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In early 1959, the York University Act led to the establishment of a non-denominational institution called York University, Lets explore about Study at York University Toronto. Ranked third among Canada’s largest universities, it became an independent entity in 1965 while being affiliated with the University of Toronto in its early years. When York University came into existence, the York Council decided that there would be a residential college called Glendon College. The university previously focused on liberal arts and science education, but in the late 1960s paved the way for three more faculties, including education, engineering, and medicine.

Today, York University is home to approximately 55,700 students and 7,000 faculty and staff worldwide. The Keele campus in Toronto is the main campus of York University. The two university campuses cover an area of ​​500 hectares. Another campus name is Glendon Campus. It even serves as a satellite site for Seneca College. Markham Center and Glendon are two other university campuses. International and national recognition have been earned by several York University programs. The university’s interdisciplinary programs and innovative educational offerings are a great platform for students aspiring to a meaningful career.

Statistics | Study at York University, Toronto

Around 120 university programs for students and 17 study programs offer various learning opportunities for students. As one of the few universities, it offers the opportunity to defer its offer for one year in the event of financial difficulties or professional challenges. More than 300,000 alumni of this university are spread all over the world. Stephen Glenwood McLean is a famous Canadian astronaut who graduated from York University. York graduates have achieved fame in several fields.

Programs | Study at York University, Toronto

York University offers programs through its 11 faculties. There are 78 undergraduate programs, 92 graduate programs, and 41 doctoral programs. Accounting and finance are the most common subjects enrolled in universities. In the QS WUR 2022 ranking list, it ranks 95th.

Admission Criteria | Study at York University, Toronto

Indian students seeking admission to York University are required to have a bachelor’s degree with an average of at least 5.0 on a scale of 10.0 (65% – 69%), an IELTS score of 6.5, and 3 to 5 years of professional experience depending on the course. Fee: The cost of attending York University for international students ranges from 17.55 lakh to 22.4 lakh and covers the program, tuition, and additional fees.

Campus: York University has 3 campuses. It is the only university campus in all of Canada that requires its students to take courses in both English and French. More than 4,000 students are housed in the university’s ten residence halls. The median price for accommodation at York University is CAD 7,512/8 months i.e. 4.53 lakhs.

Most York University graduates find employment within four months of graduation. The MBA is York University’s highest-paying degree in Canada, with graduates earning an average of CAD$137,000. 82.85 lakhs per year.

Financial Assistance: York University provides several scholarships and awards to global students. International students are considered eligible if they demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, leadership qualities, and athletic achievement. These prizes are worth between CAD$5,000 and CAD$35,000 (2.93-20.56 lakhs) annually.

York University is a well-known global education and study university in Canada. Located in the heart of the Toronto and Hamilton areas, the university has dynamic campuses that prepare students for successful long-term careers and personal growth. Ranked #1 in SciVal Global Collaborative Research Publications, 2017, the university offers a wide range of degrees and programs. With approximately 55,000 students enrolled in more than 200 innovative and flexible programs, the university attracts the brightest students from around the world. For international students, the university offers a unique environment for interdisciplinary programming, experiential learning, and innovative study design. The University displays multiplicity at its finest by carrying education to life over universal engagement. With more than 8,500 international students from 178 countries, the university believes in international academic collaboration. The university also has two global campuses in Costa Rica and India, ensuring partnerships within the global community. York University is the ideal university for those seeking a high-quality, research-intensive environment.

What courses are available for international students ? | Study at York University, Toronto

York University offers more than 200 undergraduate and graduate programs in arts, business, engineering, education, environment, health sciences, languages, culture, and international studies. The university offers a variety of accreditations, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, as well as undergraduate and college certificates.

Research | Study at York University, Toronto

As a research-intensive university, York University is committed to advancing knowledge and bringing about positive change in society. The university’s research performance is rated “very high” by the QS World Canada University Ranking 2020. It is estimated that York researchers won approximately $100 million in grants and awards in 2018-2019. The strength of York’s research can be guaranteed by the fact that the university has 43 York research chairs, a number which has increased tenfold since 2015.

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