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At Numen EduServices, we provide comprehensive assistance for abroad studies. Our expert Career consultant for abroad study share their valuable information for those who want to study abroad after Class 12. Find out all the basic yet important information like - how to apply, when to apply, where to apply, selection process, best colleges/universities, exams that you require to appear for, programs/courses available post 12th, and other vital details. Are you eager on pursuing further education from a college outside/foreign University? But the doubts about the process, colleges, courses, applications, and exams holding you back to choose the study abroad option? Here, our expert will clear all the doubts that are related to the study abroad option. With their rich expertise as educational consultants, our professionals will enhance your understanding of the entrance exams you require to appear to qualify for a foreign university in the UK, The USA, or Ireland. Several scholarships possibilities are available to the students along with the courses for which one can apply. We will also help you in finding which country has more scope of education as far as talking about investment is concerned. Let's find out all the answers to related queries here.

Why to Study Abroad?

When a student plan to take up the study abroad option instantly after passing class 12th, it usually means that they should be targeting premium industries around the globe. And when you choose in your career to become a Global citizen so whichever University (around the world), be it is in the UK, The USA, Canada or Ireland, your aim must be to study with the best brains in the world. After all, you are going to invest in both, precious time and the hefty amount of money to seek education from a foreign university, therefore, grab that opportunity and go. But it is necessary to be informed of the process of selection in a foreign university and the coat of education you are going to incur there. With education consultancy like Numen EduServices, you will remain informed about all the processes. Students got worried about their studies after passing their twelfth class. They want to go outside the country to study professional courses like engineering, medical, business, law, and many more. This is the reason that they want to attain good percentages in their final class of the school. Many students also get scholarships so that they may go to other countries for studies. However, they do not have any sort of information about fulfilling the formalities, which are important and also certain things while they are planning to go abroad. This is the reason and area where education consultants are required. We as leading education consultants provide our services in all parts of the country and students are also seeking help from us in a positive manner. Consultant for abroad study is also available several parts of the country because of which people residing in the several parts of the country can meet them and solve their problems easily. Through us, a student can go abroad after fulfilling the formalities, which are legal and valid. We as an educational consultancy service provider also help students in providing general information like which college is best for which course and which are the convenient places where study and living are possible. Mainly students select those places where placement is easily possible. There are various places in the world, which are students friendly, and also have top and reputed colleges where students are thinking to pursue their careers in the future. For all these things, study abroad consultants are important and they provide all the small and important information to the students so that they can have a better idea with their parents that which college, which they have to select, and what are the better opportunities in other colleges. Those students, who are belonging to minor sections or to those families which cannot afford the fee of the reputed colleges, can get loan facilities through the help of these services provided by a consultancy for abroad studies. There are various colleges which are having their own counselling centres located in India where a student can go and solve his queries relating to getting admission to that college. Many overseas education consultants are having their tie-ups with the colleges which are located in different countries so that they can provide information of those colleges which are having good educational facilities. Many students are also do not having good information about the rules and regulations of other countries or they cannot able to speak in foreign languages easily. Numen EduServices also helps these people to get the mediator so that they can speak in the mother tongue of another country. It is important for these students to protect themselves against all types of unsecured things and also to get understand the living standard of that country. This is the reason that people are clearing their doubts and getting all the points clearly so that they can pursue their studies in other countries easily and also may protect them from all the uncertain things.

All about Study Abroad option post 12th

After passing 12th class, if you want to go to study abroad, make sure that you're informed of all the basic yet important information like -

  • Start applying in Oct-Nov, a year prior to your admission.
  • You require to give SAT entrance exam immediately after clearing class 10th.
  • You can appear for IELTS or TOEFL test.
  • You should keep your academic and personal profile strong.
  • Get expert guidance from overseas education consultants for your admission.
  • Your application should be completed in order to take admission in a foreign University.

Available Courses in Foreign Universities

Choosing a particular course is a tricky decision. Despite, be it Medical, Engineering, History, Archaeology, Psychology, Linguistics, Journalism, or even Design, you will rarely find unavailability of such courses abroad. There are subjects like Liberal Arts, Astrology, or any other creative thing in which you need the help of the education overseas consultancy for admission. Some less popular yet high-in-demand specialties are Artificial Intelligence.

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