Things You Should Know About Before Contacting a Study Abroad Consultant in Mumbai

Studying in a foreign country is a dream journey for any Indian student. And if you want to pursue your higher studies abroad, you must have heard about study consultancies. Today most students who visit a foreign country for their higher studies prefer to consult with a study abroad consultant. However, you can also apply for a course in a foreign university on your own. But if you think logically, you will understand that managing all the preparation and arrangements, like finding a suitable course, university, accommodation or applying for a visa and making travel arrangements, can be overwhelming. And only professionals can help you make the journey smooth. So, keep reading if you are currently planning your study abroad. Here we will discuss things you must know before you visit any counsellor for abroad studies in Mumbai.

Common Services Provided by a Study Abroad Consultant in Mumbai ?

Currently, most young students in Mumbai prefer to hire overseas education consultants in Mumbai. And, if you plan to take up a course in a foreign country, you must be wondering about consultancy services too. Below, we will share a brief list of common services an abroad study consultancy can offer

Assessing The Profile

An abroad study consultancy's first and foremost job is to assess your academic profile. When you visit an abroad study consultancy, they assess your overall profile, especially your academic background, and create a list of study programs and universities from different countries that match your profile. The primary goal of profile assessment is to give you realistic feedback and help you understand whether you match the standard of your desired course.

Study Cost Evaluation

Another important job of study abroad consultants in Mumbai is to provide an average estimation of your study abroad cost. When you plan to study in a foreign land, you face higher expenses than usual. And if you know the average cost of studying abroad, it would be easy for you to arrange the fund.

Country, Course and University Selection
A study abroad consultant in Mumbai gives you a list of countries, universities and courses that suit your profile and guides you through selecting the best possible course and university for your study abroad. The expert counsellors help you pick the best universities according to the global ranking, offering the course or field of your interest. They also help you pick a university and course with achievable requirements to increase the chances of getting admitted under a specific course/university.

Admission Process Assistance

Applying for a foreign university admission can be stressful. You may not understand the requirements of the university or the admission process. Most countries and universities have unique procedures and requirements. And only professionals can help you understand and complete the process without any problem.

Documents Arrangement

The abroad study consultancies will give you a list of required documents; you need to submit for your application. Then your consultancy will process your documents for admission process and other requirements. It is also a significant job of a study abroad consultancy.


Drafting a good SoP is essential for getting admission in a foreign university. And when you hire a counsellor for abroad studies in Mumbai, they assist you in drafting a quality statement of purpose for your admission.

Visa Processing Assistance

Visa processing assistance is also a common yet crucial part of your study abroad. And all study abroad consultants in Mumbai offer assistance with visa application and processing. The experts ensure that you fill the form correctly with all essential details and help to prevent visa cancellation.

Education Loan

Many overseas study consultancy provide education loan assistance as a part of their service. They offer details of possible education loans and scholarships for additional financial support if needed.


A study abroad consultant in Mumbai can offer more than the services mentioned above. They can help you get a part-time job, find a suitable accommodation and your community students in the new land.

What Benefits of Choosing a Study Abroad Consultant ?

Most students aspiring to study abroad choose study consultants because the whole process can be troublesome without them. Here are some of the benefits of choosing overseas education consultants in Mumbai.

  • Expert Assistance
    Overseas education consultancies have years of experience dealing with course application, visa application, SoP writing and other important aspects of studying abroad. They also have a pool of data about courses offered by different universities, student intake, tuition fees and scholarships that help you choose the most suitable university abroad for yourself.
  • Expert Career Advice
    Every student usually knows in which field they want to pursue their higher studies. Still, it is difficult for them to know which college or university offers the best courses abroad. The best consultancy in Mumbai for abroad studies will help you choose the best course program. They will also assist you in understanding the career scope abroad after your course completion.
  • 24/7 Assistance
    They quickly respond to any of your queries related to abroad study, guide you through the application process and stay connected with you when you are abroad. You can ask for their help if you face any emergency while pursuing a course abroad, and they will promptly respond.
  • Assistance in Visa Application
    A visa application is crucial to your study abroad. And if you do not correctly fill out your visa application form or submit all the necessary details, your application can get rejected. But when you apply for a student visa through student visa consultancy services in Mumbai, you can be ensured that your visa application process will be hazard free.

How to Choose The Best Study Abroad Consultant in Mumbai

With the increased demand for abroad studies among students, the number of overseas education consultants in Mumbai has increased rapidly in recent years. But when it comes to your study abroad and future, you must choose the best abroad study consultant for quality service and assistance. And here are a few ways to determine whether you are choosing the right student visa consultancy services in Mumbai.

Expertise and Experience in Abroad Study Consultancy

The best study abroad consultant will have exceptional skills in handling various procedures for abroad study preparation and can assist you throughout the process. Also, they must have years of experience working in this field.


Transparency is the key feature of any reliable service, including abroad study consultancy services. They can only provide quality service if a consultancy is transparent with their services and policies. Always hire a study abroad consultant who is clear about their terms and policies. You can ask for a clear agreement before hiring them.

Success Rate

Learning about the success rate of any consultancy or abroad study consultation services is essential. It will help you understand their popularity in the abroad study consultancy market and how beneficial and satisfactory their consultation services are. If a consultancy does not have a reasonable success rate or cannot ensure you get an excellent admission overseas, they are not worth your money and time.

Client Testimonials

Another great way to ensure you hire the best consultancy in Mumbai for abroad studies is to check their previous client's testimonials. When you go through the client testimonials, you can get a genuine opinion about the consultancy's services, behaviour and ability and choose wisely. However, some consultancies may trick with some old testimonials and contact details. So, always ask for the latest testimonials and contact details within six months.

Visa Consultancy and Course Selection

A good abroad study consultancy will provide all essential services, including visa process assistance and course selection. These are the two significant parts of your abroad study preparation without enrolling on a foreign university and obtaining a valid student visa, you cannot achieve your abroad study dream. Thus, most top-rated abroad study consultancies offer proper guidance for selecting a suitable course and university to apply for.

They will also assist you throughout the visa application process and ensure you must fill out the application form and provide all essential documents for your student visa. In addition, the counsellors will train you for visa interviews and reduce the chances of visa rejection.

For many students, studying abroad is a prestigious opportunity. But it is impossible for students to know all the necessary details related to it. Study abroad consultants in Mumbai can help students throughout their course and visa application process. That is why applying for abroad study courses through Numen EduServices, the best study abroad consultant in Mumbai, is essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Best Study Abroad Consultants in India ?

Today there are thousands of abroad study consultancies working in India, and finding a particular name as the best consultancy can be challenging. However, when you choose a consultancy after going through its market ranking, client testimonials and success rate, you can be assured of the service quality. And Numen EduServices is one of India's best study abroad consultants with expert consultants and thousands of successful client history.

Which Consultancy is Best for a UK Student Visa ?

When you want to find the best study consultancy abroad for your UK student visa, you must choose a consultancy with many UK student clients and a reasonable success rate. And Numen EduServices is the best consultancy for your UK student visa.

You can ask help from Numen Eduservices as a study abroad consultants in Mumbai. We are one of the emerging Overseas Education consultants that help Indian students in every possible way to travel overseas for study without hassles. However, if you are in Delhi, you can contact our study abroad consultants in Delhi to apply for study visa in Canada. We will guide you to prepare for the examination and interview session so that you get selected for your dream University in the Abroad

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