Know Before Studying in Ireland

8 things you need to know before studying in Ireland

Given the global pandemic, you may be wondering if studying abroad in Ireland is worth it, Let’s explore 8 things you need to know before studying in Ireland.

Firstly, yes, you can now study abroad in Ireland. While all of this is going on, there are many specific things to study in Ireland, but it's quite possible. And the amazing things that make Ireland such a great study abroad destination are still true; You just need to go through some extra hoops to achieve this.

Here we will see the best 8 things you need to know before studying in Ireland.

1. Find out about Irish history before you Go

First, you know where you are going! You don't need a history degree to know that one of Ireland's most interesting features is the country's ingrained history and traditions. If you come to Ireland without being open to new ideas, information and knowledge, then you are really missing out on a great opportunity.

2. Ireland is a land of magic and mystery

We can't imagine an unimaginative person going to Ireland. Of course, yes, there are countless, very real, starry places to see on the Emerald Isle. From the Great Road to the Cliffs of Moher, from the Rocks of Blarney to the Famine Ship in Dublin, Ireland continues to surprise everyone with its stunning landscapes, fascinating history, and unmatched charm.

3. You must bring a camera (or two) to Capture Sights and Memories

Here's one of our "short and sweet" points: bring a camera with an extra battery and an extra memory card. Take as many pictures as you can! What's the point of being in a land of magic and mystery if you don't remember what it was like when you returned home? Share your photos with others so they can take a step forward on your adventures abroad. You'll regret every photo you don't take; our motto for photos is always, get rid of it! You can always delete a bad photo, but you can't go back in time to take a photo you ignored. Moral of the story: hold on to your memories. Say cheese!

4. Irish people love music, dance, and concerts!

Find a place with traditional Irish music at least once during your study abroad in Ireland and head there for the night. Sit down. Listening to music and we mean actually listening to music. Irish music has tremendous power - it can take anyone anywhere and anytime, it makes you feel every emotion and provides a glimpse into the lives of others who want to listen. Let the music give you a better understanding of Irish culture; Let the music change you and take your spirit and soul on a journey! This cultural thing is the topmost among the 8 things you need to know before studying in Ireland.

5. Guinness is best served at room temperature and consumed in moderation

We feel this is one of the points that need to be done quickly. Despite everything you've learned about beer, Guinness is best served at room temperature. This is also a drink that must be tasted and consumed responsibly Simply put, if you decide to have a cup or two at the pub, make sure you're in control, not the beer. Don't be the disgusting tourist stumbling around town and throwing up in the bushes - you're a student here. you know better.

6. You shouldn't dictate the fast life in Ireland

Life is much colder in Ireland (for lack of a better word). As my aunt Lynn would say, the Irish preferred to live in Kairos (Greek for "convenient time") than in Chronos (Greek for "chronological"). In other words, Irish people like to live for the moment. So remember that you shouldn't miss an opportunity because the "clock" is telling you that you can't do it. This is not America, and you shouldn't try to spend your time in Ireland the way you do in the United States.

7. You have to be flexible

Just as one shouldn't force a busy life in Ireland, sometimes you have to "go with the flow", as they say, and be flexible. By this point, everyone has probably heard of Ireland's ever-changing weather, which deviates from the norm of all regular weather models as brides-to-be go from one dress choice to another.

8. Irish people are big sports fans

Well, maybe it's not inner knowledge. Irish people are known for their love of sport - and they are home to one of the must-see sports around the world. So put on strong lungs to praise your favorite team! No matter what kind of game (rugby, throwing, football), no matter the weather (rain or shine... usual rain), no matter what weather, wherever, Irish people continue their sporting endeavors with passion! So take part! Learn the rules of a sport you don't know quickly! Choose a team! Bring color to the team! Draw your face Enjoy until your voice sounds like Gollum from The Lord of the Rings! Most importantly, you have good craic!

Of course, the most 8 things you need to know before studying in Ireland when studying abroad in Ireland (or wherever you are!) remember to make this experience your own. Say yes to everything. Try new things. Don't miss classes (too many...) and be open to all the beauty your host can offer. You have an amazing opportunity on your hands, so make the most of it. Do this and Ireland can and will be anything you want it to be and more. Would you like to know more about Ireland? Here are the best ways to learn about Irish culture while studying abroad.

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