MBA in Finance in Canada

An MBA in Finance in Canada can take 12 to 24 months. So far, students have studied subjects such as financial analysis, corporate finance, corporate taxation, and similar subjects. Several business schools in Canada offer an MBA in Finance.
It costs around $20,000 to $40,000 a year as tuition for an MBA in Finance in Canada. It will range from 11 lakh to 22 lakh INR for Indian students if it is a university or business high school. On the other hand, if it’s one of Canada’s top universities like the Rotman School of Management, the tuition alone is around $100,000 to $110,000.

The best MBA in Canada earn around $80,000 to $180,000. Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is one of the highest paying positions with an average salary of CAD 148,000. In addition, popular MBA working in Canada for graduates with a finance specialization are financial controller, senior business analyst, project manager, financial manager, financial manager and other similar positions. One of the biggest advantages of getting a job after an MBA in Finance is that the door is open to immigration to Canada.

Best Universities for MBA in Finance in Canada

Among the 4 business schools offering an MBA in Finance in Canada, Rotman, Smith, and UAlberta are among the top 150 business schools in the world according to the QS MBA rankings for 2020. They all accept general MBA program students. Later, students will choose finance as their specialization, especially in their second year of study.

International applicants wishing to attend B-Schools that offer an MBA in Finance in Canada should keep a few things in mind:

  • There are only a few schools that offer specialization
  • The competitive admission policy of these schools is to have outstanding academic achievement and you must submit additional documents like LOR, SOP, resume etc
  • Applications are often requested for the fall semester.
  • Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, most courses will take place online or in a hybrid format.

MBA in Finance the RSM, University of Toronto

Rotman School of Management is ranked first among the best business schools in Canada and offers an MBA in the QS News Rankings for 2021. It provides a two-year MBA in Canada with financial reporting and analysis as one of the subjects. The majority of students enrolled at the Rotman School of Management are from North America and Asia, along with a wide range of students from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

MBA in Finance from the Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

The Smith School of Business offers finance as one of their regular MBA program specializations. Students who choose to specialize will receive a certificate in the specialization of their choice along with an MBA in Canada.

MBA in Finance from University of Alberta

The University of Alberta offers a 2-year full-time MBA in Finance due to the specialization offered by the University of Alberta. In the second year of study, students can choose a major. The first-year curriculum includes courses in general management.

MBA in Finance from Laval University

Laval University offers an MBA in Finance, which consists of 4 semesters. It ranks 416 in the 2020 QS MBA rankings. Laval University thrives on innovation and creativity. The MBA in Finance trains students in corporate finance, financial analysis, portfolio management, market finance and risk management.
Note: Students from non-French speaking areas must take one of the French language tests as the Laval University MBA curriculum is available in this language

Postgraduate jobs in finance in Canada

Canada is an established nation with a persistent economy. Hence, it is one of the most popular destinations for investors and there are large corporate offices. According to the QS report, 90% of students are placed in top university in canada each year with a median salary of $90,000 and an average of $80,000.

According to, 67,700 people were financial managers in Canada in 2018. In the period 2019-2028, 30,600 new jobs will be created for them due to the expansion of the industry. But 33,300 new job seekers for this role will also come to the market. Therefore, the job landscape for financial managers in Canada will be quite competitive.

Graduates from the Canadian MBA in Finance are offered jobs such as financial analyst, financial manager, senior financial analyst, financial controller, and many more. British Columbia and Ontario are two cities with better job prospects for financial managers than others.

An MBA in Finance in Canada offers students great opportunities and world-class salaries. The country has received recognition in higher education from prestigious universities and business schools that have provided quality education to their students over the years. The Master of Finance after the MBA in Finance in Canada is another degree that can be pursued by students with an interest in finance.

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