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Want to study abroad as an Indian? Confused about where to start and what options are the best for you? Which career is the right career path for you? What is the right career that shall be profitable for you in the long run? Out of so many countries, which country shall you choose that should be the right option for you? Which is the right course for you even? Such an elaborate array of questions to answer before you actually end up taking a course and studying abroad? Worry not, we have our study abroad consultants in Mumbai and their genius consultancy services at an affordable price which is exactly what you need to navigate through this tough situation. So why worry when you can learn, grow, thrive, and succeed from the best study abroad counsellors in Mumbai?

Speaking of study abroad, here is another really confusing yet highly important factor to keep in mind when you decide on taking that step towards your career and you probably have guessed it right it is none other than the Student Visa. Come, let us learn all about it.

Here is everything that you need to know about Student Visa:

What is a Student Visa for Studying Abroad ?

Let’s consider that you are a beginner and explain the concept of a Student Visa in a student-friendly way. To put it in simple words, a Student Visa is a mandatory document/certificate that enables you to put your foot in a different country. As it is a student visa, you as a student especially will be allowed to enter and study in this particular country of your choice for as long as it demands and for this entire thing to happen, you need to get approval from the embassy of that particular country in which you will apply for your visa. For more details and an in-depth explanation of what a Student Visa exactly is, the study abroad consultants in Mumbai are always here to help.

What do our Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai say about a Successful Application for a Student Visa for Studying Abroad from India?

Getting approved for a student visa is like a sigh of relief for all the students who are dreaming to study abroad from India. Therefore, our study abroad counsellors in Mumbai came up with a full-proof application process for a student visa from the students that is sure to be a big success. Let us disclose the tips for a successful application for a student visa.

  • Keep ready a few documents with you before you apply. The mandatory documents that will be needed for your student visa application process are your passport photograph, your signature, bank statements, and other relevant proofs, your valid passport, transcripts from previous schools/colleges, official exam results, test scores, English proficiency proof through an IELTS or TOEFL exam, strong financial support, etc.
  • Everyone will tell you the direct requirements for a student visa but the nitty gritty information is what matters that only experts like foreign study consultancy in Mumbai can provide us. You as a student who is inexperienced might think that all the previous documents that you already have will be all the data that you will need for a student visa, but you are wrong in thinking so.
    Remember, whatever university you’re applying to will tell you what Visa to apply for and will also share with you a few documents in that case, along with the proof of validity of the particular program and also that you have been admitted from that university to their program. So remember everyone, the application process for a student visa happens after you have heard from the university to which you are applying.
  • Hearing of the fact that you can only apply for a student visa after you have been granted admission to one of that country’s universities/colleges, you might relax thinking that you have way too much time to prolong this situation. Do not be fooled.
    Start applying the moment you have been granted admission and you have decided of pursuing a course from this university. Allow adequate time for complications to come so that you solve them relaxed. Our study abroad consultants in Mumbai absolutely recommend you apply for a visa much before you land in that particular country of study to pursue your course.
  • Have everything else in place before you apply for your visa consider this almost the final step, if not literally. Be aware of your living cost, scholarships that you will apply for, the place in which you will stay, and all other details just have a fairly good idea about all of that, apart from the obvious details of your college and your course. These are the points that will make a huge difference in your student visa journey as our study abroad counsellors in Mumbai have seen over the years and concluded so.

What student visa should I apply for? (yes, there are types of it)

Based on Program Duration

As the name suggests, this is the kind of student visa required for a student who is provided a visa based on the time period of the program that he/she has decided to pursue. Accordingly, there are two types of student visas based on program duration the short-term student visa, and the long-term student visa.
Short-term student visas apply to those who plan on taking a quick course like a diploma certificate course and alike and they are generally under 3 months of program duration.
And for any course which exceeds 3 months or 90 days of tenure, a student visa is categorised under a long-term student visa. Sometimes, this classification is not present in European Union Countries.

Based on the Program/Course or the Student

Some countries literally take the term ‘student visa’ seriously. It is because they allow a visa not based on any other parameter but on the student and his/her course itself. Many factors like the degree applied for or more so, the weight of the degree (whether it is undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate), and to some extent, even the tenure is indirectly linked to this system of Student visas only because these kinds of student visas largely depend on the student’s course as mentioned. But the main requirement, in this case, will be the student and his/her degree.

What are the Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for a Visa According to our Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai?

Researching will always be your best friend this point needs no further explanation. Whenever you are going to study in a completely unknown place, you have to make up your mind to be a master researcher. Yes, our foreign study consultancy in Mumbai is catered to making your life easier abroad, but you as an individual need to have the basic facts right before you go to study in a different place.

Ask from The Best
When it comes to a student visa, first, there is general information that every counsellor can answer, and then there is insider information that only expert counsellors can answer. This is what differs our study abroad consultants in Mumbai from other counsellors, so remember, when you are deciding on taking such a crucial step in life, always learn from the best.

Think Head and Think Later
What I really mean by this is that, to arrive at this point of opting for a final student visa to study abroad, first, think much ahead before considering to take a plunge into this unknown world and research well, and second, after you have arrived or even better, the moment you have decided that you should be arriving in this particular country for which you have applied for a student visa, think of the next steps.

Where should you be living, how much are you paying each month to stay, who should you be living with, how are you going to pay your monthly expenses. Think of everything that will happen or might happen to you the moment you arrive at your destination. Keep emergency cell numbers handy to save you from unprecedented mishappenings.
There you have it, all the important information about a student visa from the best study abroad consultants in Mumbai. We wish you a happy and smooth journey. All the best for your future endeavours!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Questions Should I ask a Consultant to Study Abroad ?

First of all, a good consultant will know that you are an amateur and will still guide you well, even help you understand what questions you are going to ask them being a complete beginner. This is what our study abroad consultants in Mumbai does.
Apart from that, to give you a fair picture of the questions you should be asking a consultant to study abroad, be very clear about your visions what course you want to study, if you want to go beyond an undegraduaute degree or a post-graduate degree, if you want a mediocre college or do you want to study from the best institute and accordingly work towards achieving that, be honest about your marks and results in school and see where you stand. Also disclose about your budget and verify about scholarships if you need so. A very important thing here is to be as honest as possible so that the consultant guides you accordingly and guides you in the right direction.

Which is The Best Consultancy to Get Advice to Study Abroad ?

A good consultancy helps you with adequate advice and correct information. The best consultancy undoubtedly helps you get there and achieve it. This is why you should choose the best. Our study abroad consultants in Mumbai fall under the later category. Not only do we provide the most relevant, updated and correct piece of information to our students, but we stay behind their backs at every step of their application process, shielding them from troubles and further confusions and mishappenings till they make it happen in real life.
Even for the student visa process, we have the best advice to offer at every single point of a student’s visa journey so that they face no problem and are immediately served with a solution. Our motto is to make our students get what they deserve, and therefore only for your benefit, we have a free counselling session offered to all our students which is totally free of cost. We believe every one has their right to education and these are all the reasons why we claim to be the best of the best.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai,. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in Canada. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the Abroad

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