Who is qualified for a student visa to Ireland? | Ireland Student Visa

To apply for an Ireland Student Visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must provide a certificate of admission from an education center in Ireland.
  • Courses must be full-time and daily. It must also be on the Temporary Eligible Programs List (ILEP). ILEP is a tool used by the Irish government to assess eligible programs for international students.
  • Tuition fees must be paid by the applicant.
  • If the course fee is up to 6,000 euros, you must pay the full fee.
  • If the fee is higher than 6,000 euros, you must pay the amount before applying.

English proficiency requirements for an Ireland Student Visa

He also speaks English for a student visa to Ireland. Applicants must prove that they can communicate in English. There is an international standard test for this:

  • PTE

Ireland Student Visa Requirements

The requirements for a student visa to Ireland are as follows:

Application form

You must complete the online Irish Student Visa Application Form. You can do this on the official Irish government website. When you fill out the form, you must print a summary page. The computer you are using must have access to the printer. Set a date, sign, and keep the printed summary form until you show it to officials.


Offer two photos of yourself. You must collect this at least three months before you sign up. Nothing has to hide your face and head, scarves, hoods, hats, etc. The background must be white and transparent.


Your passport must be valid for the last ten years. It would be better to get a new one when it runs out. The student visa validity period will not be longer than the passport validity period.

Previous passport (if any)

If you have another passport, please provide it. Irish authorities want to know your travel history. Having visited different countries will increase your chances of getting a visa.

Proof of Accommodation in Ireland

You must indicate where you will live in Ireland. Hotels, with friends or family, etc. can be an option.

Proof that you have sufficient funds

You should have enough money to cover your expenses in Ireland.

Personal explanation letter

● This is a letter from you to the Irish Government. You write in it

Acceptance Statement

● You must provide an official letter of acceptance from an Irish education center. It must have the following properties:

  • The letter must indicate that it is a full-time course.
  • All details about the course.
  • It should be clear whether you are paying for the training or not. If yes or no, how much.
  • Your health insurance status must be proven from the letter.
Evidence of language proficiency Proof of Health Insurance Proof of payment of tuition fees A copy of any certificate or academic qualification

In addition to the student visa, non-EU students from the EEA must apply for a residence permit in Ireland. When they arrive in the country, they must register with the local immigration office. The location depends on the area where you want to live. In this blog, we've covered everything you need to know about getting an Ireland Student Visa. For more details about Ireland Student Visa, call us today.

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