Free IELTS Online Classes

Free IELTS Online Classes by Numen Eduservices (NES)

Are you planning to pursue higher education abroad? It would help if you prepared for the IELTS academic test to get admission to your desired college. Moreover, it will help you to gain entry to a country where English is the primary language.
Free IELTS online classes by Numen EduServices are structured products focused on online self-study. These courses are designed for IELTS aspirants who wish to practice and study at their own convenience with live classes. The program is specially created to ensure that students get maximum practice for the IELTS test with weekend problem solving sessions. The program incorporates extensive practice in reading, writing, speaking and listening. So what are you waiting for?

Prepare with our Free IELTS Online Preparation Course! Free IELTS Online Classes by Numen Eduservices will help you to prepare yourself and be proficient in the English language. It would be best to join IELTS online classes to improve your proficiency. If you cannot join any courses due to a financial crisis, we are here to help for Numen Eduservices is providing you with the best free IELTS online classes. So what are you waiting for? Join now and start your preparation quickly.

Is Numen EduServices (NES) Really Offering Free IELTS Online Classes?

Yes, Numen Eduservices is offering Free IELTS online classes for all, and they want to enroll as many candidates as possible and provide the Academic/General training of IELTS classes free of cost.

These free IELTS Online classes from Numen EduServices Include:

1. Daily Live IELTS Classes

2.Doubt Solving & Orientation Session-Weekly

3.English Proficiency Test

4.Regular Classes & Lesson for Beginner's

5.Tips for Improving Vocabulary and Grammar

6.Video Lecture to Help you with the IELTS Test

7.40 IELTS Sectional Test

8.5 Complete Mock Test to Evaluate your Growth

Simply! Visit the Numen Eduservices Website and make your registration for IELTS online coaching classes or log in directly if you have already created an account for Free IELTS Online Classes

Know the difference between Academic IELTS vs. General training IELTS
Did you know there are two types of IELTS tests?
It primarily serves the purpose of IELTS Academic vs. IELTS General Training. Although the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training examinations follow similar formats, you can find the difference in the content Writing and Reading sections. Here we are providing you all the information in detail!

Academic IELTS Vs General IELTS
Academic IELTS- The Academic IELTS mainly focuses on university students applying to universities or programs where English is the medium. However, professionals and job seekers may also need to submit scores for this test.
One example is management work. The Academic IELTS must do management study in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Ireland. The academic version is different from the general training version. It asks students to show some writing and reading skills that aren’t part of everyday English communicative experience.

General IELTS- IELTS general training is used for any immigration and employment work or study abroad. You can take general training if you want to get employment or immigrate to countries like the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, etc. For example, A person looking for immigration to stay with their family living in foreign.
The General IELTS test will fulfill their needs. It doesn't mean you can only use this for immigration. Some MNC also use this test to check the proficiency in English of people working in their organization. So it might help you to get a job in such cases.

Where Can You Start Preparing for the IELTS Free Online Classes?

Many students might get confused about where they should prepare for IELTS? You don't need to fall for any confusion. Numen Eduservices will serve as your one-stop destination for IELTS preparation. Enroll now and enjoy classes for free!

How to Prepare for the IELTS Test?

It is essential to prepare for IELTS before getting the best score and to qualify easily. The first and foremost basic thing is the test format and its pattern that you need to know to excel in the exam.

Know the Pattern of Exam

Review the test content and the content for each section to get familiar with the test format. It would help if you also read the IELTS regulations and rules. You can find all this information from Numen Eduservices easily.

Practice Sectional & Mocks Test

You must know where you stand before you take the actual exam. At Numen Eduservices, we provide you with a total of 40 sectional tests & 5 complete mock tests to analyze your performance. A highly qualified and experienced trainer declares the Online Mock Exam result. We also cover a doubt clearing session weekly to help you.
You will receive feedback from teachers to help you in your preparation. It includes your score in different sections like Speaking, Reading, writing. It will help you to know your weak areas where you need to focus more.

Join a Course for IELTS Exam Preparation, Free

Joining a course for Examination preparation is the best thing you can do to improve your score. Numen Eduservices is providing free assistance for IELTS test preparation.

If you are looking for assistance for IELTS test preparation. Numen Eduservices offer free service for IELTS preparation worldwide. You will get a video that includes a tip to excel in the IELTS examination. Contact us directly and know more about the course.

Know About IELTS Preparation through IELTS Online Coaching

The IELTS test, in simple words, is a way to know your ability to deal with the English language. The purpose of the IELTS test is to provide you with evidence about your abilities to deal with the English language. It helps the university and the companies to know that the applicants are genuine and working to join the respective university or company.

IELTS score helps determine an individual's English language skills as per the company's expectations. The test pattern includes sections like Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking.

How Do Get Enroll in Numen Eduservices (NES) Free ILETS Online Classes?

  • To get enroll in Free ILETS online classes by Numen Eduservices You need to register first.
  • You have to pay the enrollment fee currently, and they will refund the money after you get selected in the desired university that makes the course completely free for you.
  • You can get detailed information about free ILETS online classes from the website of Numen Eduservices.


We at Numen Eduservices (NES) provide you, regular live classes, for IELTS. Moreover, for interaction purposes, we are organizing a doubt solving & Orientation Session on Saturday. We provide you A complete set of English Proficiency Tests & lessons important for beginners. The package includes40 Sectional tests and 5 Mock Tests with timely Evaluation free of cost. We are the best study abroad consultant in Mumbai and other branchbest study abroad education consultants in Delhi.

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