9 of the best study abroad destinations

9 of the best study abroad destinations

While choosing study abroad destinations, you need to consider each & every aspect, good or bad of the countries you are looking at, right from the quality of education offered to the cost of living & post-study employment opportunities. Choosing the best study abroad destination for your education & post-degree goals is of utmost importance.

Therefore, we at Numen help you with your study abroad journey, consulting you from the beginning to until you take-off.

Here is a close look at the best study abroad destinations for 2019-2020

The United States of America
One of the best countries to study abroad, the USA is, perhaps, one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for almost all international students. With more than 900,000 international students enrolled in its list of university in , the country is, in fact, a preferred choice for students from India. And for a good reason, why not? The USA has some of the highly ranked institutions in the world like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and MIT to name a few. And these universities are just part of the over 4000 universities that attract international students from all over the world. What makes the USA the education poster boy is the wide range of programmes on offer like Engineering, Business, etc and the flexibility which enables students to select between multiple diverse subjects.

Australia is also one of the popular destinations for Indian students. The Australian education system has earned a good reputation globally over the years. Also, many of the best University in australia feature in the top 100 in global university rankings. The country offers more than 12,000 higher education institutions that provide vocational training courses, English Language Training to University courses like business and finance at bachelor in australia and graduate levels. The country is also known for its buzzing metropolis cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane to name a few.

The United Kingdom
The UK has always been an all-time favourite for Indian and international students making it one of the best destinations to study abroad. The country boasts being home to the oldest and best universities in the world such as Oxford and Cambridge and offers a wide range of courses – right from multiple undergraduate degrees to one-year masters coureses in UK across fields like engineering and management. One of the major factors attracting students to study in the UK is its wide range of scholarships which provide partial to full study waiver to students. Commonwealth, GREAT, Rhodes and others are just a few of the fee-paying scholarships available to international students studying in the UK. No matter whichever city in the UK you select, the global position the UK holds will create an educational and worthwhile

New Zealand
As an emerging study abroad destination, New Zealand has witnessed a manifold increase in the number of Indian students in its universities and institutes in the last 5-6 years. Approximately 8 universities from New Zealand are listed in the top 500 universities in the world by QS making it one of the best destinations to study abroad. To name some of its popular universities – the University of Auckland, Auckland Territorial University among others. In addition to this, the country is also home to 20 institutes of technology and many private training establishments(PTE), where students can develop their vocational skills. At present, India is one of the largest providers of international students to New Zealand with over 20,000 students enrolled with various university in new zealand . Being a scenic country, you will never feel short of inspiration whenever you look out of your window.

Probably one of the top countries to study abroad, Canada is an emerging study abroad destination because it has witnessed a manifold increase in the number of international students in recent years. Students flock to Canada for various courses such as Engineering, Business, Animation, Biotechnology, Hospitality to name a few. “The popularity is primarily due to the advantages that Canada offers to international students in terms of quality education, cost advantages along with a safe and multicultural environment,” says Marie-Josee Charbonneau, Counsellor & Head, Advocacy Program, High Commission of Canada in India.

Also known for its diverse population, Singapore is always buzzing with hyperactivity and enjoys its reputation as the financial centre of Southeast Asia. A continuously growing economy, this island country is home to many institutions which include its own highly ranked universities in addition to subsidiaries of many international universities. In terms of studies, it is known for its management programmes which attract a majority of international students. Including the fact that the country happens to be a centre for businesses with MNCs like Unilever, DHL, IBM etc, is enough to generate interest among management aspirants, hence, making it one of the best destinations to study abroad.

Who doesn’t wish to visit Paris and the Eiffel Tower? France is the top most visited tourist country in the world. What’s more, it is also one of the best study abroad destinations! Each year, France continues to attract students from all over in record numbers. Those in love with France can enjoy the food, history, and art, all while studying abroad. Paris, the go-to destination in France offers an exciting cosmopolitan city that will keep you enthralled in activities all day, while other well-known cities like Lyon and Nice will keep you engaged in interesting local culture. No matter which city you study in, your course options will be far and wide, making it one of the best places to study abroad. So, learn the language of love while immersing yourself in your own love of culinary arts or art history, or just take advantage of France’s modern facilities for science and engineering research, amongst other things. Its multicultural atmosphere will surely teach you lessons in more ways than one.

Japan is fast emerging as one of the best destinations to study abroad. Coupled with its invigorating metropolitan cities and high-speed technological innovation, Japan is a great choice to study abroad for those interested in technology, finance, or business. Japan’s economy continues to grow as a global powerhouse, making it one of the top places to study abroad for business majors or any other degree.

The ever-efficient transportation system, English-medium international schools, and high-regard for quality education make studying in Japan appealing for many students. Also, living on an Island is always the best!

The land of sun and siestas still remains among the top study abroad destinations for students. Well-known for its stress-free lifestyle, great food and wine, and rich history, Spain is the perfect place to brush up on your language skills or simply take in all this diverse country has on the plate. An easy decision for those wanting a Spanish-language immersion, Spain promises to provide a true full study abroad package. Not only will you be able to study subjects such as politics, business, and arts within Spain’s rich historical context, you can easily join a football league, go on a tour of Gaudi architecture, and enjoy countless midday meals with large groups of friends from the university. Whether you are fluent in speaking Spanish or just learning, Spain is one of the best places to study abroad in all of Europe.

Which according to you is the best study abroad destinations in the world? Comment below your favorite destination.

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