Student Accommodation in Ireland

Irish Universities UCD and UCC recently announced a major investment in their short-term development program for Student Accommodation in Ireland.

UCC has just announced a €240 million development program with a €100 million grant from the EIB (European Investment Bank) to fund development. This includes student residences, a dental school, a science and innovation park on the West Campus, student centers, and research facilities for a wide range of disciplines. Architects and engineers are required to carry out these projects.

Accommodation in Ireland

Options for Long term stay | Student accommodation in Ireland

First of all, student accommodation in Ireland is provided by all universities and colleges in Ireland for all students, both local and international. The hostels on university campuses are designed to varying standards but are ultimately well organized and maintained. The student dormitories offer all services such as heating, internet, and housekeeping. Apart from the upgrades of private residences run by outside organizations in partnership with the University, these residences are very modern and offer first-class accommodation services in Ireland but cost much more than regular residences. Apartment rental prices may vary depending on the location, the utility that advertises, whether it is close to the city center or not. There are various options when it comes to student accommodation in Ireland but students are advised to start making choices and make decisions as early as possible and carefully consider all available options. We look forward to helping you with all your accommodation needs and freeing you from the hassle of searching for a home before you even arrive in Ireland.

Forms of Housing for Students in Ireland Student Accommodation in Ireland

Homestay: Staying in a room in a house owned by an Irish local or an Irish family. Breakfast and/or dinner are usually included. This option is not only inexpensive, but also a great way to learn about the language, culture, and people.

Single Room/Studio Apartment: Stay in the comfort and privacy of a one-bedroom apartment with your kitchen and bathroom. This option is more expensive than the others. They are usually offered with many modern amenities and utilities, most of which are included in the rental

Shared Apartments: You live with other students in a two or three bedroom apartment. This choice is very common among students in Ireland, not only for its accessibility but also for the opportunity to communicate with other students. As part of this agreement, bills and rent are distributed among residents for the Student Accommodation in Ireland.

Rent in a shared flat usually cost between 300 and 500 euros per month. A room with a foster family can cost between 400 and 550 euros per month. A private one bedroom apartment costs around €300 to €600 per month. Student accommodation such as dormitories or campus residences is not an option for every student in Ireland but usually costs around €150-200 per month.

What are the pros and cons of living off-campus ? | Student Accommodation in Ireland

Living off-campus has several advantages, such as the average cost being lower than on-campus due to the wide variety of accommodation options and types offered. Plus, you have fewer restrictions on visitor rules, curfews, noise, and decorations. Living off-campus can teach you important life lessons such as independence, initiative, and financial management. This allows you to integrate into the wider community and the city you live in.

There are several drawbacks to setting up a home off-campus, the most important of which is the number of variables included in the housing arrangement and associated payments. That means dealing with your multiple service providers, municipalities, and landlords. If you are off-campus, you should familiarize yourself with the transportation system and consider travel times to campus. This could mean missing certain events on campus or having to get up early to attend college. This is also an additional cost. A final aspect that can distract from life off-campus is the quality of accommodation and varying prices, which are not always easy to judge from abroad.

What are the Best Tips for Finding an Apartment ?

  • Start as early as possible and use all available resources for this. Be sure to check with your prospective local university and institution.
  • Set a realistic budget and estimate how much you have. You may want to look for scholarships or funding options that cover housing and living expenses.
  • Make sure that if you hire a private agency that you use, they are licensed and reliable. Make sure all your documents are tidy.
  • Do not make any payments or transfers until you receive the correct confirmation and documents.
  • Decide what suits you best in terms of the way you want to live and what experience you want, and base your accommodation decision on that.
  • Make sure you have a solid offer of education and that you are accepted by the employer of your choice before applying or confirming accommodation.

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