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Trinity College Dublin, founded in 1592, is not only the oldest university in Ireland but also the highest-ranked university. Trinity produces a large number of Nobel Prize winners and offers an outstanding education where students can work with some of the most influential experts in their fields. Dublin University’s only college, Trinity, promotes entrepreneurship and innovation with a strong network of many multinational industrial partners.

Location | Study at Trinity College Dublin Ireland

As the capital of Ireland, it is a lively, friendly, and fun place. It is a welcoming and friendly place with a variety of entertainment activities to keep students entertained and awake. Festivals of music, theater, drama, literature, and film are just a few of the many activities students can enjoy in Europe’s youngest and most culturally diverse city. Dublin is the official city of UNESCO literature but offers much more with public parks, parks, Georgian architecture, art galleries, and museums. The university’s location makes things easy for students. All-important places are within walking distance of the university. After a day of study, students can easily jump into the city for an impromptu pub session with music and dancing to relax and recharge. There is a shopping mall, open market, and restaurants nearby. The iconic Irish coast, the City of London, and more than 120 European destinations are well connected to the university by bus and train.

Student life | Study at Trinity College Dublin Ireland

Over our study and education, we engross students and society in the chase of information, endeavor to shine in everything we do and react with originality and mind’s eye to the trials and chances of a shared future. Mission statement True to its mission, the university provides a guided and comprehensive experience to help students thrive. The University supports international students to be confident and competent in their subjects and offers many opportunities to enrich their education. This includes the option to study abroad and an incubation program where students can explore the world and gain unique experiences.

Accommodation and other Services | Study at Trinity College Dublin Ireland

Guaranteed accommodation is provided to all international students through on-campus and off-campus accommodation services. All accommodations offered are self-contained apartments with facilities such as central heating, washing machine, microwave, internet, and laundry facilities. This apartment also functions as a place for international students to socialize because many events are organized for their benefit. The property is only 4 km from the city center and a short bicycle ride from the university campus. They accommodate more than 1000 students. Each student is assigned a “Personal Teacher”, a lecturer who personally guides students in all aspects of training to mastery. TCD is the only college in Ireland that offers this service. Helping students get the most out of the courses they take. Other services include orientation programs, career counseling, health services, student counseling, university chaplaincy, and services for persons with disabilities.

Activities | Study at Trinity College Dublin Ireland

Trinity College Dublin has more than 120 societies and 48 sports clubs that students can participate in. During the first semester, students get to know and try different societies before engaging with them. In addition, various study specific social events are organized throughout the year. The list of societies is diverse with public themes ranging from Afro-Caribbean societies to zoological and climbing societies to rugby.

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