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Know more Top Universities in Canada for Masters

What Makes MASTERS a Popular Choice in Canada Now

The number of students applying to university in canada has increased tremendously, mainly because the application process is much more convenient and responsive for students, and the cost of living is much lesser than in the US. Canada is renowned for STEM courses in mechanical, civil, electrical, and computer engineering, as well as programs in pharmaceutical research, psychology, forestry, public health, human resources, and management research.

Top Universities in Canada for Masters

Let's take a look at the best universities with international rankings and everything you need to know at a glance to pursue masters at a Canadian university.

1. McGill University (Top Universities in Canada for Masters- World Ranking - 30)

McGill is one of the most popular MASTERS universities in Canada among international students. Students from more than 150 different countries help create a diverse student body at each research-intensive university. The university has many students receiving Rhodes scholarships and has produced award-winning research that is known worldwide, with Ernest Rutherford receiving the Nobel Prize for his research on the nature of radioactivity.

2. University of Toronto (Top Universities in Canada for Masters- World Ranking - 32)

Another university with the highest ranking for MASTERS in Canada, the University of Toronto, has over 18% of international students. Divided into 3 campuses, it offers accommodation for all its students both on and off-campus, with each campus having a different approach to work and life. It continues to assert its position and is one of the top 50 universities accredited by multiple platforms in the US and worldwide. In addition, Toronto is a very pluralistic city with people from all over the world, which enriches living and studying here.

3. University of British Columbia (Top Universities in Canada for Masters- World Ranking- 45)

UBC is one of the oldest colleges in the province of British Columbia and is among the top 50 universities in the world. Very popular among international MASTERS students in Canada. He is best known for his engineering program. UCB in Vancouver is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. UCB offers approximately 12,000 student accommodations, subject to hostel availability, and also offers a wide range of healthcare services. Studentenwerke also ensures a "fun" life outside the university

4. University of Waterloo (Top Universities in Canada for Masters- World Ranking - 152)

The University of Waterloo has very strong partnerships with and is renowned for, reputable employers. It is considered a highly innovative university and is recognized for its comprehensive research programs. The university also has its wing dedicated to feeding international students from around 120 countries. It has a global network of partners working for the benefit of teachers, students, and researchers. It's based in Ontario, Canada's tech hub, and has a lot to learn and connect with the digital world - even off-campus.

Why Canada is on Top of the List? | Top Universities in Canada for Masters

Courses in Canada are less financially burdensome as many universities are government-funded and do not seek private funding. Private universities are also often easier to reach!

The employment rate in Canada is good and it is much easier to get a working in canada. In addition, Canada offers health benefits to its students.

At many Canadian universities, GRE scores are not a barrier, as can be the case at other US universities. In fact, in some, you will miss it altogether, although it is recommended for students who wish to take a STEM course to increase their chances of admission.

A Long Established and Deeply Rooted Knowledge-Based Economy

A market that is valued for global talent and opportunity as it diversifies into almost every imaginary area that exists and makes rapid inroads into areas that it doesn't.

A country that continues to attract Indian students: There are many examples of Indians who have achieved great success in the land of opportunity, from Sundar Pichai (CEO, Google), Satya Nadela (CEO, Microsoft), Shantanu Narayen is (CEO, Adobe Systems), Indra Nooyi (former CEO, PepsiCo) to Padmasree Warrior (CTO, Cisco)

Ultimately, this is a situational decision based on the key factors in your decision to study MASTERS abroad - your accessibility, exam results, career goals, and application strengths, whether you are undertaking a graduate program with the sole aim of gaining a global presence and public relations opportunities (in this case Canada is a great choice) or holistic education, world-class research infrastructure, and career opportunities in some of the most renowned organizations in the world

Wrapping up | Top Universities in Canada for Masters

We wish you all the best with your MASTER's dreams and your university application and wish you the best of winds - so that you can fly the highest. Still unsure about Canadian universities, best Masters's programs, job opportunities, and application process? Let us know in the comments and we'll get back to you soon! Lots of luck!

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