities is a land with welcoming culture for every international student. And the most exciting part about studying in this wonderful country is the Australia scholarships available for the international students that can greatly reduce the financial burden and allow students to think broadly about what they want to study. Let us help you through some of the Australia scholarships available for the international students for studying abroad.

List of Scholarships

    1. Australia Awards Scholarships

    Offered by the Australian government, these awards fully defray tuition costs as well as living costs and other expenses. They are accessible for research, graduate, and undergraduate programs for their study in Australia.

    2. University specific Scholarship

    These are the scholarships offered by some of the universities based in Australia. Some of them are

    • University of Melbourne India Scholarships
    • The University of Melbourne offers scholarships that are only available to students from India. One such scholarship is the Melbourne India Postgraduate scholarship, which helps deserving Indian students pursue postgraduate studies at the university. The scholarship includes a living allowance in addition to paying all the tuition.

    • University of Queensland India Scholarship
    • The University of Queensland offers scholarships for students from India, such as the UQ High Achievers Scholarship, which waives tuition for Indian students in accordance with their academic achievement. Both undergraduate and graduate studies are eligible for the scholarship.

    • Griffith Remarkable Scholarship
    • This scholarship is for outstanding Indian students who are willing to pursue under graduation or post-graduation in Australia. The scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees for the duration of program.

    3. Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF)

    The Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (AISRF) encourages Australian and Indian researchers to work together on research initiatives. It offers financial aid to Indian students pursuing PhDs in areas of study that are compatible with the goals of the fund.

    4. Scholarships from the Indian Government
    The Indian government also provides financial aid to Indian students who wish to abroad study in Australia. Numerous scholarship programs are offered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and other governmental entities. The Prime Minister's Scholarship Scheme for R&D (PMSS), which aids Indian students undertaking PhD research overseas, is one such scholarship.

    5. Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

    International students, including Indians, are supported by the Australian government's Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships to pursue study, research, or professional development in Australia. They pay for the monthly stipend, travel expenses, and educational fees.

General Criteria for Achieving Scholarships

The general criteria for getting Australia Scholarships are

  • Academic excellence is crucial, with high grades being a priority.
  • English language proficiency is required, demonstrated through tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • The chosen course of study should align with the scholarship's eligibility criteria.
  • Securing an offer of admission from a recognized Australian institution is necessary.
  • Some scholarships prioritize students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Leadership and extracurricular activities can strengthen scholarship applications.
  • Research experience and publications are advantageous for postgraduate scholarships.
  • Be aware of the scholarship application deadlines and submit applications on time.
  • Additional requirements such as essays, letters of recommendation, or interviews may be necessary.
  • Explore country-specific scholarships for Indian students.
  • Regularly check official websites for updated information and seek guidance from education consultants or international student offices.


Scholarship is the very essentials factor for students considering to study abroad as it reduces the financial burden. Australia is home to many scholarships, be it university-specific or government granted. But it is really important to research well and go through the eligibility criteria for each scholarship as they can vary from course to course or university to university as well. Filling up the application forms for scholarships early can make you sit at the front row. Make sure all the documents needed are prepared and checked thoroughly in order to increase the chances of getting the scholarships for the best university in Australia. Students can also seek help of Numen EduServices which will benefit them excessively than other students in terms of being selected for scholarship as the counsellors over there have experience and expertise to help students properly. So, hurry up and get ready to make your reality even more enticing by studying abroad!

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